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Resturant And Beyond

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I am 20 now but I was about 12 at the time of this story. It was my birthday (12th) and my mom took me and two of my freinds out to eat at a local Pizza Resturant.
It was a normal evening until just after we ordered. I remember I had to pee, so I walked off to the bathroom. It was a small resturant, and it only had a one toilet bathroom. That wasnt a problem untill my freind Kate decided she needed to wash her hands at the ame time I was using the bathroom.
Being girls, this wouldnt have seemed to be a problem, so I remembered I just pulled down my pants and started to pee. As Katie washed her hands I couldnt help but notice that she was staring at my pee hole and my privates.
I asked what she was looking at, but instead of answering she asked me a question.
'Do you ever rub you flower?' At first I didnt know what she meant by flower. But she explained it to me. I was honestly a little grossed out. but she told me it was a good feeling.
I was about done peeing (all this was happening fast) so she decidedto show me what she was talking about. she pulled down her pants and I got a look at her. SHe wasnt much more developed. Neither of us had pubic hair, and both of us were just starting to get bigger breasts.
She put her palm on her pussy and pressed down and rubbed it. I mimicked her, unsure at first. It did nothing for a minute, but after a while It began to tingle and feel better and better. My freind was doing the same, while standing.
We realized we were taking a long time, so we decided to go eat, and stopped short. When we got to our table the pizza was there. We ate quickly, and sat and played the arcade game next to our table for a while. Eventually I had to use the bathroom to go 'number 2' as I called it at the time, so I went in and shutthe door.
I was just taking my pants down, when Katie knocked and came in. She wanted to finish what we were doing before, but I had to poo and didnt want to.
What happened next was almost rape, but I liked it so it wasnt really. I was on the toilet when she just lost her pants and sat on my lap facing me! she rubbed her pussy on my belly (I was wearing a short shirt that hiked up when I sat down) and went faster and faster. Her butt was rubbing my parts at the same time.
It wasnt very pleasent because of all the smells I was making, but eventually she came, and then masterbated me to my first orgasm.
Afterward I just got up and cleaned my behind and everything, and we left happily. We had many more similar experiences, maybe I'll tell you about them sometime.



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