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Rooming in Toronto

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The recent story entitled 'Overcoming Shyness in the Dorms' (May 12) reminds me of my own situation a few years ago. I took a job in Toronto just after finishing college. Apartments were really expensive so I agreed to share one with another guy who was just starting out like me. We leased a 'bachelor-plus-half' apartment. We basically had a large open room that included the living room area and kitchenette. There was a separate bathroom and an alcove with a bed (half a bedroom). It was too small to be called a bedroom and there was no door but it had some privacy because of the layout of the apartment. The livingroom sofa opened for sleeping. So we flipped for the bed and I lost. Jim got the alcove bed and I got the sofa bed. The set up was pretty good, enough room for everything. Neither of us spent much time there so it was basically a place for keeping our clothes and for sleeping.
The second day after we moved in, I finished work at the usual time. Jim had to complete a job and said he'd be home later. After showering and a quick snack I opened the sofa bed and decided to take advantage of private time to engage in an extended jerk off session. I popped in a porno flick, lubed up, and laid back on the sofa bed wearing just my T-shirt. I had learned all about 'edging' and preferred a nice long session whenever there was enough time. But time must have been slipping by without my noticing. I had been at it for quite awhile when the apartment door suddenly opened and in stepped Jim. He apologized for walking in on me and I was embarrassed but what the hell. He said he jerked off all the time so why not have an understanding. Right then and there we agreed that we'd do our own thing, including jerking off. On that occasion though, I retired to the bathroom and finished off the job. When I came back into the living area, Jim was munching supper, watching the porno flick. Shortly after that the video ended and we both turned in for the night.
Soon after turning in, I could hear Jim shifting about in his bed. He was into a jerk off session, about the noisiest I've ever heard. He grunted and gasped and the bed squeaked loudly as he went at it. I had learned to masturbate very quietly so that no one else would hear me so this was an entirely new situation. Jim would stop every few minutes and then would start up again. Turns out he practiced edging too. But it was all about the amount of noise he made with loud groans and heavy breathing. When he finally went over the brink, he practically shouted out three or four 'UGH's. His heavy breathing then gradually subsided as he came back down into the real world and (I guess) went to sleep.
That was Jim's pattern whenever he jerked off at night. Very soon I became accustomed to the loud grunts and groans. If I hadn't started to jerk off yet, just knowing that someone else was going at it would be enough to produce my own hard on. And a nice jerk off session after a hard day at work. Come to think of it, I jerked off pretty much every night whether I was alone in the apartment or not. Although we often discussed women and sex, Jim and I never got together as such but of course we both knew what the other was up to most nights - and left it at that.
A few months later Jim decided to move in with a girl he met so we gave up the apartment. He eventually married her. I wonder if their sex is as noisy as his jerk-off sessions. The apartment experience taught me not to be shy or embarrassed about what is normal. Jerking off is just as ordinary as going to the toilet, eating dinner or changing your clothes. So why do we make such a big deal about jerking off? I've been married for five years. My wife and I often masturbate - alone, together and sometimes each other. It sure would be confining if I had to hide from her to do what comes naturally.



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