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Revenge on Stepmom's Favorite Watch

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This is for all the times you humiliated me and intimidated me...


When I was twelve-years-old, I moved back in with my father and soon-to-be stepmom. As you know, step-parents don't always work out, as such was the case. I was pretty rebellious as it was, and my stepmom didn't like that. I found myself getting in trouble quite a bit, with her yelling at me and literally intimidating me on a constant basis.

Around this time, I began to notice that I took an interest in women with watches on their wrist. It brought a feeling over me that I had never felt before. When I got into trouble with my stepmom, I would watch her wave her hands at me, and get a good glimpse at her watch. It was one of those cheaper ones that looked like an expensive one beginning with R. It was gold-tone and silver with a blue face. It was her favorite watch, and she kept it either on her wrist or locked away in the bedroom (which was off-limits to the kids.) I found myself paying a lot of attention to it, and trying to sneak a glimpse anytime that I could.

Over the years, she caused me much humiliation and lowered my self-esteem as a result. I had no relationships with girls and masturbated constantly. It became a regular habit for me.

Fast forward to a few years later, and I was about 19 or 20. My stepmom still had her watch and wore it every day, except for this one. I had been away with some friends, and I came home to find that no one was there. There was a note on the kitchen table, 'WENT DOWN TO THE CABIN. BACK ON SUNDAY. LOVE DAD.' I thought, ok, so they won't be home for a few days. It was then that I spotted something gleaming out of the corner of my eye. I walked towards it, and there it was....her trusty watch!

I gave the watch a few glances and eventually picked it up off the table. I brought it up close to my nose. I could smell her perfume on it. My heart started to race. Then I started to just touch the watch, to run my fingers around edge of the face (it's called a bezel) and enjoyed the texture of its ridged edge. I caressed the band with my finger also. It felt like little rollers gliding over my fingertips.

My heart started to beat faster, and I noticed that I was 'at full attention' if you know what I mean. It was then that I realized I had an opportunity. Here I have my stepmom's favorite watch in my hand. I can do whatever I want to it!

At the same time, a curiosity that had always plagued me had finally come to surface. I wanted to know what the watch felt like 'somewhere else.'

With that thought, I headed into the bathroom and quickly closed and locked the door. I stood and looked at the watch in my hand for a few minutes more. I thought of the possible consequences, but the benefits seemed to outweigh them; I could get back at her for all the mean things she said and did, and I could satisfy a curiosity of mine as well.

I put the watch on my left wrist and buckled it. Amazingly enough, it fitted me perfectly. Next, I slowly unzipped my jeans and slid my underwear down as well. By now I had a raging erection and something needed to be done with it!

I started thinking about the times she humiliated me in front of family and friends; how she said that I'd never amount to anything, and that I was nothing but trouble. Instead of getting angry by this, a calm feeling washed over me. I looked in the mirror and said firmly and calmly, 'This is for all the times you were bad to me. I'm getting back at you for everything!'

I let out a little chuckle and put the watch against my glans. I had never felt a feeling like that before. After about ten seconds, I put the bezel of the watch against the underside of my throbbing cock. I began to move it up and down the shaft. I felt a really neat vibrating feeling when I was doing this. I was really liking this, so I sped up the strokes. This was starting to get me hot!

After a few minutes of that, I decided to try rubbing the band against my cock. I put the face against my glans again and then proceeded to twist my wrist (almost like a rotation, back and forth.) It felt like little rollers moving across my cock! I thought that this was pretty neat and kept on going.

Suddenly, I felt that familiar feeling; like something was about to burst forth. I thought to myself 'Gee, I hope it's water-resistant.' Thoughts of my stepmom humiliating me filled my head for a short time, and then WHOOOOOOOSH! It was the most powerful stream of cum and the most intense orgasm I have EVER felt in my life! I held the watch under it to be sure that I covered it in cum.

In no time at all the face couldn't be seen on it, and some of the cum was drizzling onto the band and into the crevices between the links. I smiled and laughed again. I let out a big sigh of relief. I took the watch off and put it in the sink. Next, I turned on the water faucet and put the watch under the running water. I left it there for a few seconds and then took it out. I wiped it dry and inspected it. The face said WATER-RESISTANT 30M, so I knew it was safe.

I wiped it up pretty good, but I honestly didn't want to clean it all up. I'm sure that there was a little cum left in between the band links. I was satisfied that justice had been done. I opened the door to the bathroom and walked out into the hallway, back to the living room. I carefully set the watch back exactly where she had it, silently hoping that she would put it on and discover that something was different about it, yet not know what it was. That was a lot of fun.

On Sunday, they came back from the cabin. I noticed that my stepmom didn't reach for her trusty old watch and I found out why. During their trip, they had stopped at the jeweller's and bought new watches. She was now wearing a brand new one with a black leather strap. Of course that one caught my attention real fast. She was so proud of it, she even showed me! 'Look at my new dressy watch; Isn't it pretty? Your father didn't mind that it cost a little.' I tried not to look too eagerly at it and hoped for the day she would leave it out by accident.

Eventually that day did come about a year later, and I proceeded to have my fun with that one as well. Of course it was water-resistant, but I had to take care not to get cum on the strap, otherwise it would stain the back of it. I just thought to myself 'Keep buying 'em lady, and I'll keep tryin' em. The more you hurt me, the more I'll get back at you.' I just love the fact that I was able to violate her watch, sometimes a very special part of her wardrobe. Deep down inside, I secretely wanted her to catch me doing that and see her reaction!

The End



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