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Riding Bikes

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Can't believe we didn't get caught


This happened the summer before 8th grade. I was visiting an aunt and uncle in another state. There was a boy my age and 2 younger girls. The first night I slept in his room. There was a top and bottom bunk. When we went to bed he locked the door and said check this out. He pulled a footlocker out from under his bed and pulled out a Playboy and a Hustler. We both got boners and showed each other our stiffies through our pants. Then he took his magazine and jumped up on the top bunk. He told me to turn off the light and then said if you wanna jack off it's okay with me. Then we both jerked off in the dark. His stroking made the bed move. I heard him make some cumming noises then I shot in my sock. I still didn't make very much jizz.

Nothing was said the next day. He was more socially advanced than me. He liked this one girl from school and they had made out and stuff, but just a little bit of kissing and he had accidentally rubbed her tit a couple times. That night she was having a birthday slumber party at her house. Me and him stayed up until like 1am then snuck out and rode our bikes to her house. He told her before that we were going to come over.

They were in the basement and we could kinda look in the window and see them. They were all in pajamas and shit. His GF was talking to us through the window. Our plan was to try to get one of them to flash. It never happened because her Dad came down and we had to race so we didn't get busted. We jumped on our bikes and headed back toward his house. On the way there was an elementary school with like 8 buildings and lots of sidewalks between them.

We rode slow. We were both pretty horny from talking smack with the girls and bummed out, but glad we didn't get busted. He asked me did I ever j/o riding bikes. I said no and he said he did it one time after making out with his GF and getting all horny.

I said 'Isn't it hard to ride your bike with your pants down?'

He said, 'I didn't, I just did this.'

So I look over and he's got his pants unzipped and his hand inside. Then he pulled his boner out of his pants. It pointed straight up. He told me to take mine out too, so I did but I had to stop my bike to get it out. He rode ahead and turned around and rode back. By then I managed to fish my stiff 4 incher out of my briefs. He stood astride his bike with his much larger hardon pointed up and wiggling when he moved.

Then he said, 'Let's see how fast we can shoot.' So we both started jacking our dicks as fast as we could. We were both breathing fast. Pretty soon he said he was close to cumming. I told him I was getting there too. Then he said here it cums. He pointed his dick away from us and his sperm started shooting up and falling on the ground. It was way more cum than I ever made. I went like 10 more strokes and mine was ready to go. My small load dribbled out of my dickhead. We zipped up and took off.

I stayed there a whole week and we jerked off every day. We had one time when we felt each other up and another time when we did mutual jackoff, but mostly we just did solo masturbating in bed. One night we both took showers and watched each other. His pubic bush looked cool all wet from the water. Mine was so sparse that it practically disappeared when it was wet. We both stroked and showed off but didn't cum until we were in bed.

Hope some of you liked jerking to this. I'm leaking all over. This will be an awesome load. Thanks everyone for Solo Touch.



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