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Rhonda Was Nuts

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Rhonda just might be a split personality. One lesbian, the other straight. Maybe you can help me figure her out.


Years ago I took a gal with me on vacation, her name was Rhonda. I knew she was a lesbian but at the time she didn't know it so I thought I might get something.

We went on a train and got to know each other a little better on the trip.

We get to our hotel and I'm pretty tired as I was up much of the night on the train. I crash on one of the beds. Rhonda takes the other.

I woke up with a hard on and when I opened my eyes Rhonda is sitting on my bed with her eyes as big as saucers staring at the tent in my covers.

I put a pillow over it to hide it. Why? I don't know, what do I care? I don't I should have just pulled it out and showed her.

Later we're sitting on the beds again talking and I get another erection. Again I put a pillow on it but she doesn't let up my dick won't go down cause she's having a great time teasing me.

Finally I say listen 'You need to cut out that talk or my dick will never go soft.'

'Maybe I don't want it to go soft, ever think of that?'

'What do you mean? I thought you liked girls.'

'Maybe I like both.'

Now we had already talked and she had told me that she was so afraid of getting pregnant she would never even try sex. So we discussed it now and she makes some ground rules, we can do anything but actually put my cock up her.

She wants to make out with our clothes on. Now where is the fun in that? I get her to okay to clothes off. She leaves her panties on, I get naked and rub my cock on her blonde bush, sticking it over the waistband of her panties.

Enough of teasing, I want to do something fun. She okay's me fingering her pussy, only I can't say the word pussy, she doesn't like it.

Yeah, she's like 25 years old acting about 15. Fucking girls, go figure them.

I dive my hand into her box (it's okay to call it that.) I'm rubbing and fingering her cunt for about ten minutes when she starts to arch her back. I stop, not wanting it to go too fast. yeah, after I find out she's multi-orgasmic, not then. I go back to fingering her and she tells me to stop. She can't do that anymore. Girls, go figure.

Now all this time Rhonda is laying there almost comatose. Still as can be, not helping at all. Like I said, like a fifteen year old girl you go to fuck for the first time in your dad's car after a dance in high school. Rhonda was one piece of work.

There is one thing I need now though. I have an eight inch long erection with diameter of six and the thing is not going to go down by itself. I tell Rhonda, 'Fine, just help me get this thing to shoot and I'll leave you alone. You can get guys off right?

'Sure I can, I've gotten guys off before.'

'Great, how?'

'With my hands, and my mouth.'

'Good, let's do that.'

'No, its too big. You could hurt somebody with that thing. Ever put a girl's eye out with that spear?'

'I promise, it won't hurt you. Just help me get it to shoot, I can't walk around with it like this.' No way was it going to deflate until I shot a load of come out if it.

Rhonda is laying on the bed putting her panties on. I go to help her. I actually gave up trying to get anything more. I grab her panties and yank them up. Well that did it, I saw camel toe. Now my cock is all the harder. I tell Rhonda I'm going to rape her but not really.

I stick my cock between her legs up next to her pussy, over her panties (I'll call it any damn name I want to) and start humping her. In less that ten seconds her back arches and a huge wet flood hits my cock. That did it, I couldn't go another second without coming. I shoot it between her legs.

Rhonda says, 'Gosh I love sex. I just wish it wasn't so messy. Can we do it again, tomorrow?'

I said yes. Can you believe it? I agreed to more.

Why I just didn't get back on a train and go home. What the hell sex did we have? She thinks that was sex.

Yes, I was young and horny, that's why I put up with her. It wasn't exactly masturbation but it was closer to that than sex.



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