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Riding Over The Top

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Riding Over The Top
The heater is finally beginning to thaw my lower limbs, as I move in time with the music blaring from my radio. 'Damn, why doesn't Rockford have a 101.1? This is great music to get warm to!' I think with a half smile. I have just left Joey's house, and am turning onto the freeway, for the lengthy ride back home.
My trips home after a visit with the man I love are usually spent reflecting the events of the time we spent together--The fights, the laughs...but mostly the sex, on this night. I can still almost still feel his tongue, as it slides over the length of my dripping wet pussy, and hear his moans as he rubs his engorged cock over my face, letting me feel the pulse pounding at the base of his beautiful erection. 'Oh God, I love his cock!' I think, smiling now, and beginning to feel much warmer. My mind wanders again to the same scene, as I feel the familiar rush of adrenaline and sexual arousal at the memory of his soft moans. I can't get enough of that sound!
I am surprised at my fascination with this sixty-nine scene. I have never really gotten off on fucking each other's faces at the same time. But...there was just something about today that was memorably erotic. As I lay there, legs apart, his tongue buried deep in my aching pussy, I am getting a clear, exquisite view of his cock and balls, bobbing above my face. How I love to suck them! I moan as I moved my tongue lovingly over the underside of his penis, massaging the sensitive ridge, as I arch my back to receive his tongue more fully inside me. I can feel my cunt getting wetter, and more sensitized to every touch. The vibrations of his voice, as he moans his approval of my mouth on his cock sends shock waves through my whole body. I want this to last forever! He moves his hips seductively, sliding his ever hardening member up and down my eager face, and I feel that I cannot hold back my explosion very much longer! His probing tongue slides feverishly up and down the length of my wetness again and again, as I buck my hips up to meet his strokes. Slowly, he licks his way from my pulsating clit to my dripping hole and continues until he is licking my ass. I smile to myself, knowing that this would not be so damn arousing if I weren't already so close to the brink of a screaming, clawing, bed-shaking orgasm! I lick more enthusiastically, and lift my ass to meet his tongue thrusts, as I wet my finger and massage his own sensitive hole, knowing that if it becomes uncomfortable, he will let me know. He continues to moan, and ride my face rhythmically, as we both become lost in the ever widening span of sensations we are sharing.
Jolting back into the moment, I realize that I am at the first tollbooth on the highway, heading toward Chicago's western suburbs. I need to turn on the inside light, to find the correct change. Why is my hand shaking? I pull to the side of the toll-plaza, and shift into 'Park'. I gather the forty cents necessary to pass, and unfasten my safety-belt. I have to get out of these layers! Simultaneously, I remove an arm from my thin sweatshirt, and turn down the heater.
I grin wickedly to myself, still playing in my head the scene which has caused me such heat. As I slowly drive through the tollbooth, I slip a hand inside the waistband of my pants, and down to my very aroused pussy. Even I am shocked to discover how wet it is! Quickly, my mind considers the options available, and I again pull to the side of the highway, this time, just beyond the booths and the sight of the tollbooth attendants.
I reach into my bag of belongings, that accompanied me on this trip, and frantically search until I feel the familiar firm smoothness of my favorite dildo. Trembling slightly with delight and desire, I pull out the synthetic cock, and quickly slide it into my pants. I rub it up and down the length of my pulsating cunt, knowing that my natural wetness is the only lubricant I will need to slide it impatiently between the folds of my pussy lips, into my hot hole. I do just that, moaning involuntarily. The firmness of the rubber fills my pussy to near the same capacity as Joey's beautiful cock. As I ride the dildo, gently moving my hips in time with the music, I feel the exquisite sensation of cock deep inside me, sliding ever so slightly , surrounded by my wetness. The angle of the dildo against the seat of the car is perfect. Like a cock engorged to maximum size and hardness, it stands straight up, and gently massages the front pussy wall, touching the sensitive nerves of my magic G spot.
Feeling a little silly, I begin to moan, as if reliving the scene of passion that continues to play in my head. Hearing my own soft sounds of pleasure heightens the excitement further, and I can feel the wetness growing even more, around the cock I am riding. I imagine telling Joey about this later, and become even more aroused. What if a truck driver notices my hips moving, and guesses what I am doing? I moan all the more, and move my hips more obviously. All inhibitions aside, I am heading for a huge orgasm!
As I continue my journey home, I replay those moments of licking Joey's beautiful cock as he rubs it against my face from above, and eats my pussy. The fucking, and explosive cumming that followed this delicious foreplay are not far from my mind, but the licking and sucking is the part that is causing my to drip wetness all over and around my dildo, soaking my pants with pussy juice.
With the accelerator set on 'cruise', my hands on the steering wheel, and my eyes diligently riveted onto the highway ahead, I begin to explode from the inside out in the intense sensations of orgasm, over and over again. I moan uncontrollably, barely even having to move my hips now, to send the familiar, beautiful shock waves throughout my body, again and again.
Oh, Joey! I miss you already!



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