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Risky Business

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Cousin was 15


It was late in the summer of my nineteenth year. I would be going to GSU in a few weeks. My aunt called me and asked if I would spend a couple of days with my 15 year old cousin while she went to a trade show. I agreed to stay at her house.

He was mad at first. He wanted to stay by himself. I told him I would leave him alone. After a few hours he asked if I wanted to do something. I really did not-I was content just watching TV. I caved in and we went to McDonalds and got a burger.

We made a plan to go to the video store and get some movies and go home and watch them. We decided to do a Tom Cruise night. We rented Top Gun and Risky Business. We first watched Top Gun. We moaned about all of the locker room scenes and picked on each other as to whether we would like to do Kelly McGillis. Right after the sex scene, my cuz runs to the bathroom.

I didn't say anthing then. He came back and we finished the movie and went on to Risky Business. Neither of us had seen this movie. We were rolling on the floor at the underwear dance scene.

Later on in the movie, Cruise's character sticks his hands under the sheet as if he was going to masturbate. My cuz went balistic. He said, 'No he is not.' I said, 'Oh yes he is just like you did a few minutes ago.' Of course, he denied it.

After the movie was over, I was in the kitchen getting a snack. All of a sudden, I hear 'Old-time Rock & Roll' blasting out of the stereo in the den. My cuz is dancing there in a button up shirt and white briefs. He was horrible at it and I told him so. He challenged me to do better.

Now I wore very small briefs at the time, almost a g-string. Nevertheless, I took off my jeans. Wearing only my briefs and a tank top tshirt that just came down to my belt line, I did the dance.

Before it was over, I was semi hard. He had to have noticed. He was keeping himself covered up, so I figured he was too. We agreed it was time for bed.

We slept in his room in separate beds. We continued to talk about all kind of stuff. I kept kidding him not to put his hands under the sheets. He kept talking about Kelly McGillis. I told him that I knew a movie called 'Witness' where he could see her topless. He begged me to rent it next time.

I told him that if he saw that, he wouldn't make it to the bathroom. He didn't say anything. I figure he went to sleep. I slid out of my briefs and rubbed off onto my t shirt.

The next day, we went back to the video store and sure enough, he walks up with 'Witness'. I rented it along with 'Blue Lagoon' He had seen neither and he had never seen a porn flick.

He suggested that we could watch the movies in our briefs. I told him not while we watched 'Blue Lagoon,' but maybe during 'Witness'.

He commented that he had never seen a naked man when Christopher Atkins bore all. He freaked again when his character was jacking off. I told him to cool it and that it was the most natural thing to happen. He was adjusting himself during the whole movie-as was I.

It was time for 'Witness' and he insisted the pants come off. We sat and watched until Kelly turns around and reveals her boobs. He jumps up and grabs the remote and pauses the movie. He was just staring at it saying, 'Woe.'

His dick was sticking out of his briefs. I said, 'Dude, go take care of that.' He actually asked me to leave the room. I refused and told him if he was going to watch Kelly I was going to watch him. I didn't really mean that I wanted to. I was being smart. He drops back on the couch and starts jacking-like a mad man. He cums all over the place. I just laughed and told him he had to clean it up.

He then kept at me to do it too. I wanted to BAD. But I held out. We continued the movie and I looked over and I thought he was asleep. Out came Mr. Johnson and the jacking commenced. I came like never before, and then he started laughing. He told me I would have to clean it up.

We returned the movies and decided to stick to horror movies for the rest of the time.



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