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Reuniting with My College Buddy Ryan

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About five years ago I shared the story of my bromance with my college roommate Ryan: "Breaking the Ice With My Roommate". We reconnected very recently all thanks to his wife.


A few months after Ryan graduated, he moved back to California and soon got married to a very attractive girl named Julia. Our interaction during those years was mostly birthday greetings on facebook and likes on pictures of his family. I didn't change much during the past five years. I found a well-paying job and a nice house in the city where we went to college, and I still keep eating healthy, working out and swimming. I'm still in touch with our two other roommates, both straight guys, who turned out to be very supportive when they found out I was gay. They'd lost touch with Ryan too. He never invited any of us to his wedding, and I think I knew why: he had always been insecure about his sexuality and he wanted to turn his back on his homosexual experiences once and for all. I was sad that he had cut me out of his life after how close we'd been during his last year in college.

About a month ago, Ryan asked me out of the blue if he could stay over for a week or so. I obliged, fearing he and Julia had separated. He was handsome as ever, but he looked troubled and appeared to have lost a lot of weight from his strong body. Since he got married, I had assumed he no longer had any feelings towards me, so I was very reserved in my affection. I hugged him half-heartedly at my doorstep, not knowing what he and his wife had just gone through. My heart skipped a beat as he planted a kiss on my cheek and wrapped his arms tightly around me. He was as gentle and tender as five years ago, yet I could sense there was something he was struggling to share with me. We sat down on the couch to have a drink and talk things over.

Ryan assured me everything was alright now, but the previous few months had been a nightmare for him. He had decided to come out to his wife. I was mortified to hear he had told Julia all about our college bromance. He confided that Julia really loved him, but she had become overly rude and selfish in bed. He resorted to watching gay porn; she caught him and moved out to her parents with their 2-year old daughter. After the initial shock had settled, they agreed to meet at a therapist's office to try and save their marriage. It would be hard to put a label on Ryan, but he was "predominantly homosexual" according to their therapist: he never checked out girls or watched straight porn, and yet it was clear how much he was attracted to Julia, sexually and romantically. I fully trusted him when he told me he'd never cheated on her. It turned out Julia was shocked not so much because he was gay, but because he kept such a big secret from her for so long. They recently reunited, and their intimacy was stronger than ever. I was very relieved and happy that he and Julia had managed to save their marriage.

Some things never change: as we sat on the couch drinking and talking, we held hands. At the end of the conversation, Ryan offered me a foot massage and I soon reciprocated. I felt myself getting hard, as usual when my feet are rubbed. Ryan was growing in his shorts too, but having heard his story, I decided to play it safe and we didn't end up jacking off. We took separate showers and Ryan asked if we could sleep together in my bed. We went to bed in our boxers, and he wrapped his arms around me. Years later, it was still electric to feel his strong, hairy body against mine, even though he had lost a lot of weight and muscle during his coming out ordeal. I snuggled against him as he gently stroked my back and hair. Finally, he was about to share the real reason for his unexpected visit.

Julia wanted him to come visit to make peace with his past and apologize for ignoring me. She accepted him unconditionally and found our bromance beautiful and innocent. Upon sharing this, Ryan broke down in tears. I could feel tears welling up too and I don't cry often. He finally let himself express the emotions he had been denying himself for so many years. He cried as I cradled his head on my chest like a baby. As he calmed down, I turned him on his back and ran my fingers through his chest hair and listened to his heartbeat. I wanted him to sense how much I loved and cared about him, how I was there for him to share all those suppressed feelings. As I gently fondled his balls, I noticed his uncut 6-inch cock growing rock hard in his boxers. I peeled off his boxers after he assured me Julia was OK with this. I spread my legs and had him sit down in my lap. I nuzzled against his neck and the feeling of my beard on his skin sent electric jolts all over his body. I was jacking him off with my right hand and playing with his balls, inner thighs, neck and nipples with my left. Soon his body tensed up and he shot a huge load all over his hairy torso. I cleaned him up and we scooted down on the bed. He blissfully fell asleep in my arms with a smile on his face. As I was caressing him and drifting into sleep, it occurred to me he was the most beautiful man I'd held in my arms, and what he had told me that night meant the world to me. I didn't have to get off that night, holding Ryan was all the comfort I needed.

We showered together the next morning, and to my greatest surprise Ryan told me Julia was coming to visit too. She wanted to meet the man who had been such a part of her husband's life at some point. Julia was indeed gorgeous and I could see why Ryan was attracted to her. As we shared a big hug, I could feel her perfect tight body against mine. She wanted me to be part of their life and if Ryan ever craved another man's affection, she wanted that man to be me. I spent this Christmas with Ryan and Julia in California. It felt uncomfortable to be close to Ryan in front of her, even though she encouraged it and even wanted to see us cuddling naked and jacking off together. The most I could manage was holding hands and trading another foot massage after their daughter had gone to bed. What made me happier than jacking with Ryan was hearing his and Julia's moans coming from their bedroom as I pleasured myself on their guest couch. On the last night, all three of us slept together naked in the same bed, but it was entirely non-sexual. I guess there's more ice to be broken!

Julia is now pregnant with their second child, and thanks to her I am reunited with my best friend from college. I admire her love which defies the silly labels we use to explain our sexuality.



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