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River Bank Adventure

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My friend Steve and I had been masturbating together after school since I was 13. These events occurred during vacation when we couldn't hide our fun claiming to be studying after school at his house.


We met at Steve's house, and rode our bikes a few miles up river where there was a secluded spot on the river bank overgrown in willow trees and brush not visible from the road on the land side. The river here was a half mile wide, so anyone on the far side would need binoculars to see us clearly which was probably not possible because of the thick brush growth. We had been jacking off together for at least a year. When we began, I had been jacking for four years, but shooting for just six months. Steve being a year younger than I had been at it for two years, and had not begun to shoot when we began. He had his first come during one of our after school sessions just before he turned twelve. My pecker had reached six inches; Steve's five. By this point in our jacking we could make a session last thirty minutes if we wanted to by using the stop and go method -- interrupting the jacking when we were near comming then beginnign again.
When we arrived at our spot, we removed our pants and underware to keep them clean and come free, put a towel on a tree trunk sat down,lubed up with vaseline, and began the first of two planned sessions. Constant jacking usually produced a come in about five minutes, so we planned our first jacking to have two rest periods which would make the first session last fifteen minutes. In the first we did ourselves; in the second we did each other. Both of us used the thumb front fist grip. In the hot summer weather the vaseline melted nicely, and our steady stroking made a sensuous squishing noise as we got deeper and deeper into a teen's greatest pleasure. When we reached the first break our peters were a healthy dark pink with the heads beginning to swell and darken; sensitivity was hightened, but had not becone intense. Our peckers at rest seemed to flex up and down as if they were continuing the jacking on their own. After a rest of about a minute, we resumed stroking with the same grip continuing at the slow steady pace for another five minutes. At the second break, our peters' color had darkened to kight red; my head began to take on its usual mushroon shape while Steve's was equally red, but his head was not as swollen as mine. Pecker sensitivity was intense with increased quivering and in and out shaft motion. We began the last period concentrated closely on stroking with me carefully watching the color change, head swelling, and ball contraction for the first hint of comming. Our conversation which had been ongoing now stopped with our attention being highly concentrated on our peters. I knew orgasm was close when I felt my balls draw up so they were along side the shaft. Looking over at Steve, I saw he was equally intense, his stroking was rapid, his prick dark red with the head swollen and purple. Mine rerached its terminal full mushroom size with dark purple color. I no longer paid any attention to Steve; suddenly,I felt my balls slip into the sockets above the shaft; my peter began strong contractions, finally the comming began wirh thin white fluid immmediately followed by a thick white come shot going out about three feet. This was followed by three more shots and after those oozing. I closed my eyes and rested for a short time. After this shattering experience, I looked over at Steve; he was still jacking, but was clearly near the moment of truth. His orgasm began with a three foot come shot followed by two more then oozing. Neither of us said anthing for a few minutes then I asked Steve how it was. His reply was that he wouldn't survive if it was better. We got up and walked around a little. Our peters looked red and come covered, but retained the hards. I sat down again, and asked Steve if he was ready for the next go. He didn't answer, but reached over, took my peter in his hand and began stroking. I did the same to him. This session was done without breaks, so it lasted about twelve minutes, and ended with good but less spectacular orgasms. My peter after this was so sensitive I couldn't touch it for a few minutes; Steve e felt the same. Afterward we cleaned up; got on our bikes rode back to Steve's house, and had lunch. I went home because our parents planned an evening at the club they belonged to which Steve and I had to attend.



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