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It was about a week before the start of our senior year of high school. I had been hanging with the guys all summer long having fun doing all the things boys do in the summertime. One day a bunch of us were hanging at my house. It was very hot so we all took our shirts off. Late in the day all the guys except Chuck left. We went into the house to avoid the late afternoon sun and have a soda. We were just lying on the carpet in the living room shooting the breeze.

Suddenly, Chuck asked me if I jerked off. I was so embarrassed. I never admitted to anybody before that I did such a thing. But for some reason, I felt it was ok to fess up. I said I did occassionally. Truth was, I was doing four or five times a day but I didn't want to seem like a pervert. I asked Chuck if he did. Same answer.

Then to my surprise, Chuck said,'How about a hand job?' I wasn't sure what he meant. Not about what a hand job was but whether he wanted me to give him one or if he wanted to give me one or if he wanted us to give each other one. I got nervous and said no. Truth was that I was so insecure about my body. I was a late bloomer phyically. I didn't start growing pubic hair until I was 15. I had only been naked in front of other guys in gym class.

The conversation then went to other subjects. Good thing I said no because in five minutes my sister came home unexpectantly early from her job in New York. She would have caught us and that would have been terrible.

Chuck went home and all the guys got together later that evening to hang out. Neither Chuck nor I mentioned what had happened that afternoon. That night I jerked off to the thought of us jerking off together. I was sorry that I said no but glad that we didn't get caught.

Next day I decided I didn't want the opportunity to pass. I called Chuck up about 10am and asked if he wanted to go to the beach. He said yes and came over about a half hour later. We were both wearing cut off jeans as nobody wore a real swimsuits in those days. I made like I was getting some things together to take with us when I said, 'It's a good thing we didn't do those hand jobs yesterday or my sister would have seen us.' He said yeah, that was a close one. I said, 'Chuck, I was nervous yesterday when you asked. I've never done that with a guy before. He said that's ok. Then I said, 'Would you like to do it now? My sister won't be home.' He said, Sure.

I went to lock the door and when I came back, there he was in the living room in just his white briefs. I could see the outline of his cock. I could feel my cock starting to swell up. I pulled my shirt and shorts off and then we both pull our underwear off at the same time.

Chuck was a super skinny guy. I had a more athletic build. He had a nice dark bush. I didn't have much hair around my dick and it was light brown. Both our circumcised cocks were about the same size. Funny but I was more concerned about my lack of pubic hair than dick size.

Chuck reached over and grabbed my cock. It was like an electical shock. I grabbed his and we both started stroking. I came in just a few seconds with my jizz spurting halfway across the room. Chuck came in the next minute. Ah, youth.

We collapsed to the floor. After a few minutes, Chuck said let's do it again. It took a little longer this time and we explored each other's genitals more. I held his balls which seemed to disappear inside of him before he shot his second load. We rubbed our cocks together and came that way, me first again then him.

We now seemed so comfortable being naked with each other and with what we had just done. I didn't feel the least bit insecure anymore. I said we should clean up and he said let's take a shower. We washed each other and that was fun.

School started the next week and my grandfather who lived with us came back from staying with my cousins so I was never home alone and there wasn't an opportunity to do it again with Chuck. We never mentioned it and during the school year, Chuck started dating this girl from another school and sort of just left the group. After graduation, I left for college and Chuck moved down south. We never saw each other again.

That is until our 40th reunion this summer. There was an informal gathering on Friday night at a local pub. Chuck who still lived down south had lost his hair and had put on quite a bit of weight. He was on his fourth wife. I wouldn't have recognized him had it not been for the name tags. I, on the other hand, became a bit of a fitness freak and was only ten pounds heavier than my high school weight but was quite cut for a 58 year old man. For such a late bloomer physically, I am covered with chest hair and a thick goatee and big muscles.

At the end of the evening, Chuck brought up that afternoon at my house. I said it made me feel more like a man and was good for my self confidence. He asked me if I had done it with any of the the other guys. I said, no, did you? He rattled off a list of guys from high school that he did it with, none of whom were there. I was shocked at just how prevalent mutual masturbation was when we were kids. Most of the boys had been Boy Scouts and that is where they learned it. I was never a Boy Scout and regret it now.

Chuck asked if I regretted doing it with him and I said never. In fact, I was so grateful to him for showing me how.

Then he said, 'How about we do it again?' I couldn't believe it was happening and I just said yes. Chuck had gotten a hotel room and we went back to it. We got naked. He was thrilled with my chest hair. He had none and I big belly. It didn't matter to me. His dick looked just as good as it did 40 years ago. We laid down on the bed and started stroking each other's hard cocks. Then, he did something I never dreamed of. He kissed me. It was so passionate I could feel my whole body flush. It didn't take long for us to blow our loads on each other. Chuck licked the cum off my chest and sucked my nipples. He then put his index finger in my hole and I gasped. It didn't take long for me to get hard again. I said you must have had more experience over the years and he laughed and said he'd show me everthing he learned. I was exhausted by the time I got home. Can't wait for the next reunion.



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