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Restocking Was a Real Pleasure!

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Who would have thought restocking could be so fun!


I began working at age 15, at a local hamburger place. The place was really popular with the kids in town. It was primarily run at night by mostly kids ages 15 to 17. We worked after school and weekends. This particular place was always hopping with activity.

Our town didn't have much to offer high school age kids as far as activities for fun and the main attraction was to cruise town and being located in the area down town as well, the kids would cruise the parking lot or park and congregate outside sitting on cars (or our friends car if we were not fortunate to have our own)

There were easily a couple hundred kids each Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, hanging out at the burger place or in the down town area. I just happened to be lucky enough to work in the most happening place to be at that time.

I became very educated sexually during my years 'hanging' out in this environment. But my first experiences began just after I began working at the burger place. These experiences caught me quiet by surprise at first but I found rather quickly that these were pleasant surprises!

I had been out with boys a few times already and knew how quickly things could heat up when left alone together. I had made out (kissing and mostly petting) with 3 or 4 already up to that time, just getting my feet wet so to speak. I lost my virginity a few weeks before I began work, but it had been with one boy that I was going steady with, yet had been nothing spectacular.

I worked the drive thru window or the front counter. A boy (Jeff) that I went to school with since kindergarten was a cook. Another boy (Don) who went to a different high school than I did began working there at about the same time as I did. He was a cook too. He was 15 too and Jeff had just turned 16. Jeff had always flirted with me and seemed to always have a crush on me as we grew up. Jeff was a bit overweight but was not too bad looking. I could always make him blush, and I got a kick out of that. He and I were fairly comfortable around one another since we had grown up together otherwise. He was quite a clown. He hid his crush for me behind the clown persona. However I could tell that he was quite taken with me because the blushing Jeff would pop up from time to time when he let his guard down.

Now Don was a different story. He always conducted himself in a serious no non sense fashion. He was really shy and for a bit I mistook his shyness to mean that he was not interested in me romantically. He was drop dead gorgeous though and I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. He was a football jock and at the age of 15 had an almost full beard. The other guys seemed to envy his good looks and build and his blue eyes were too much. Just looking into them I got flushed.

One day I ran out of something, though I cannot now recall what, and I was required to go to the building located outside behind the restaurant to retrieve additional stock. Dons older brother was 17 and worked with us too. He was the senior employee and he had earned the title of Assistant Manager. So he told Don to go with me and help because whatever it was that I would need some muscle to get what was needed since being a girl he felt it was a job that required some heavy lifting. So Don said ok, but from the look he got on his face one, would think he was being punished.

Out to the building we went. We located our stock and just as I started to walk out of the building I suddenly found Don directly behind me. Without hesitation he slipped his arms over me and pulled me tightly to him. Since he slipped up behind me I was caught off guard, and for the briefest moment wondered what was going on. I soon knew what was happening because he pressed his crotch into by backside, my ass in direct contact with his cock. He began to urgently rub himself against my ass, his lips now pressed into my neck, nibbling and sucking up to my ear where he then released his hot breath as he whispered into my ear how good my ass felt as he continued to rub against it.

His hands quickly found my breasts as he began to pinch at my nipples. They were rock hard and had gotten that way immediately from the rush I got when I felt his hard cock pressed into my ass. Needless to say he had little trouble feeling my nipples even though I was wearing a bra. With one hand still feeling my tits he brought his other hand underneath my uniform top to the top of my uniform slacks. He wasted little time before finding my clit with his fingers. He began to finger fuck me while using his thumb to brush across my swollen clit, his breathing was now coming in gasps so I knew he was about to cum. Less than a minute later he stiffened and I could tell he was cumming. He held my ass firmly against himself as he came.

Grinning down at me he grabbed a new and clean apron down from the shelf and covered the wet spot now showing. He said we need to get back and told me he would help me again any time.

So now this gets me back to Jeff. Don told him at some point, not sure if he saw the wet spot on him, or if he noticed we were gone longer than we needed to be or what but I found myself alone with Jeff a few weeks later and needless to say you can imagine what happened. I enjoyed this 'new' side of Jeff too.

So that is just a small bit of my sexual learning experiences. I will tell more of my other learning experiences another time perhaps......



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