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Rest Stop Fun

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I had been driving for hours and had been drinking coffee to keep myself awake. I had to piss, so I pulled into this rest stop about nine thirty in the morning. There was only one car in the parking lot other than mine. I had to piss bad, so I walk into the building and into the guys restroom. There are no dividers between the urinals and the first urinal is very close to the last sink. So, knowing my etiquette, I don't use that one. There is also a guy at the very last urinal. I choose the second urinal in, leaving two urinals between the guy on the end and me.

I take out my cock and start to piss. This guy at the last urinal starts to talk to me. Guys don't talk when they are taking a piss. He said something about the weather, and I said something back. Then I look over and notice that he is stroking his cock while he is looking at mine and then he made the comment, 'That's a nice one.'

I am 27 years old, straight and have never had anything like this happen before. There I am, standing in my shirt, tie, and suit coat, with my cock hanging out taking a piss. There is this guy in his 30's looking at me and stroking his hard cock!

Someone else comes in, so I finish, put my schlong back in my pants and go to the sink to wash my hands. All the time, I am watching this guy out the corner of my eye. I finish drying my hands and walk out. I wait in the lobby looking at the map until the other guy walks out. I then go back in and take out my cock again. He is still hard, stroking his dick.

His cock was a little bigger than mine. I am about seven inches hard and he must have been pushing seven and a half inches. He had a great swollen cock head, which was nice and full! I take out my cock at the urinal and he moves to the urinal right next to mine. I asked him if anyone else was in the restroom and he said not. I start to stroke my rapidly growing cock. He is standing beside me, stroking his huge fuck stick. He kept on trying to grab my dick, but I wouldn't let him touch it. He told me that I had a very nice dick and he wanted to see me cum. I start to stroke my dick until I am nice and hard.

I have never done anything like this before and am turned on by it. My dick is so hard watching him stroke his huge tool. My veins are starting to bulge out. I have not cum in four days and I know that I must have one hell of a wad built up. I unbutton my pants and pull them down a bit, to get my huge nuts out too. I am stroking my cock faster and my nuts are jumping at each stroke! It felt so good!

I knew I had to cum quick in case someone else came in to take a piss. I can feel my orgasm building, as I watch him stroke his big fat cock! His looked so good and I was so turned on! I was about to shoot my load and grabbed hold of his arm with my other hand. His arm was large and very firm. I could tell that he worked out. I started to cum and he watched me, as he continued to stroke his cock. I shot my huge load of cum all over the urinal! I shot five ropes worth. He was very impressed by how much I came and you could hear it go splat, as it hit the back of the urinal with great force!

I quickly tried to put my still hard cock back in my pants, in case someone came in to use the restroom. I crammed my cock in my suit pants the best I could, but could not get the zipper zipped. I buttoned my suit coat to hide my crotch area and washed my hands. On my way out I told him to have a nice day, walked to my car and drove down the road.

I will never forget my first jack off session with another guy and I won't forget his nice cock either. When I jack off I think of it!



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