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Ride Home from Work

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I work in a small accounting firm, and one of the assistants went on maternity leave. The firm hired a replacement, Lynn, who is in her mid-thirties, married, with two children. I'm married with three young kids.

We started talking over lunches, and we hit it off really well. I don't work directly with Lynn, so it's not like I'm her boss or anything - we're just co-workers, and we talk over lunch.

Eventually our conversations got a little more intimate, and I found out that she, just like me, wasn't getting much in the area of sexual action at home, what with both of us having young children at home. She said she didn't mind so much, but I could see she was a bit frustrated.

Anyway, one afternoon I had to leave early to pick up something for home, and it was about the same time she was leaving too. I offered her a ride home, and she quickly accepted.

We went down to my car and left the office building garage, and I asked her where she lived. She told me it was near a large park in our town, and seeing that it was on the way, and it was early afternoon, I asked her if she wanted to take a drive to the park and maybe grab a bite to eat along the way and take a few minutes to relax at the park. I told her I had left about a half hour earlier than I needed to anyway, so I wouldn't be late for my errand. She agreed.

We went to a drive-thru and picked up some burgers and fries, and then we drove to the park. It was a bit cloudy when we left, and it was now raining lightly. The park has a winding road going through it, stretching about one or two miles long, and we parked dead center in the middle of the park, along the right side of the road, under some large overhanging trees. It was raining enough that the joggers who usually go along the road were not out that day.

We sat in the car and ate our food, and continued talking, and again the topic of sex came up. Lynn asked when the last time was that I got off, and I confessed that I hadn't had sex for about three months, and if it wasn't for my right hand, I wouldn't have cum during that time either.

Lynn asked me how often I jacked off, and I said that I did it nearly every day. I then asked her about her activity, and she said she did it once or twice a week, when her husband and kids were asleep. She hadn't had sex for about four months.

I asked her if she had ever cheated on her husband and she said no, and I told her I had always been faithful to my wife, but it was getting difficult taking care of my needs alone. We both agreed we would never have sex with anyone else but our spouses, but then I asked her if she thought it would be cheating to watch someone else jack off.

Lynn said it was kind of like going to a strip club or even watching porno, but it would be live and in person, so there wasn't too much different than watching porno, so long as you didn't touch the other person. She asked me if I wanted to jack off in front of her, and I wasn't sure I should, but my cock was hard enough that I said yes.

She said she would just watch and wouldn't touch me, so I unzipped my pants and pulled my erection through the front of my boxer shorts and out in the open. I figured if I could get naked for a doctor, what was the big deal for a friend. I stroked my six inches slowly, and then started closing my eyes as the tension built up. I told Lynn to keep a watch and tell me if anyone was coming near my car, so she adjusted the mirrors so she could see behind us as well as looking ahead.

I kept on stroking and tried to hold back on cumming, and asked her where I should cum when it was time. She had finished her drink from the drive-thru, so she said she had an empty cup, and I should cum into it when I was ready, and she would hold it in place. I kept on stroking until I couldn't hold it in any longer, and I told her 'now' and she placed the cup in the path of my cum, which shot out like it had never done when I jacked solo. She caught all of it in the cup, and handed me a napkin to wipe of the drips that were coming out of the tip of my cock.

She put the cup next to her on the seat and asked if I would like to watch her do it, and I said sure, but only if she was o.k. with it. I told her since she got to see my cock, I wanted to see her pussy, but she wasn't dressed right, wearing jeans, and she didn't want to pull her pants down. Instead, she unbuttoned her jeans and said I could see her tits instead, so she pulled her blouse up and slipped her bra up so I could see both tits and I had a clear view of her nipples.

She stuck her left hand down her unbuttoned pants and into her panties, and used her right hand to massage her tits, pulling and twirling around her nipples. I asked her if she stuck her fingers in her pussy or just rubbed along the lips and her clit, and she said she did both. I could smell the faint muskiness of her pussy even through her pants, and I watched as she began to move her left hand faster and faster, and she arched her back, closed her eyes and moaned deeply, saying she was cumming too. She began to shake and then went limp, and she continued to moan for about a minute or two before she opened her eyes and turned to look at me.

She pulled her hand out of her pants, and pulled her bra down and also her blouse. She asked me if I had anything she could use to wipe off her hand, and I said it didn't look too wet - she held her left hand out and said 'see for yourself' so I took her left hand in my right hand, and felt her juices. I then took my hand and stuck a finger in my mouth and tasted her - she was delicious. I wanted the rest of her juices but didn't have the nerve to ask if I could lick off her hand, so I pulled out some kleenex from the back seat and handed them to her. She cleaned herself up and then threw the kleenex into the bag from the drive-thru.

She said she wanted to taste me too, so she took the cup with my cum, and began to sip at it. She swished my cum around in her mouth, and then opened her mouth to show me my cum on her tongue, and she gave me a wicked smile before swallowing it. My wife has never let me cum in her mouth and has therefore never swallowed my cum.

I asked Lynn if she liked it and she said it was a good, low calorie dessert after burgers and fries.

We sat there for a while, and although I wanted to kiss her and hold her hand, I didn't, since we promised we wouldn't touch each other - we simply wanted to jack off with someone else watching to share the experience. We talked about this and she wanted to kiss me too, but we agreed that this would take things to another level where we didn't want or dare to go. We each loved our spouses, and would never think of getting involved with someone else. We were just good friends who would share our feelings with each other, and who shared an experience.

I drove her home afterwards, and then went on with my day. We saw each oher again at work the next Monday morning and while we knew we had probably crossed the line for co-workers, and maybe even friends, we weren't embarassed to see each other again.

We have repeated this episode three times now, and have kept up the rules of no touching each other, kissing, etc.



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