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Ride Home Surprise

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Since I learned about Solo Touch, I've been enjoying the stories in the archives very much. Brings back some old memories I have.


Back when I was 22, I lived in a small town but my job was in a large city 30 miles away. I worked in a office with several other people. One of my co workers was this woman named Judy. She was in her thirties and was a very attractive woman.

On this day, she had taken her car to a garage that morning to have it worked on. But, at day's end, her car wasn't ready. I could see she was upset about something so I asked her what was wrong. She told me about the situation with her car. I asked her where she lived and was surprised to learn that she too lived in my town. So, I told her not to worry, I'd be glad to give her a ride.

On the way home, Judy suggested that we stop at this lounge for a drink. I said OK and we went in. We were there for an hour and a half. Judy was very talkative. We got back in my pick up and again hit the road.

It wasn't long and Judy was sitting next to me and her skirt had come up quite a way. Being a young 22-year-old male, I noticed this. And what I was seeing sure looked good. Judy wore a wedding band and I assumed she was married. She then curled her feet under her which made her hem line go even higher. She put her hand on my shoulder and laid her head on it. My having this very nice looking woman sitting next to me was starting to have an effect on me.

Judy then asked me 'Do you have a girlfriend'? I told her that I didn't. I then asked her about the wedding band she wore. She told me she and her husband had been seperated for over a year and had never filed for divorce. She was now sitting right next to me and the warmth of her body against mine and her head right next to mine really started arousing me and I was soon rock hard. And, the view I had everytime I looked down didn't help either. Her dress was more than half way up her legs and they looked so good.

There was no hiding what I had in my pants and Judy saw it. She then asked me 'How long has it been since you'd been with a girl'? I asked her 'What do you mean'? She answered 'From what I'm looking at, it looks like it's been awhile'. I looked at her and saw where she was looking. Straight at my lap. I told her 'Yea; it's been awhile'.

Judy then took her hand off my shoulder and reached my lap putting her hand on my erection. Having this woman touch me there was electric to me. I literally shuddered from it. Judy then started moving her hand along its length. It felt so good as she did this. I then put my right hand on what I was dying to touch. Those exposed legs of hers. I soon had my hand between her thighs feeling the wonderful softness of a woman there. Judy continued to rub her hand over my erection. Then, it happened. My orgasmic feeling came on very quickly and I pulled off the road just as it hit. Judy said 'Oh my' when it happened and the wet area in my slacks quickly grew as I covered my leg with my cum.

Judy then said 'Looks like you really needed that'. I answered 'Oh Judy. You felt so damn good'. I then took off and headed to our town. She showed me where she lived and invited me in to clean up some. I took her up on the offer and headed straight for the bathroom. Judy followed me in. She told me 'I caused this so I'll clean it up'. I dropped my slacks and shorts. Judy took a wash cloth and wiped me off. As she did, she had her hand on my manhood and I again couldn't help it and went hard right there in her hand. Judy said 'Looks like you're needing more'.

Judy then led me to her bedroom and she took off her clothes as did I. We laid on her bed and this time I returned the favor and brought her to a powerful orgasm with my hands and fingers. She again went to work on me as I explored her beautiful soft body with my lips and hands. This time I came off on her legs as we laid close together.

Judy and I became 'bed buddies' after this for quite some time. I eventually got a girlfriend and another job and our thing then came to an end. But, I'll never forget Judy and how good that woman made me feel.



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