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Role Playing 3

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Part one and two posted on 11/8 and 11/29


It was just a normal night at home.Mom and I were finishing dinner and talking.Mom said she wanted to take a trip to get away and unwind for two days.She also wanted to know if I was interested in coming along.She wanted to go to one of the casino hotels.So we made a date and off we went.The room was beautiful and we were getting ready to go down to play at the casino.My mom said hope we could find some men.Guess she was feeling a little horny.She said it has been better than a month since I had any.(That was the threesome we had with my boyfriend)We continued getting dressed.Mon was putting on her skirt I could see she meant business.She has on a thong.With a sheer bra.Showing her big dark nipples.I finished dressing.We looked great and were ready for anything.

As the night went on.Mom wanted to go in the bar to see about picking up a man.I came in about a half hour later.By now mom was already talking to a mature woman.I would guess about 60.She introduced me to the woman.Her name was Sarah.She told us that once a year she gets away from her life and tensions,for two days.She had been doing this for a number of years now.She said let me cut to the chase.I don't want to waste your time or mine.Would you or your daughter be interested in spending the night.I looked at mom and she at me and said how would you feel about a threesome.Well you did not have to ask Sarah twice.

The three of us went to her room.As I told you Mom was slightly overweight with sagging tits and a wide flat sagging ass.Mom was starting to take the bed down as I began undressing.Sarah was taller than mom also a little chunky.Her upper thighs were a little heavy.Shortly afterwards we were all down to just panties and the fun was going to start.

Sarah took me in her arms and kissing me saying how beautiful and firm I was.As I put my hands down the back of her panties.I now had a handful of her raw chubby ass.As we kissed mom was behind Sarah playing with her tits.

I wanted to take care of mom first.So Sarah and I put her on the bed.Both of us eating moms hairy pussy.OH it was even more juicy than the last time.Needless to say she came in no time at all.Now I was looking forward to sharing Sarah with my mom.Sarah was timed not shaved,you could see she needed to trim or she would have a mess down there.We took very good care of our new friend.I can't believe mom and I were sharing a pussy.As she then started to buck and say to mom MARCIA I AM FUCKING COMING PLEASE DON'T STOP!!!!Her big ass lifted off the bed as she started squirting.No doubt we did a good job on her.

Now it was me the women were about to take care of.Sarah worked her way down to my shaved pussy.Gently she kissed it,then kissed inside my thighs.Before she went down on my pussy.She looked up at mom and said OMG this is so ripe and juicy.Mom stopped sucking my tits and wanted a taste for herself.As Sarah made it clear she really did not want to share.Mom held me stroking my hair and face as Sarah worked her magic on my pussy.I too came hard and strong.

Soon afterwards we were all done and fully satisfied.We stayed in bed a short time and Mom and I went back to our room.Somehow that old woman really got me going.I told mom I now have a taste for older mature woman.Mom said oh really as I could tell she waned to go one more time with just me.



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