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Risk Taker

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Risk Taker
I've been masturbating ever since I was about 12 years old. My favorite for many years was water in any shape or form. I had my first conscious orgasm in the shower with the water hitting me. This unfortunately took a long time and my parents began to complain about the rising water bills. I found that if I wrapped a washcloth around the head of the shower, I could focus the water flow much better and cut the time necessary in half. This was a good thing as I was usually contorted in some very strange positions on the floor of the shower, not the best position to be in if you're assured of complete privacy!
From this I progressed to more easily managed streams of water, the bathtub faucet and even sink faucets (although I don't know how I was ever that limber!). This ensured that I would have a relatively quick orgasm, always with the fear of being caught by someone. This fear factor helped to intensify the orgasms so that they literally made me scream with the intensity. Because of this early "training", this is always my preferred mode of masturbation. Intensive stimulation to my clit is always what I will seek out.
When I was about 14 my parents bought a "massager" and brought it home. I hadn't even really thought about using one before, but once I encountered it for the first time I knew I was forever hooked. The instant I had a chance to be alone with it I jumped, and I haven't been without one since. Whenever no one else was home I would prop myself on the arm of the couch in the living room and masturbate with it while looking out the front window for my parents' cars. We had sheer curtains that you could see out of but that no one could see in. This was very helpful, but forced me to keep my eyes peeled for when someone would be coming home. I was almost caught on more than one occasion, where I would be in the middle of an orgasm with my father walking up the front walk and me unable to stop myself from coming.
I never was caught, but the close calls sure got the adrenaline going! When I left for college, the first thing I did when I settled in was to order a vibrator of my own from a catalog. While this made me quite nervous, I had gotten hooked by this point and loved the feel of the vibrations more than using my own hands. I've continued masturbating regularly, usually at least once or twice a week, and sometimes I even bring my vibrator to work.
I wait until everyone else in my office has left for lunch, shut my door, turn on my fan to cover up the noise and go to it. The thrill of possibly having someone knock on the door and catch me is a flashback from when I was a kid and it never fails to bring me off. I guess I'm a risk taker at heart, or at least at clitoris!
Whatever works for you, do it. Masturbation is truly a gift you give yourself, after all if you don't take care of you, who will? --Tracey



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