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The girl next door-ten years later


She called me at 6:30 asking me to go out for dinner, we'd be taken out by her Mother's best friend and her boyfriend. It was Sara's last night and I thought I could feel a sweet tension in the air. But only a moment before I had promised to watch my sister's kids for few hours. So there it was. 'Sar, I am afraid I can't make it for dinner. But can I come over and see you after?' 'Of course. Just come on in.' 'Alright.'
The kids were asleep and I was waiting at the door with my shoes on when my sis got home. 'Somebody's in a rush.' 'Gotta run I'll talk to you tomorrow.' 'Don't you want to get paid?' 'I'll pick it up tomorrow.' I jumped in my parent's car and raced across town to the address I had scrawled on the piece of paper. I stepped up to the door and was about ring when Suzie opened up and smiled at me. 'You're late!' 'I know I'm sorry, my sister's dinner party went a little longer than I thought.' Sara had been watching t.v.. So we sat on the couch and watched the end of a Cheers rerun.
Sara had moved onto my street in Flint when I was six and she was seven. She moved into my best friend's house and she sort of inherited the role. Sara was a beautiful little girl. As the years passed we became more and more aware of the fact that she was a girl and I was boy. By the time she was in grade six every guy was asking her to 'go around'. So one day she came to me and said either we start going around or I am going to start going around with one of the guys in my class. What could I do? We started going around. On my twelfth birthday Suzie gave me a kiss. It was the first romantic kiss of my life.
Cheers ended and David Letterman came on. We sat beside each other counting the minutes knowing that she would return to Boston the next day. I kept looking at her, she was so beautiful. The narrow deep green eyes, and a beautiful set of teeth smiling out from a wide mouth. It was a very hot night and she was wearing a pink tank top with a string straps. I could just make out the outline of her nipples standing out on her beautiful young breasts. They stood out on her trim frame.
I had seen Sara naked once. I had come over to play with her and her mom told me she would be ready in a moment. I stood waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Seconds later, Sara leaped, naked, and spread eagled across the landing. In my memory it was slow motion. Like a grand jetez, her beautiful long tanned legs, swollen pre-teen nipples and hairless mound passed before my eyes. I did not know what to do or what to think. We both pretended it did not happen.
Just looking at Sara my heart began to pound and my cock began to get hard in my jeans. I was nervous as hell but I knew she was leaving tomorrow, and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to be with Sara before we went off to college. I reached my hand over and put it on Sara's leg. She turned and looked straight into my eyes. Directly. A slight smirk at the edge of her mouth. I leaned forward and kissed her mouth. Her lips were soft! A moment later our tongues met and frolicked in and out of each other's mouths. Soft sounds coming from both of us. After a few minutes of tongue teasing I reached my hand up and touched her breast. It was firm and soft. I found her nipple which seemed pretty hard. I gave a little pinch and she let out a little moan. My cock was positively straining to get out of my pants.
I moved my hand down to her waist and moved it up her shirt to her bra which was not too tight, so I could slide it up and fondle her beautiful warm, breast. She began to moan a little more. I could barely contain myself. Sara laid back on the couch and I lay on top of her letting my hard cock come in contact with her pussy. I could feel the warmth of us both through our jeans.
I pulled Sara's shirt up and looked at her breast. She had pink raspberry nipples which had a small areola, and an amazing tan line. I licked her nipple and she gasped. I then took her nipple into my mouth and began to suck it. She began to gently rock her pussy into my cock. Oh my God!
Sara pulled her shirt off and reached around and undid her bra. She then reached up and pulled my shirt off. I lay back on top of her. The warmth! Our bodies felt so good together.
I began to suck her other nipple and ran my hand down her tanned stomach, then over her belt to her pussy. Her jeans were very warm and getting damp. I could only imagine what was inside. She began to moan softly and rock into my hand. She reached down and grabbed my cock on the outside of my pants! I thought I would pass out.
I reached down and undid her belt, button and zipper. I looked into Sara's eyes and she nodded with a little smile. So beautiful. I reached in and felt her mound, and lips over her soaking underwear for a moment. She began to thrust against my hand. I then slid my hand under the elastic on her panties and moved down her soft abdomen to her curly tuft of hair and then touched the top of her lips. Her lips were slick with her juices. My hand slid easily up and down her lips. She arched her back, and began to pant. I slid my fingers down and found her opening and my finger easily slipped inside of her. 'Yes.' She said.
She then reached down and undid my belt, my button and my zipper. She slid her hand directly into my boxers and grasped my cock. I remember she said 'It's so hot and dry.' I could barely contain myself. She began to slowly move her hands up and down.
She then stopped abruptly, sat up and slid her jeans down to her ankles. Revealing the dark wet mound peaking out of her panties. We continued stroking each other, now my focus was on her clit as she spread her long tanned legs wide. It was much easier to fondle her with her jeans off. One of her hands was squeezing one of her nipples and the other up and down my cock.
Then I reached down and slid off her panties. Around her tight ass, down her long thighs and off her feet. There was her gorgeous light brown mound. She had a sweet tan line. She then reached for my cock, and moved her hand up and down and spread her legs and showed me her beautiful pink lips, that I hadn't seen since I was eleven.
I kissed her mouth, took and second to suckle each nipple and then moved down her pussy where I licked her from hooded meeting of her lips to the rounded tight flesh at the bottom of her opening and the top of her anus. She reached down and pushed my face into her pussy. I had done this only once before and her juices tasted very sweet.
I moved my eager tongue back up to her clit and moved two of my fingers into her opening wrapping them up behind her clit, as a friend had recommended I try sometime.
Sara began to pant loudly, I thought we were going to wake her mother's friend. She grabbed a throw pillow and put the corner in her mouth. And continued to push my face into her rocking pussy with my fingers massaging inside her. Her hips began to move faster and faster until her hold body was racked with tension and she whimpered into the pillow and a tiny gush of liquid coated my fingers.
I wanted to keep licking her but she pulled me up and kissed me licking her own juices off my lips, nose and chin. And held me very tightly. We looked into each other's eyes and smiled.
She then reached for my cock and began to guide it into her pussy. But I stopped her. For two reasons, one, she was on the pill but we didn't have a condom. Two, I had recently lost my virginity which I had saved 'forever!', on a one night stand with an older girl from the local university. Brought up Catholic, I had been racked with guilt for days and days. I was dying to slide my cock into her amazing pussy, but I was afraid that I would feel the same way I had about the other time. More about the guilt some other time. Oh, if only I could have reversed the two experiences. What a shame. I explained what had happened. She smiled and said she had had an amazing time. We held each other for while and then got dressed. We kissed good bye. And I drove down the street, stopped the car, pulled out my still hard cock, and stroked myself once or twice before coming all over my myself. I cleaned up and drove home. What a great friend.



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