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Response To in My Friend's Sisters Room

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I just read the story from June 9, 'In My Friend's Sisters Room'.


I read that story with great glee. Way back, when I was around 17, my younger cousin came to stay with us for a while. Her folks were doing this pre divorce game each night, and it was agreed my cousin would stay with us until school was out for the summer.

She stayed in my older sister's old room, and soon made it her own. I walked in one afternoon and quickly reaffirmed my notion that nobody was home. I thought of going to my room to jack off. On the way, I thought of my cousin and went into her room. Her windows faced the front, so I felt confident I could hear anyone coming.

I poked around her room, looking at school papers, some of her textbooks, and her closet full of clothes. Well, the obvious kicked in. I turned and saw her clothes hamper. Under a sweatshirt, I saw a pair of panties. I felt them in my hands, and they were nice. My cock was stirring in my pants.

I looked out the window again then ran to my room. I knew I had at least two hours before anyone came home. I changed into a pair of shorts, and went back to my cousin's room. I checked the window again, then grabbed the panties, and jumped on her bed while pulling my shorts off. It was my sister's old bed, and I remember snuggling up with her on some cold mornings when I was a little tyke.

I was softly rubbing the panties up and down my cock. That sure felt good. I formed a mental image of my cousin, and then of my sister back then on those winter mornings. Then I remembered what I had done a few times after my sister got out of bed.

I rolled over on my stomach, and pulled my cousin's pillow down under me. I smelled the pillow, then put her panties up to my face as I humped her pillow. There was a picture of her and her friend on the table next to the bed. The picture shows the two cuties at a school dance. She sure is sweet to look at and her friend is nice on the eyes, too. I spurted cum on her pillow. I hadn't humped a pillow in a few years and it was sweet. I'm remembering now that I recognized at that moment the different feeling I experienced when humping vs. using my hand.

I got on my knees, and my cock was still rock hard. Cum was still dripping from my cock and I let it drip on the pillow. I pressed the head of my cock against the puddle of cum, and smeared it all over. Then I flipped the pillow over, putting it back where it was. I put the panties back, too. The next day, I took a pair of panties from her hamper. I did my own laundry, so when I jacked off into her panties, I washed them with my clothes, then put them away. I also washed her pillow case a few times.



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