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Right Place and the Right Time

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I was working at a weight loss camp for the second straight year. After my freshman year I put on 50 lbs and the camp helped me lose it plus fifteen more. I put back on 10 lbs and wanted to finish the job and lose another 45 to get down to 200 pounds. The camp has a woman program for college age women and I became friends with Nicole. Nicole was my age and needed to lose about 50 lbs. We actually met on the first day when I helped bring her bags to her bunk. I knew the other three girls from the year before and when I left I heard Nicole ask who was that. I stopped and the others said the nicest counsellor on campus. I left finished my deliveries and went to see my boys. I had the same kids from last year and knew it was going to be a good summer.

A few days later I was in the gym working out when I saw Nicole and asked how her summer was going. She told me good and she lost 10 lbs the first week. I said she looked good and to keep it up. As I worked out I noticed her look at me and I just smiled and did my routine. When I hit the track she asked to join me. We talked about ourselves and how we ended up at the camp. After running for 45 minutes I asked if Nicole knew she just did three miles. Nicole asked if I was for real since she couldn't do more than one without stopping. I took off my sneaker and showed her the three miles. She laughed and said talking to you must have helped. I told her I needed to get to my boys and before I left I kissed her on the cheek and told her I would see her later. At dinner that night a female counsellor came to me and told me about how Nicole really likes me. I said I liked her too and would love to get to know her. She smiled and said I know she would love that. After dinner I was walking to my OD area and saw Nicole and the other college girls going out to the movies. Nicole came over to me and gave me a kiss on the lips and asked to see me later. I said okay and she went back to the van.

After the evening activity the campers had free play and in went to my night OD position in the counsellors parking area. After most counsellors left I went to my SUV and opened the back and sat in the truck and took out a book. A few minutes later Nicole showed up with the female OD of the parking area, the other counsellor told me she would be in her car. Nicole sat next to me and we talked a little. After a few minutes of silence we looked at each other and started to make out. Nicole was a great kisser and we were frenching in no time. After a nice make out session I was rock hard and as we were laying down Nicole noticed it. She asked if she did that and I said yes you did. She then asked how was I going to take care of it. I told her by either a long cold shower or masturbating. Nicole was staring at my tent and asked to see it. I pulled down my shorts and underwear and out came my dick. Nicole's eyes widened and she told me how big it looked. I started to stroke it and she moved my hand and was now stroking my dick. I moaned and told her how well she did this. I was in heaven and was laying back when I felt something wet around my dick. Nicole was now sucking me off. I told her how good it felt and Nicole went faster and faster. In a minute I told her I was going to cum and she deep throated me I squirted down her throat. Once she pulled me out I told her that was amazing. Nicole kissed me and I tasted my cum but didn't care.

Nicole said she has wanted to do that for the past few days. I asked to return the favor but she told me she was on her period. She did take off her top and bra and I was able to suck her nipples for a while. I walked her back to her bunk and we made out again and I had my hand on her ass squeezing. I opened the door for her and said hi to everyone in the bunk. I didn't realize it but they all so me hard. When I left and got back to the parking area the other person looked at me and said I should pack up my pup tent. I looked down and said sorry. I turned around and adjusted myself. After we talked for a while she told me Nicole was very into you. I said I liked her to.

A week later I was on night od at the softball field. This was an easy job since no one comes up at night. Nicole did come up and after kissing for a while she asked me to return the favor tonight. I had a blanket and I took off her shorts and panties. I look at the first pussy in my life and smile and get hard in seconds. I lean in and sniff her scent and tell her how good she smells. Nicole tells me she washed her pussy for a few minutes. I stick out my tongue and lick her pussy lips. Nicole moans and tells me what to do. I follow her lead and after licking her lips and sucking on them I am now licking her clit and Nicole is moaning louder. I tell her to quite down and she does. In a minute she has my hair in her hand and is fucking my tongue and then I feel her pussy almost vibrate and then she moans again and breaths out. I stop and Nicole has the biggest smile ever and tells me that was her first orgasm in a long time. I asked if I did okay and she tells me like a king. I wipe my face and Nicole gets her shorts back on. She tells me that was amazing and she has never had a guy make her feel so good. I say it's because I love you. Nicole looks at me and says she loves me to. Nicole then gets between my legs and says I deserve this and gives me an amazing blow job and I again cum in her mouth. A few minutes later after we are cuddling under the blanket one of her bunk mates tell her it's time to go. We get up and kiss and Nicole goes of into the night. On visiting day I meet her parents and they know I have been dating their daughter. I tell them I really like her and I think she feels the same. Her dad asks to talk to me and we go for a walk. He tells me Nicole is his only daughter and he doesn't to see her hurt. I said to him I am in love with your daughter and wouldn't do anything to hurt her. He smiles and says good. After Nicole comes back to campus she is even happier and tells me she has good news. Nicole tells me she was transferring to another college and she found out she was excepted. She then told me the best part was it was my college. I ask her if she is joking and she shows me the letter. It' was my college and it was official. We hugged and kissed and her bunk mates enter and tell us to get a room. I tell them if I could I would.

One night we go for a walk and end up on the lower softball field. She has a blanket and puts it down on the grouDuring the Nicole and I are fooling around all over campus and almost get caught a few times. It is now the last week in camp and Color War has broken out. We are on the same teams and are with each other all the time. My boys call her mom and me dad and Nicole likes them calling her this. One evening one of her bunk mates gives her a hug and kiss and they go off to the bunk. Her counselor comes over to me and asks to talk to me. She asks if I did it and I smile. She tells me how Nicole really is in love with you. I tell her the same. She just tells me not to hurt her. I smile and tell her I have my father looking for a one bedroom apartment for us.

On the last day of camp we weigh in and Nicole has lost 62 lbs. She is shocked and tells me how good she feels. I get on the scale and I have lost 58 lbs. Nicole laughs she beat me and I tell her I am under 200 for the first time in a few years. I lift her off the ground and give her a big kiss. The other people in line clap for us. After I get home my parents are happy I look good and I found someone. A week later my parents meets Nicole and her parents. Their is a lot of hugging and kissing. Our parents hit it off and after unpacking they leave and we are in our one bedroom apartment. We look around and see a king size bed and both sit on it. We say how nice it is and then we both stand up and strip and get into bed and make out. We cuddle and fall asleep.

After the two years we graduate and find jobs in closer to her parents and move into an apartment. We put away some money and when we go to my parents for thanksgiving I tell my dad I am going to ask to marry Nicole. He tells me to follow him and goes to his dresser and pulls out box. He opens it and says this was his great aunts ring and I received it when she passed away. This is what you will give her. It was 2 carats and shined. He told me it was my great great Aunts who brought it to America. At Christmas we were all together and in front of my family and hers I told them how I meet Nicole and fell in love with her the minute I saw her. She was a piece of a puzzle that completed me. I now wanted to complete her puzzle. I got down on my knee and asked her to marry me. When I opened the ring box Nicole for the first time was speechless. She said yes and when my mom saw the ring she cried because she knew how much it meant to my father.

The wedding was a year later and about 300 people were their. We had a great wedding and honeymoon and soon no more pills and lets start a family. It took one year and Nicole was pregnant. Two years later another and two years later a third. We both were fixed and we now have three kids (two boys and a girl). If it wasn't for my overeating I never would have meet my best friend, lover, wife and mother to my kids.



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