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Room With a View

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This all started when I was 13 and my brother Chuck was 15. Our house had just two bedrooms so Chuck and I had to share one. Mom had hung a sheet to separate the room to give us some privacy. When Chuck was about 15 Mom told Dad that we needed seperate rooms. Dad said it would cost too much to do the basement over but he could make a room in the attic. In doing so he had to cut two holes in the floor to allow heat to rise up to warm the room. The room turned out really neat, I asked if I could have the room. They said it was up to Chuck, he had no problem with it. So I moved my stuff up to my new bedroom.

After a couple of weeks it started to get cold at night. Mom told me to move the rugs that covered the holes that Dad cut out, each had a grill on it with slats. If you looked through the slats you were looking into Chucks bedroom. I found out that if you moved the slats on one of them you could see his bed and the other one had a clear view of the desk Chuck put in where my bed used to be.

I knew Chuck jacked off but never really saw him doing it. He used to do it under the covers or in the bathroom, a couple of times when he thought I was sleeping I saw him sitting on the edge of the bed, I knew what he was doing but couldn't see him clearly through the sheet. Now I could spy on him and I did for three years until he went to college. I'm going to tell you about some of the best I witnessed in those years and believe me I saw him jack off a lot and never got tired of it.

The very first time, he was laying on the bed, he started to rub his cock with his finger and thumb. His cock was small but as he rubbed, it started to get longer and thicker (at the time I couldn't see how that could happen but it did), then he wrapped his fingers around his cock and started pumping it, he pumped it for awhile then stopped and squeezed some clear precum out, he rubbed that all over the head of his cock. He started to jack off again, after about five minutes he arched his back and I saw him shoot four or five squirts of cum all over the place.

This is just one of several times I watched him and a friend doing it, Chuck and Jimmy were kneeling on the floor looking at a magazine and jacking off. I noticed that Jimmy's cock had foreskin, I never saw that before, it was bigger and thicker than Chucks and his balls hung real low. As Jimmy jacked off I could see his balls swinging and slapping against his fist, every once in awhile he would pull on them. Chuck shot his cum first, Jimmy jacked off faster, his balls really slapping, he pulled the skin back over the head of his cock real tight, pulled on his balls and shot five or six of the biggest ropes of cum I ever saw and he shot his cum twice as far as Chuck ever did, milking every last drop out.

One of the most bizarre was the time Chuck was laying on the bed jacking off as he normally did but on this occasion he took his time and when he was getting close to cumming he rolled up so his feet were on the wall and his cock was right at his face. I couldn't see him shoot but when he rolled back down I saw cum all over his face. I still wondered if he got any cum in his mouth and if so did he swallow it.

During those three years I saw Chucks cock almost double in size and he turned into a rather sexy guy, and I found myself jilling and had many orgasms as I watched him. I hated to see him go off to college but he came home every chance he got. I'm not sure but I think he may have known I was spying on him!!!

I have a lot more to tell, let me know. Maxine



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