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Room 181

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I was staying out of town for an event that is unrelated to the story, and I met an amazing girl at the hotel I was staying in.


I have never really made it with the ladies. It's not that I'm not good looking, and actually I've had some good offers, but I just can't find the girl that is right for me. It seems that no girl understands me.

I was staying at a hotel, within the same state, but too far to travel everyday. The first day, I didn't notice her, but the second day she caught my eye. She was short, and super skinny. She had brown hair and green eyes and the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. The rest of my family were actually the ones that needed to stay at the hotel, and I was more or less a fifth wheel, so most of the trip was spent at the hotel. I met her at the indoor pool area.

I had been swimming around the pool for some time now, and was about to get out to relocate to the hot tub, when she walked in. She was wearing a pair of short jean shorts and a tank top over her swimsuit, but she immediately dropped the outer layer. Her swimsuit was solid red. She had the perfect boobs, and the tightest body I had ever seen.

She dove into the pool and resurfaced near the side that I was leaning against. She shook the water from her hair and then said, 'Water feels good, huh?'

I was still stunned by her beauty and only responded with, 'Yep. It's a bit cold, but not too bad.'

'You been down here long?' she asked.

'Yeah, I was about to get in the hot tub. Would you like to join me?'

'That sounds great.'

I asked if she wanted the jets on, and she said that she would like to have them on, so I pushed the little green button and then climbed into the hot tub. We proceeded to talk about music, sports, books, school, our hobbies, and we really clicked. We were totally into all the same things. She liked the same kinds of music as me, read the same material, and just about everything else. Then, for some totally random reason, the subject switched to sex.

'You still a virgin?' she asked me.


'What all HAVE you done?'

I stopped to think first, then said, 'I have seen a girl topless once, and I have kissed a few girls, but not much else.'

'So, have you ever touched a girl like this?' then she grabbed my hand and pushed it underwater. I'll let your imagination tell you where she put it.

'Nope. That would be a first.'

She giggled, 'There's nobody in my room right now. You want to dry off and go back there?'

Of course, I agreed. We each grabbed a towel and headed for room 181. I'll never forget that number for as long as I live. As soon as we walked in, she dropped the bag of clothes she was carrying and looked at me. 'First time being alone in a room with a girl?'

'Pretty close. Never with any girl this pretty, though.'

'I like you. Do you masturbate?'

That one caught me off guard. I decided to be totally honest, 'Yeah. I actually do it quite often.'

'What do you think about girls doing it?'

Once again, off my guard, and once again, honesty. 'I think it's hot when girls do it.'

'Good. Now I need to change. You should hang those up to dry for now,' then she dropped her bikini top to the ground, and immediately after that, her bottoms. 'Aren't you going to let those dry?' she asked, pointing to my trunks. I was wearing no underwear, but I now understood what was happening.

I took off my trunks and my dick was already starting to get hard. 'You are still a virgin and you are packing THAT around? Boy, you have been wasting you gift.' She laughed, and I was crossed between a blush and a laugh. She started to rub herself, and then said, 'Sorry, but I usually do this after I get done swimming. I figure it's only smart to do it while I'm still wet.'

I got the joke and laughed a little louder than I wanted to. I was completely hard now, and she noticed. She got up from the bed that she had laid down on and walked over to me. She pushed me down onto my back and started to rub my dick ferociously. She spit on it a couple of times, to add a lubricant so she could keep masturbating me. I noticed that she was also masturbating herself while she was giving me a hand job.

I offered to help her get off, and she said that she could do it by herself, but I insisted so we switched positions. I started to rub her clit with my fingers. I kept beating off myself, too. After a few moments of this, she wanted to switch back and told me to cum this time. I asked her where and she said to just cum whenever I wanted to. I was laying on the bed with my legs hanging off the end, and she was between my legs beating me off. Eventually, I came, but at first I couldn't tell where it landed because I was laying down. When I got up, she was wiping cum from her eye laughing. There was cum all over her lips, cheeks, eyes, and chest.

I helped her to the bathroom, where I also helped her shower and clean up. Then, I told her that I would probably be staying the rest of the week. After that night, we did get each other off a further two times that week.



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