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Road Trip Hottie

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This is a true story. The quotes may not be exactly accurate, but are as close as I can remember.


This happened last summer, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I had spent a week visiting friends in Tampa and was driving home to South Carolina. I prefer driving at night to avoid heavy traffic, so I decided to leave late afternoon figuring it would be a ten to twelve hour drive. I stopped for gas and a burger at a convenience store just off the interstate in Gainesville next door to a McDonald's. The gas pump wouldn't print me a receipt so I headed inside. I couldn't help but notice a very hot looking kid sitting on cases of soft drinks on sale just outside the entrance to the store. He looked to be at least ten years younger than me-maybe 21 or 22, cute, slender, moderately long blond hair, and was in shorts and an Aerosmith tee shirt. Shorts and tee shirts are the summer uniform in Florida. He reminded me of Hunter Parrish, from Weeds, only scruffier. (If you've never heard of him, do a Google search.)

I'm 34, fit, and mostly straight. I say mostly because I have had some guy-to-guy experiences, but not since college when I jacked off with a roommate. I've always been attracted to guys and girls. So I guess I'm bisexual. I've never had a problem attracting girls, and I just don't act on my attraction to guys. But there's no harm in looking.

I got my receipt from the cashier, and headed back outside at a leisurely pace, figuring I'd look over the newspaper racks and sneak a peek at the blond guy, who was still sitting on the Coke cartons. To my surprise, he spoke to me. 'Dude, are you headed north on I-75?'

'Yeah. How did you know?'

'I saw you pull off the northbound exit and you've got South Carolina plates. Look, I really need a ride. I'm trying to get to my parents' place in Atlanta. I was hitching 'til a cop stopped me. I thought he was going to arrest me, but he checked my driver's license on his computer and told me I couldn't hitchhike on the interstate. He made me get off the entrance ramp.

Well, I would never even think of picking up a hitchhiker, but this seemed different. I looked him over a little more closely. There was nothing menacing about him. He was just a cute guy who needed a ride. I said, 'This must be your lucky day. I can take you all the way to Atlanta as long as you don't mind stopping at McDonald's first.' He broke into a wide grin.

'Thanks, man. I'm James. I really appreciate the ride. I didn't want to be out here at night.'

'No prob. I'm Jay. Let's go.'

James picked up a small backpack and walked with me to my car. He tossed it in the back seat and got in the front. We drove to the drive through at McDonald's.

'You want anything?' I asked. He passed, but I could tell he was unsettled. 'Are you sure?' He paused for a moment and said, 'I've only got some pocket change. I can't afford anything.' He was clearly uncomfortable.

'Get what ever you want,' I said. 'I'll buy. I've got drinks in the cooler in the back seat.'

'Thanks. That's really nice of you.' He was visibly relieved as I ordered burgers and fries for both of us. We hit the road.

As we ate, James told me he had been working in Fort Myers for over a year doing carpentry for a small contractor. However work had been dropping off (damn economy) and his boss couldn't pay him after they finished the last job. That's why he was going to Atlanta to move back in with his parents for a while.

We talked and listened to some music. Eventually James said, 'Man I've been roasting all day. Do you mind if I take off my shirt?'

'Not at all. Go right ahead.'

It was eye candy time. James was built. His chest was smooth and muscular. Not big, but very well defined. He had the abs of an athlete.

'You must work out all the time,' I said.

'Not really. I played basketball and ran track in high school. I used to work in a health club as a fitness trainer. Couldn't get by on the pay. I stay active but I've always been naturally fit.

Eventually we ran out of conversation and just listened to the radio as dusk turned to night. He reclined his seat a bit, and before long, James dozed off. This was fine with me because now I could look at his hot body without seeming like a perv. He was tanned and so smooth. His arms chest and abs were hairless except for a light happy trail. He had fine sun kissed blond hair on his legs.

We were passing through southern Georgia when James began getting a hard on as he slept. It developed into a large hard on that tented his shorts. It must have been uncomfortable. Suddenly he woke up. 'Oh God! I'm so sorry,' James said as he tried to cover his crotch with his hands. There was little point in trying to cover up. The tent was too large. James was flushed with embarrassment.

'That's all right. It happens to all of us. No need to be embarrassed. Do you need to pee?'

'Not really. I was having a good dream. '

I was looking a little too much, which James noticed, and by this time I was growing my own tent.

'Would you like to see it?' James asked.

I hesitated for a moment. 'Sure.'

James pulled his shorts down. His hard cock slapped against his abs. He had a beautiful cock, much bigger than mine. 'You can feel it if you want. You've been so kind to me.'

I reached across, took hold of his velvety hard cock with my left hand and began stroking. He moaned and precum immediately started leaking from his slit. 'God that feels good,' he said. 'I'm always horny.'

'Me too' I said.

I started to undo my belt and James said, 'You drive. I'll take care of that.' He undid my belt, opened my shorts, and gently released my dick. 'That better?'


I passed a sign declaring Rest Stop One Mile. Thank you God! I pulled off at the rest stop and parked as far away from the few other cars as I could. It was acceptably dark and private.

I leaned over and felt his gorgeous abs and chest stopping to squeeze his hard nipples. 'Can I suck your dick?'

'I'd rather not. I only do that with girls.'

'Would you like some lube?'

'You got some?'

I opened the glove compartment and took out a small bottle of hand lotion and handed it to him. He squeezed some into his hand and coated his dick, then reached over and did the same to mine and began to stroke. I almost came right then. James sensed this and stopped.

'Not yet,' he said as he turned to the back seat. He reached into the cooler and pulled out a single piece of ice. 'This will help.' He took the ice and touched it to my balls. It was shockingly cold. I didn't need to cum.

I began to stroke his huge cock. He squirmed with pleasure. After a few minutes, his cock got even harder and I could tell he was getting close.

'Do you want me to nut?'


'Rub my balls and my legs. Let me jack.'

I stroked his thighs with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. I could feel his balls tighten and retract. James was trembling with pleasure. His stomach began to rhythmically contract.

'Fuck... I'm gonna shoot! Oh God, I'm cumming!' He let out a high-pitched guttural moan.

The first shot emerged as a light spray. The next was a long rope that flew over his head into the back seat. He continued to spasm ropes of cum that coated his chest and abs, pooling in his belly button and drenching his pubes. I had never seen so much cum.

Finally he relaxed. 'Damn that was good. Thank you.'

'Do you always cum that much?'

'Sometimes, when it's really good. It felt so good when you rubbed my balls.'

'I'll come to Atlanta and rub your balls any time for a show like that!'

He laughed and said, 'Your turn.'

James slid his hand over his torso until it was coated with his cum. He took my hard dick and lubed it with the cum that was still warm. It felt incredible. I hadn't had a guy do this to me in so long. It was so hot.

James had obviously done this before. He gave an expert hand job. He sensed what I liked best and went right for it, then held back and went again, building up waves of pleasure. I was almost there. He rubbed a finger behind my balls, on that spot between my balls and asshole, and I went over the edge. I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

I was covered in cum. We had both made quite a mess. James reached to the floor and picked up his Aerosmith tee shirt. He wiped himself off and then cleaned me up. 'You wanna keep this? I don't even like Aerosmith.' He reached into his backpack, pulled out another shirt, and slipped it on.

'Would you ever like to do this again?' I asked him, thinking that Atlanta isn't really that far from where I live in South Carolina.

'No, I don't think so. I did some massage when I was working at the health club. I got great tips for massages and even better tips for happy endings. I'm into girls, but it's no big deal. When I saw the way you were looking at me when I woke up, I just wanted to do something nice for you.'

We left the rest area and headed north again. We stopped at another convenience store where we each cleaned up a little more in the rest room. I got some coffee and bought James a candy bar. He was sleeping in no time as we drove towards Atlanta. I woke him up when we reached the 485 beltway and offered to take him to his parents' house but he declined. I don't think he wanted me to know where he lived. So I dropped him at a Denny's off I-85 near spaghetti junction. Gave him my email address and thirty bucks to buy himself some breakfast and catch a cab to his parents.

James, in the unlikely event that you ever read this, I had a great time. If you kept my email address, it would be great to hear from you.



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