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Residuals from What I Want To Read Reply

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Writing a comment to Just Me, author of 'What I Want To Read,' gave me more that I expected.


A few nights ago I wrote a comment to Just Me, an avid SoloTouch reader who posted that she's seeking a certain kind of story. I wanted to let her know about the few stories I've submitted, and let her in, a bit, on the effect that writing her was having on me. By the time I was done posting I was definitely aroused, but it was late so I wanted to cum quickly, but I didn't want to dilute the power of my orgasm. In the glow of the monitor, flipping through the recent postings, I remembered a young woman's technique called 'Lovely Lipbalm,' using Burt's Bees on her lips and clit to help her orgasm.

I dashed to the bathroom to look for my pot of Burt's but couldn't find it. In one of the drawers, though, was a small bottle of tea tree oil. Knowing the tingle I feel using a tea tree soap, my heart quickened at the thought of using the concentrated oil on my cock.

I sat back in my chair, my legs spread slightly, my relaxing erection arcing down between my thighs. Diving back into the submissions, and anticipating using the oil, my cock responded immediately, bouncing in time with each heartbeat, blood pouring back into my shaft, lengthening and solidifying it. I resisted touching myself, purposely ignoring my cock, letting it bob and beg for attention. When I felt a drop of precum run down the underside, I looked down. My swollen glans were a dusky purple in the cool blue glow of the computer screen. I caught the bead of precum with the tip of my finger and glazed my cockhead with it, giving it a sheen. I ran my fingertip along the underside of my cock from the base, forcing another dollop of gland essence out. I felt it glide down and around the side of my shaft while I applied a couple of drops of tea tree oil on my fingertips.

Tea tree oil isn't particularly viscous, so I mixed it with my precum, slathering the blend on my corona and along the shaft. I soon felt the essence's camphorous effects. There was cool burning on my cock. I drew some the tea tree/precum mixture down onto my scrotum, the oil's astringency making the skin tingle and tighten. I continued stroking, lightly, delicately intensifying the oil's effect. I moved my fingertips minimally at the base of my cock, letting the cool air activate the aromatic oil, electrifying the swollen violet head of my cock. As my eyes gulped the words of the story onscreen, I could feel that familiar churning deep within. I felt my shaft thicken in my hand. I leaned back, lifting my hips off the seat. With the final strokes, I could see my glans distend. Soon, molten white semen erupted, the first shots splattering across my abdomen and left hip, the final pulses flowing out and gliding down my unwinding penis. I caught my breath, wiped up, and poured myself into bed.

The rising sun streamed through the windows the next morning, stirring me. Like most guys, I had a morning erection. Since I didn't fully clean up the night before, I still had some tea tree oil on me. Wrapped in blankets, my perspiration reactivated the residual extract on the tightening skin on my cock, reigniting that burning cool, turning my morning wood into steel. I rolled over on my side, sliding my hand under my wife's nightshirt and purposefully cupping her right breast in my left hand, feeling her nipple harden and rise, pressing itself into my palm. I burrowed my cock into the pillowy cheek of her ass, my erection responding to its confinement by throbbing and jolting involuntarily against her soft, inviting body.

Before I could make a move, she slipped out of bed and began her morning routine. Knowing I couldn't divert her back to bed, I rolled on my back, throwing left forearm over my eyes while wrapping my right hand around my cock. I was astonished at how aroused I was. It was not six hours earlier I had a magnificent orgasm, and here I was, my hand stroking my craving cock insistently. The thick vein that runs along the side of my cock was forced to the surface by my erection's pulsing unrelenting hardness; with each pass of my hand I could feel it yield beneath the pad of my thumb.

My head flooded with images to aid me. I thought of Just Me's original post, describing herself sitting in bed with her laptop, her pink nipples hardening, her breasts flushing as the finger dancing on her tumescent clit in the furrow of her flooded, swollen lips urges her to orgasm.

I pulled the sheets over my head. The faint scent of my wife's heavy, heady femininity hung in the air within the sheets. I imagined her body, her scent, her taste, the feeling of her nipples hardening on my tongue, the look of her breasts with their puckered areolae capped with distended, vermillion berries of her nipples. I imagined running my hand up her thigh, through the thick thatch of her pubic garden to the smooth rolling plain of her abdomen, only to turn around and follow over mound, feeling her radiating heat, the mugginess between her legs, the treacly wetness between her lips.

My leg muscles tensed, thrusting my hips upward. I was stroking my cock passionately, using a mix of precum, sweat and essence of tea tree oil to barrel me toward an orgasm. I changed my approach, steadying my hand, rolling my hips up and down, pistoning my cock between my wrapped fingers. Electric charges came from every end of my body and settling deep within the base of my cock. My cock quivered and spasmed as my orgasm spiraled out through my body. As my second cum in six hours, my semen was far from plentiful, but my orgasm was deeply satisfying. I released my waning cock, bringing my hand to rest on my belly as I sank back into the mattress.

A few minutes later, my wife started the shower. Time to face the day.



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