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RN BSN Night ER Staff Nurse The perfect storm.

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I work nights as an ER nurse. I’m 40 something. I still turn heads. This is the story of the perfect storm, it became the most orgasmic day of my life.


The day stared off pretty normal. My birthday was coming up and Jack, my husband, was dropping hints all evening about what he had planned for my birthday. We usually plan a day trip somewhere, and do something steamy like a couples spa day, then stay overnight someplace we will never go again and have loud raucous sex until we pass out from exhaustion. Lately it has been bed and breakfasts, but we have also done camping and have stayed at the concierge level in a luxury hotel where guests mingle for cocktails in the evening, and breakfast is served as a sit down meal the next morning. The talk of the morning was the newlyweds that were at it all night keeping everyone up.

I admit part of the excitement of being loud in the proximity of other people, is knowing, that they will hear us and know what is going on. I just usually don’t have to meet them and discuss it in the morning. I think several folks figured out it was us. I was seven shades of red as the folks were talking about us, though we never admitted anything. Thank havens they were all strangers, it would have been the talk of the town.

The camping was another experience I think two guys jacked off outside our tent.

We are both quite vocal, if we have the opportunity. Our home is well insulated and our bedroom is at other end of the house, but our kids make it a point of busting our chops when the have heard us having fun. So we really have to tone it down at home. When we get to have travel sex, we really look forward to it as a treat for both of us.

I digress, so all this talk of travel sex had me horny going to work. It was a fairly busy night there is rarely much sexually stimulating at work, I was looking forward to getting my mind off sex for a while. Around 11:30 I guy comes in with a concussion. He is from out of town, and had been in a car accident. He was in for observation, he was bumped up but nothing was broken. Frequently such patents are sent home, but he knew no one in town, and he had to be observed to make sure he was bleeding internally.

The hospital was pretty full and because he would likely be discharged in the morning, he was not admitted, they left him in ER. This guy was gorgeous and ripped; he was coming on to every woman ER, even one of the docs. They usually give such patients to the 50+, battle axe nurses or to a male nurse, so as to protect the new grads and younger nurses. This night, I was that battle ax. I normally dress to impress. I get a kick out of the dirty old men; I like to flirt, its harmless, and makes me feel sexy. This guy was no old man. This guy could have picked me up in one hand, and spun me like a top. He was 27. I wished I had worn a sports bra that night. If I’m aroused, as I most certainly was, my nipples make their unrelenting presence known.

I have a fantasy about doing it with the Black guy, I have since collage. This guy was black over 6 feet tall and built to ravish a girl all night long. As I explained the drill about being woken up every hour, I could feel my pussy let down. I was half thinking about saying I had a headache, and going home to ball Jacks brains out. That would have left ER short, so I resigned to doing my duty. I have upon occasion rubbed one out at work, but not on a busy night like this.

I asked if he had any pain, and he said “in my groin from looking at your nipples”. I looked down. They were at full attention. He said “if you wake me up looking like you do, I’m going to need to do something about this a pain.” I told him to go to sleep. He said “be dreamin bout you”. The first wake up at 1:00 was very hard, I was concerned there was bleeding going on. He finally came to, and grabbed me, I almost slapped him but realized he was not fully conscience. As he came to he released me, and apologized. He covered his groin. He had a raging hard on. (Mental note: qualified to supply multiple orgasms.) I did my assessment, and told him to go back to sleep.

The next hour as I went in to check on him, I did not turn on the over head light right away, he was silhouetted against the window and the street lights, he either still, or again had a raging hard on, and it was least a 10”. I’m a nurse and I’ve seen a lot, but nothing like this monster. It was as big as my forearm. I got a blanket to cover him so it would not be so obvious I had seen his arousal when I woke him up. As I covered him he grabbed me again. The lights were still off and as he woke he was not so ready to release me. I commanded him to release me. He smiled and said say the magic word. “Hypodermic” I said. “Hunny” he says “I get shot up every other week for one thing or another. You gota do better than that,” he said, Beaming the most beguiling smile. I almost did not want to get away. I relented and said “please.” I’d like to hold you all night. If I did, I’m sure by morning you would have no complaints, but since you asked nicely….”

As I did my assessment he plied me with questions. I answered until he said “you are the sweetest thing I have ever seen; you ever had a black man.” I flushed and my nipples popped instantly. He looked at me and said “kiss me good night. I know you want to.” I turned and walked out, he called to me, “your feisty, I like that, see you in an hour.”

I went to the rest room with a role of adhesive tape, I covered my nipples.

When I came to wake him again, despite the weight of the blanket, he had another erection. I was flabbergasted maybe even a little worried.

I woke him trying to stay out of reach calling his name to no effect. As I rubbed his massive shoulder he grabbed my again. His arms were like foot longer than mine. He held me in more forcefully this time. I slapped him, he came to quickly, and I said if you grab me again, I’ll have you restrained of course we could never do that in this day an age. But he did not know that. He said that might be interesting, then apologized. It was reflex he always woke that way, again with the most beguiling smile.

Maintaining my professional distance was a herculean effort. I wanted to jump his bone and ride him till morning. He read me like a book and said “if you join me in bed I assure you, you we feel much more welcome. I’m sure I could have you aroused in no time.” He caressed my side. His hand reached from beside my breast to my waist, I knew I would be helpless except to scream, if he asserted himself, I almost wanted him to. It took all my character as his hand trailed to my pussy not to just let it happen. This was my biggest fantasy times three. I wiggled free and asked him how long he had been hard, he said since I first laid eyes on you. No seriously I said, re replied “I’d walk thru fire to have you in bed with me. I truly have been hard that long.” It had been nearly four hours and I had seen it on each assessment. Although I was supremely complemented I was a little worried that is not normal.

I had never heard of priapism being a symptom of concussion, so in the next Hour I did a little research. Sure enough it can happen. I called the doctor and he ordered an MRI STAT, as they were wheeling him away, he smiled and pulled me close and said its you that gave me the hard on, not some silly wrap in the head. If you took me home I would be fine after an hour or two of fucking. I told him that was not going to happen, although if I had not been married, I absolutely would have. They took him to cardiac floor after the MRI, as it turned out he had a clot in his penis, not a brain bleed. The doc stopped to see me and complimented me on my assessment skill saying “It was entirely possible you saved his life, and I told him so. He asked to see you. I was getting off work and I knew if I went to see him, I would not be able to resist his charms. He would asked to take me to breakfast when he was eventually released, and I would have said yes.

Well this story is about orgasms right, so I told you all that to tell you this.

I don’t know if you have ever saved any ones life, but it is a huge turn on. That combined with the HIGHTENED sexual arousal I had been feeling for the last 15 hours, I just wanted to get home and make sure Jack was late for work. I was set to ride him long and hard.

I played with myself all the way home. My pants were soaked from my cum. As I opened the garage my husband’s car was already gone. I called him to see if I could entice him back home. He was only a couple minutes out, but he was meeting the president of the company for breakfast. Definitely good news he said. I told him to come home early as the kids are at school till 6 tonight. He understood the significance.

I went in with the full intention of waiting for that afternoon. Then the voice in the back of my head said “What if he can’t get out early. You need it bad.” I was wired, there was no way I would be falling to sleep.

I decided finish rubbing one out in the car before even going in. It closed my eyes and imagined climbing on my patient. First riding his face,having him lick me to moisten me up, then riding him till we were both a sweaty heap. In my fantasy it was not in the hospital but in that concierge suite. I came in less than 5 minutes, and kept rubbing and had another. I sat there with my eyes closed, and realized I was still horny.

Recently I had busted our teen boy for watching porn. I had never been drawn to porn prior; but that morning It was all I could think about. I had to seen what he had been watching. I blocked all the porn sites and had Jack have a word with him, but now the idea of watching white on black porn was almost overpowering. I grabbed some food and headed to the computer. I was wondering if the site my boy had been on, had that to offer. I needn’t to have worried there were literally thousands of video clips, searchable sortable.

I watched a couple as I ate. They were hot, but they featured more mature guys putting it to young women. I fantasized about my collage years and started rubbing. I knew I had a couple more good cums necessary before I could get to sleep.

Then I came across a real hot one, that was just what I was looking for. I ran to my room and got my dildo and returned to re-watch it. The guy in it was a real stud just as long as may patent. The video lasted 20 minutes in which time I came three times.

The dildo I was using is pretty big, and brown,owing to my fantasy. But it was not as big as my patient. Then an Idea came to mind Jack had a masturbation tube that I could slip onto the dildo, and then use the out side of the sleeve as a dildo. There is no way I could have started out with that monster, but after a bunch of orgasms with my large dildo, I figured I might be loose enough to try this new assembly.

The site my son was on was a free collector site that I guess stayed around by steering folks to pay sites. I followed the link to an interracial cougar site. I could not believe there was such a specialized site. It had supposedly amateur videos and regular ones. I liked the regular ones. The guys were more hunky and had bigger dicks. I watched a couple as I rubbed my inflamed dripping cunt. Then came to a series that had my head spinning, It was a video of a mature lady who was married, and her husband got black men to fuck her while he watched and videoed. I worked the massive dildo part way into my wanton cunt. It felt amazing. I had never had something so big probing me. I watched the first clip and came in what was the most powerful orgasm in my life. I definitely wanted more but was not sure I could cum again without my clit vibrator. I got it, and brought it back to the computer. Good thing it has a long cord.

As I watched the complete series, I masturbated with the dildo and clit vibe. I lost count how many orgasms I had. The seat in front of the computer was soaked even through the towel I had placed there. I did not care I was living out my fantasy. I checked the time and realized I had been watching porn and masturbating for over three hours. I replayed the best scenes in my head as I dragged myself to bed. I lay there for a few minutes expecting to drift off, but I needed one more.

My favorite position is cowboy. I love to be in control. I thought back to my patient silhouetted in the window, and how he powerfully held me. Retrieved my favorite new friend for one last go. I placed the dildo vertically on a pillow and proceeded to straddle it. I road to a couple cums than I felt the mother of all cums start its roll, I stroked it deeper and deeper. Till I could fit no more, as I came I swear I could feel the dildo, contracting a load in my steaming cunt. I slumped forward and fell into a deep sleep.

I was awoken by my husband. The dildo was beside me on the bed. He commented that it would not send a very good message to our son if the computer had a porn site in an active window when he got home. Especially after we just chewed him out on that. I was embarrassed beyond belief, on that alone. Not to mention the fact that my dildo and vibe were out on the bed.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I had left evidence of my solo masturbation activities for Jack to find. As he undresses, He said, “You got any left for me.” I smiled and told him I wanted to use his sleeve masturbator to get him off. I got him good and hard, but then I had him use the sleeve in a way we had never used it before, we both came like gangbusters. Can you guess how?



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