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Right Hand Man

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While some people meditate for an hour every morning, I masturbate. And of course I start my sessions with Solo Touch!


I'm rather well-known, so I'm not going to reveal much about me. But I can tell you all about what I've been doing. As it turns out, people in my position need personal assistants, a person who can arrange air tickets, hotels, handle phone calls, screen emails and all that sort of thing. My last PA hit 65 years old and she announced her retirement. I found a 19-year-old in the company that I took a liking to.

He had an interesting history. Seems around the time he was 12, his parents took up meth and became quite addicted. He ran away from home at 15 and never came back. He says he spent his days at the library and learned computer and office skills. He tells me he used to sleep in the bushes behind the library, and the librarians probably knew that, but took a liking to him, and so they let him stay there. How he survived the winters I'll never know. How he came up with food and clothing for himself is a story in itself.

When he was 18, he got himself hired as a programmer's assistant (typist) in my company.

He wasn't particularly trained in the tasks I needed, but hey, it isn't rocket science. I invited him up to my office and told him about the opportunity to become my 'right hand man.' He loved the idea, and so did I. And, he was good at it. Without ever really learning how, he came up with neat tricks like whispering a person's name to me one minute before I had to shake his hand. So, the months passed. And my PA became more and more familiar with my schedule. It didn't take him long to figure out that I wasn't to be disturbed for the first hour of my day, my only private time. And, I'm pretty sure he figured out what I was doing during that hour.

One day, he and I got to joking around as we had done many times before. We were playing with the term 'right hand man,' and before long that turned to jokes about masturbation. Somehow, it seemed fitting that I tell him what I was doing in the mornings while he was reading emails, returning phone calls and all that. He kind of jokingly said, 'I'd rather be doing what you're doing than what I'm doing in the mornings.' And I jokingly said, 'OK, tomorrow, you go and jerk off in my inner office, and I'll screen the email and all that in the outer office.' But, I didn't really want to screen email. I think I've become rather attached to my jerking off time.

So thinking quickly, perhaps too quickly, I invited him to join me, and he accepted. Needless to say, I could hardly think straight the rest of the day. I couldn't wait for the next morning.

I guess I'm bisexual, because it was just like waiting for a 'special' date with my wife.

So, the morning arrived, and we were somehow both nervous. We spent the first half hour doing nothing but looking at porn on my laptop and making silly small talk. Finally, he said something like, '...If you're serious...' and pulled down his pants, showing me his half hardon. I didn't want him to feel he had been too bold, so right away, I pulled down my pants too.

And nervously, we both sat on the sofa, one on each end, slowly jerking. I got up the courage to reach over and just touch his foreskin a bit. He melted! And within a few minutes, he was oh-so-gently tickling the frenulum area of my dick, and I no longer had a semi, but a full raging hardon.

So, let's fast forward a bit. That was nearly a year ago. Every day, we spend our special private hour together. (I hired another PA to take care of all that crazy email screening, especially the morning part.) So my trusty now 20-year-old PA and I generally like to focus on one person or the other. We start with perhaps ten minutes of some web browsing, Solo Touch and some sites with pictures or videos. Then, either I give him a handjob, or he gives me one. We practice edging, so we can make it last exactly an hour. We've never done anything more. Just handjobs. We love our morning masturbation sessions.



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