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Road Trip

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My girlfriend and I have masturbated together many times and in many places, but when things go a little differently, it really gets me off. We were on a road trip today driving across Wyoming and things got a little hot. We'd stopped for gas and Micki wanted to drive the next stretch. When I went in to pay for the gas, I bought a Penthouse Letters hoping to use it at the motel later. After a few boring miles down I-25, I got it out, reclined the passenger seat a bit and started reading. Micki let me read quietly for a while and then reached over to feel the front of my pants.
'Ah,' she said 'just like I thought, a stiffie. Let me see.'
We'd played around in the car before but it was mostly her getting nude and always at night on the way home from a date, not in the middle of the afternoon.
'C'mon let me see.' I undid my jeans a slid them down a little for her to see a very large hardon under my shorts. She ran her fingernails up and down the cloth a few times.
'Ooh, show me more. Show me more.' she demanded. I pulled my shorts and jeans down to my thighs and she reached over to run the palm of her hand up and down the shaft a several times. By this time we were close to passing an SUV and because they were tall enough to look in, I pulled my shirt down to hide everything incriminating.
'No, no, you've got to show them.' she said. But by then we were past the SUV. We were coming up behind a semi though. I reclined the seat all the way. At least the SUV's might not notice me lying down.
'I thought only girls flashed truckers.' I said.
'We'll give them a little variety.' she responded. 'Now, you can't cover up when we pass this next guy.'
I did what I was told and lifted my shirt a little and rolled my hand across my balls as we went by the semi. (She surprised me by even slowing down a little.)
'Did he look?' she asked.
'I think so. He was kind of looking down but he didn't react. I don't know if he saw it or not.' We rode in silence for a minute or so.
'It looks like that was a turn on.' she said. I didn't need to say anything. I had the biggest erection ever.
I laid back and stoked my cock slowly for a while wondering if that guy had seen me. Cars were passing but they couldn't see in, I don't think. Then we caught up with another semi.
'This time show him more skin. Lower your pants to your knees and lift your shirt.' Micki had never given orders like this before but I did what I was told. I was nervous knowing he was going to see it all this time. We pulled along side the truck and Micki slowed down so it was really noticeable. As we coasted past he honked his horn.
'Oh, he liked that.' she said. 'We're going back.' She eased up on the throttle and we soon were right next to the trucker.
'Strip for him.' she said and tugged on my jeans. They went below my knees and with a little flinch on my legs went to my ankles. Micki reached over and grabbed my cock and began to pump it hard.
'Raise your shirt.'
'Raise it more.' Using both hands, I raised it as far as I could while she stoked my cock.
'Raise it more.' I took my shirt all the way off. I was now nude to my ankles, with a raging hardon, being stoked in front of a complete stranger.
'Raise your hips. I want him to get a good look.' I had been afraid to look up at the trucker, afraid I'd make eye contact, but when I did he was very busy staring at my cock and Micki's hand going faster and faster.
'Raise your hips.' I thrust them higher and immediately came all over my chest. After several strong contractions, I slumped back in the seat. It was one of the strongest ejaculations I've ever had - amazing. I looked over at Micki, she was flushed. I closed my eyes and rode several miles in the nude just to calm down. My hardon lasted a long time, but it was too sensitive to touch.



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