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Last night a girl I dated in high school came over to meet my wife and daughter. Sarah showed up in thin worn blue jeans and a low-cut black top that revealed most of her full, shapely breasts. I hadn't seen her in five or six years and my wife had never met her, but she and my wife and I were soon talking like we were old friends.

Sarah had always liked to kiss girls and I started getting hard watching her and my wife sitting on the couch, imagining the impossible-a threesome with the two of them, tall, leggy, breasty, curvy, sexy women. No chance, of course, just a fantasy. Still, I was hard almost instantly.

Although Sarah and I broke up in my Senior year, the two months together we'd had were very sexual. We never had sex, but she had jerked me off almost everywhere and anywhere with a technique that nobody-even my wife-has ever replicated. As I shuffled slowly to the kitchen, I tried to banish the thought of her hand milking my cock and of me squirting onto her breasts, her face, her ass-she would always let me cum on her and then rub the cum into her body while she sucked it off her fingers.

In college she visited me several times and stayed with me, always sleeping in my bed tantalizingly close but without ever doing anything. One night she stripped to her panties and wore one of my long-sleeve shirts as a nightshirt. I was wearing short, thin soccer shorts with no underwear-I had haughtily thought I might be able to seduce her by showing her my full cock but I was wrong and I eventually had to jack off so bad that I asked for her permission. She watched me squirt three times that night without her ever even touching me-just me emptying my aching balls over and over again because I was so turned on. We were friends then-and she was such a tease.

My wife doesn't know anything about the details with Sarah-I was a virgin until college, so Sarah isn't a threat or somebody who has to be discussed.

I managed to will myself soft. Sarah and my wife talked through her decision to move out of town and what she did for a living and I thought I caught a few sidewise glances from her when my wife wasn't looking. Trying to stay soft was getting more and more difficult.

When my wife decided to put our daughter to bed I told Sarah I would walk her several blocks to the main avenue to flag her a cab because the telephone dispatchers never seem to turn around cabs quickly enough. They said their goodbyes, and I started throbbing when Sarah hugged my wife tightly goodbye while looking over her shoulder at me and mouthing the words, 'She's hot!'

I tried to stay casual when Sarah put her arm around my waist as we walked. I put my arm around her waist in response and pulled her affectionately close to me, close enough that I could feel her hipbone and the taut muscles of her legs and glutes. She giggled and looked over at me-there was so much mutual desire in the air that neither one of us had any need to verbalize it.

We talked about random stuff-architecture of some of the buildings around us, her boyfriend, my daughter-but each step we took together with are legs locked in stride, hip against hip, we held one another more tightly. My hand slid lower onto her waist and into the waistband of her low cut jeans and then inside the strap of her thong.

'Stop it, you're married!' she said, but I could see she was just testing the waters and she wasn't really trying to stop me. I wasn't really trying to stop myself, either, although I knew I should have been. I was intoxicated by the smell of her hair in the chilly night air. I was also obviously, painfully erect, the front of my khakis protruding high and hard with my full cock. Sarah didn't miss it, either-she looked several times at my meat as we walked and again right after she mentioned my marital status.

'I know,' I said. 'I know.' I didn't mean it to come out wistfully but I guess it did.

'You should be happy,' Sarah chided, 'Your wife is beautiful and frankly very sexy.' She paused. 'Very sexy. I can see how it is you ended up with a kid.'

I was inside her thong now and cupping her ass in my hand. Her fingertips were tracing my spine. I simply pulled her to me and hugged her against me with my other arm, feeling her big, curvy breasts squeeze into me. I arched my back away to keep my cock from grinding against her and I said something like, 'It's so good to see you again.'

She pulled me against her and started grinding against my cock as she tilted her head back and we both just started kissing one another wildly-first a peck on the lips, then our tongues entwined, both of us grinding and moaning slightly.

We were four blocks from my house standing on the open street at 10:00 p.m. making out like teenagers again.

Sarah pulled me into the alley and down into an alcove behind a house. I unbuttoned her jeans and started rubbing her pussy like I used to when we were teenagers, feeling her slippery shaved mound and soft lips through her thong, and then I was inside her, curling my index finger up towards her g-spot and kissing her and grinding away.

Sarah unzipped me and pulled down my boxers until my cock sprang free. She turned so I could wedge my slippery cock between her ass checks and hump her crack and lower back while I was still fingering her and, in this position, it didn't take long before we both started trembling and writhing and squirming.

I shot all the way up her shirt and also onto the tattoo of a yellow rubber ducky on the small of her back and, unfortunately, all over my khakis as Sarah bucked and trembled against my fingers, cumming in a buildup of waves that crested with violent motions of her hips against my slippery, cum covered cock and balls.

The moment was over in an instant as we recognized what we had done. I was soaked in my own cum-she was too-and I had just cheated on my wife for the first time since we started dating eight years ago. I WAS HORRIFIED. But also incredibly turned on. I sucked Sarah's juices off my fingers and stepped out of my khakis, balling up my boxers and trying to clean myself as best I could. She licked my cum off my stomach and groin and pulled her jeans up slowly so I could see her wet thong one more time and the droplets of cum still glistening on her ass.

We kissed, merging the taste of one another's cum on our tongues and held one another for what must have been only two or three minutes, but it felt like hours. I felt so guilty and so good. Sarah was trembling a little bit-I didn't think it was the cold, either, more emotions.

I kissed her over and over again as we walked to the main street. Then, Sarah got a cab and I hurried back home and in through the basement door to drop my khakis in the washing machine and brush my teeth to get rid of the taste of Sarah's musky pussy, dressing hastily in a pair of old sweatpants and a t-shirt before coming straight to bed.

I don't think I got caught-I don't know for sure yet, though-but I woke up this morning and rushed to the shower to clean myself up only to end up masturbating yet again at the memory.

Oh, my GOD I am so turned on by her. I'm hoping this will happen again soon ... I hope any of you reading this are feeling equally aroused...



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