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Room Mates Peer Pressure

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My two room mates pressure me to prove I could give myself a blow job.


When I was at university I lived in a small house with two other guys. Tommy was about 6', toned athletic body, striking greenish eyes, and dark hair. He worked for a large athletic company in sales and in the winter he skied for the company to sell equipment. I first met him when I moved in to the house and we hit it off right away. It was cool how comfortable we became with each other so quickly.

The other guy was a good friend of mine named Brett. He was about 5'9", blonde wavy hair, bright blue eyes, but he had the most perfect body I have ever seen. He looked like he was cut out of marble. For a long time I looked at him and thought I was just envious of his body, but it was more than that. He was always happy and positive. He liked to work out and he taught me how as well.

I am 6', sandy blonde curly hair, blue eyes, strong build, not much fat, very little hair, and I have a pretty big dick and balls. My dick is 7.5" and pretty thick. I was more shy than them. They were serious players.

The three of us had so much fun together. We chased girls, fished, hiked, went walking in the mountains near our ranch, basically spent a lot of time together. Our other friends called us the three amigos. We never had to worry about getting dates, there were always girls chasing us. A couple times we even shared girls (that's a story for another site).

We lived together for about two years so we got to know each other very well, including being comfortable with each other naked. I had the biggest dick and they were always teasing me by calling me donkey cock and many other things which I didn't like. It was kind of cool though because they told a couple girls and it seemed like the word must have got around by the way a few girls started trying to get down my pants.

There are so many sex stories I could tell about the three of us but I will try to keep focused on this one.

We had been totally open about everything related to sex. I had even told them one of my favorite ways to masturbate was by giving myself a blow job. They thought that was really cool.

About 6 months after we were living together we were at home by ourselves. It was very hot and we had our shirts off and were in shorts. I "adjusted" myself as we were sitting there and Brett accused me of playing with myself. I denied it but then they both started in on me saying I just couldn't keep my hands of that big piece of meat and stuff like that. Then they started saying I was so full of shit and that I couldn't give myself a blow job. I swore to them I could do it but they wouldn't believe me. They started saying prove it and they wouldn't let up. Like I said I am pretty shy and I had no intention of masturbating in front of my two best friends. But then something clicked and I realized the reason they were doing this is because I was turning them on and they were trying to get me to whip my dick out. I started to get a little turned on and started to get a semi.

This went on for a while and finally I said ok, I'll prove it but you guys have to finish me off. At first they were all like no way we're not homos. But eventually they said they would give it a couple of pumps (I knew they both wanted to). So we sat on the couch with me in the middle. I took off my basketball shorts and sat on the floor leaning against the couch. I had to stretch for a while to be able to get my mouth down to my cock but I eventually had my cock in my mouth. I will never forget the looks on their faces. By this time they weren't even trying to hide their erections. I kept sucking and sucking and pretty soon I was getting close. I didn't even have to say anything. First Brett started squeezing my balls and then Tommy joined in and started putting his fingers around the bottom part of my cock and jacking. I could not believe how good this felt and my cock started to throb. I couldn't stay in that position and so I sat up and leaned back and started to moan and they really started masturbating me and even Tommy started pinching my nipples and chest (I knew he liked my chest and abs for a while). I started to cum like old faithful. It squirted on the couch behind me, my face and hair and abs and it was all over their hands. They just kept saying holy f__k. After I was done my dick just stayed hard and it was so sensitive I had to make them stop touching me. They both agreed I had to return the favor and so they took off their shorts and sat right next to me. I grabbed their cocks and started pumping. They both had precum but not enough so I wiped my hands in my cum and used my cum to jack them off. They both lasted not much more than a minute and shot cum all over the place. We sat their for a minute breathing heavy and then we started to laugh. They both said I guess you really can give yourself a blow job. Tommy asked if this makes us fags and we all agreed we're just horny guys looking for new ways to get off.

The next day things were a little uncomfortable but we talked again and agreed it didn't make us fags. We agreed not to do it again but that lasted for about a week until the next time we were very horny.

We eventually did a lot more stuff together and with girls at the same time but that's for another site I guess. Those were seriously fun times.



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