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Roleplaying Fun

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I really,..want to Do this again.


It was the long weekend, My friend Jack (Not using her real name) Had me over for the whole thing. Her mum and brother were out in Ottawa for a hockey tournament and her Father was gone in Texas for something to do with the Military. Her mum wanted me to stay there in their absence to accompany her, and so she wouldn't get in trouble for leaving her kid alone.

So, I went over there at around eight after Jack got home from her Basketball game. She had made me hot Chocolate and had a nice bowl of chips for me when I got there. The weather outside was very chilling, so I was glad when I got the hot drink. We like to Role-play Characters, and we recently have been role-playing a couple.

So, throughout the whole night, we were roleplaying when we watched the movies, acting as our characters. I'm Bi, and I liked being the Guy, her the Girl. Later on, when there was nothing else for us to do. We cuddled on the couch and I was hugging her from behind, holding her close to me. I loved the feeling her her against my body. I moved my nails gently up and down her legs. We both in Pj's now, and the material thin, I could hear her soft sighs. I moved my hand more to her inner thigh, scraping my nails along there as I was near sleep. I idly do things as you see.

I soon noticed a spot that I hit on her that seemed to make her moan a little, The top of her Vagina. She was a innocent girl. Not really one to be doing anything dirty. But her moans drove me wild. Later after a while of me doing that, she took my hand and moved it up, saying to stop. I listened, respecting her will. Later on we wrestled. I liked to pin her down and nip at her neck, licking at her ear made her vocals cry in that sweet tone. Her nails dragged down my back. Sending pleasurable surges throughout me. After a whole two hours of necking one another, getting a few nice soft kisses. We decided to get some sleep on day one. Day two, was even better. She started to nip at my neck first, giving me back what I earned, I groped her bum as she lay on top of me, pushing her pelvis into my leg to give her pleasure, as I LOVE to please. It only went as far as the nipping and licking of the neck, the soft kisses following that night. On Sunday, since Monday was off we went over to my house for the night. I have my own room so we went in there, she was on my laptop for most of the time when I was laying on my bed. I asked her if she wanted to take a nap, since we stayed up pretty late last night..getting a smirk out of her,

She laid herself on my chest, using me as a pillow. I placed my hands on her stomach. But now remember, we have been role-playing a couple, the whole time. She was in a slim pair of jeans while I was in a nice pair as well. I pulled the blanket onto us, up to her neck. Jack had her hands on mine and whispered to me as we role-played out characters,..mine was named Chris, 'Chris, did you know what you did to me one night?' ',..No,..what was it?' I was nearly asleep as I preformed the scratching on her. 'You had your hand here.' She moved my hand down on her Vagina again, I felt a rush go over me. ',..Did I now?' I smirked. 'Yes, You did.' She smirked back. I kept my hand there, I could feel how warm she was, feeling the throbbing coarse through my fingers. My other hand was dancing up and down her legs. Going to her inner thighs just to hear her small moans of pleasure that drove me to do more.

I began to scrape my nails over her lips again. Kissing her neck. She really enjoyed that, enjoyed it too much, she rolled off of me and onto her stomach. 'What's the matter? Was that too much for you?' My Persona teased. She smirked at me, I took this opportunity to poke her in the sides and tickle her again. Her jumping made me laugh. I tickled her bum again, running my nails over her sweet, nicely formed ass. She only purred. 'Chris,..you know,..that feels really nice,..' She stated to me in a soft voice, so I continued. Laying beside her, one of my hands dancing on her ass while the other supported my head. 'You know,...You can go lower,..' She said, I blinked, but listened, Taking my hand and moving it lower until I felt her lips over her jeans. She let out a sigh, then I began to work my fingers around there, ',..Ohhhh!!' She moaned a little loud, my dad was downstairs. She began to move her hips around on my fingers. I smirked, never before had I pleasured someone like my best friend,..and I loved it. I began to drag my nails up and down, pushing them down on her, just to hear her moans of pleasure. 'Mm..Just wait until you have nothing on.' My persona Chris lustfully growled in her ear. ',..No,..No not now,..Later.' She spoke quickly..I guessed she was on her period,..Not that I cared,..But I respected that.

Later on, once we were downstairs again and everyone else was in bed, nearly asleep, we began to fondle one another's necks again, I was getting her really turned on. I was scraping my nails around her Vagina, teasing her. Our bodies facing one another. She took my hand and whispered in my ear after licking it. Big turn on for me. 'Have fun.' Moving my hand down on her lips again I worked my fingers once more. 'OHH This is SO much better without the zipper!' She exclaimed 'Mmm I know..' I said to her, Still going at her neck with my teeth and tongue. She looked so pleased, Moaning sweetly in my ear. I rolled on top of her, her laying on her stomach as my fingers worked in her lips. I could do so much better if she was only wearing underwear. Soon then I flipped her over, Putting my clit on her and moving my hips around, I was so turned on, I wanted something in return. 'Is this better than my fingers?' I asked her, leaning down and whispering in her ear, licking it. She grabbed me, digging her nails into my back. She loved it. I was so lusting. I just wanted to moved back and forth on her so quickly. Pushing all my weight down on her. Feeling her clit against mine. OHHH It was wonderful. Our Persona's,..were dressed though I moved down on her, then slid myself up on her body with pressure on ourselves. She LOVED that. But sadly,..we had to stop. I wish to continue this role again. She seemed to love it,..and I think she is off her period now,..so I can go further with her.

I Love my best friend Jack,..We still hang out,..and everything,...But I do believe,..I am becoming,..attracted to her in a new fashion. I never did before.

Oh and this weekend we were cuddling non-stop,..I was her pillow when we were over at a friends house holding hands and she moved my hand onto her vaginal lips again. We were under a blanket.

But I honestly would Like to know her feelings towards me, she is my little sister, best friend and a mother like figure,even though I'm the older one.

Ciao...More to come



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