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Reservoir Mutual

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Back in my mid-twenties, before I was married, I worked a series of jobs that allowed me plenty of time during weekdays to do the things I really enjoyed. One summer, nearly every free day I went mountain biking in a State park near my home that had a series of trails deep into the woods and basically circled a large, sprawling resevoir. On hot, humid days I always ended my rides by finding a secluded spot (there were many!) stripping down, laying out and taking a cool dip before heading home. Of course, prior to my swim I would almost always take a quick look around, grab some sunscreen that I kept in my fanny pack, lube up my dick and masturbate.

The park is in a college town, and had plenty of visitors, everyone from hikers, to fellow mountain bikers to college girls tanning themselves on the sandy shores of the lake. When I would strip down to do a quick jerk-off and take my swim I was always aware that someone could stroll down the path to my spot and catch me. That was part of the fun!

One day, as I was finishing up my ride, I met a college girl hiking at the fork in the trail that led to my favorite spot. This was only a few hundred yards from the parking lot, so it wasn't deep into the woods. We struck up a conversation about the weather (hot and humid) and good places to sneak a swim, which, by the way, wasn't allowed anywhere in the resevoir. Whenever I would meet someone on the trail, especially young ladies, I was always overly-courteous and friendly and did my best not to make them uncomfortable or nervous. Most often, I would quickly say 'Have a great day?' and ride off. This young lady, Cathy, engaged me in conversation and was all for taking a swim and 'begged' me to show her my favorite spot, so off we went.

We got to my deserted beach, which was really just a patch of clay down a little hill to the shore. Cathy had a purple-yellow two-piece on under her tank-top and cut-offs. I just had my spandex biking shorts and a tee. I took my shirt off, and she was in her bikini and we laid out for a good half-hour talking about everything. Of course, my mind was racing as I stared at her breasts, belly and legs. She was a very compact girl, well-proportioned and definitely cute.

Finally, as we baked in the sun, she proposed we take a dip. The water was dark, and still cold, and she said 'You first!' I told her that I actually was just going to wade in. I told her I didn't have a suit, and would have to ride home in wet biking shorts otherwise. I added, naturally, that I usually just go skinny-dipping. Cathy giggled and said, 'Now that I'd like to see!' I couldn't tell if she was kidding or not, and so I stood up and said, 'Well, if you don't mind?!' I started to hitch the waist band, figuring she would protest that she was just kidding, but she just sat up, rested her chin on her hand and said, 'No, don't mind at all.'

So I stripped down my shorts, and kicked them off. My cock was semi-erect from our conversation, and bending slightly to the left, since it had been confined that way and I hadn't been able to adjust. Without any hesitation, I walked to the water and waded in. 'Nice buns' she called out. Of course, I was in pretty good shape, especially my legs and butt, but I can only imagine that my ass was white as a sheet, while the rest of me was tan. I took the plunge and swam around for a couple of minutes. Cathy, didn't even get up to go in, but watched me from the shore. As I got out, I was surprised that my cock had not shriveled, but had gotten a little harder and straighter! I rushed back to my shorts and sat down on them, next to her, and pulled my legs up, knees under chin, shivering. My cock protruded through my lower legs.

'I'm impressed!' Cathy said. Then, out of the blue she stated, 'You have a nice cock.' 'I do?' I answered. 'Yeah, it's nice and long' (I'm 6'1' and at the time was about 170 lbs, tall and lean, not very muscular. My dick is seven inches long). Then Cathy asked, 'If I asked you to do something, would you do it?' 'Sure, what is it?' I answered. 'Would you rub your cock until you cum?' Those were her exact words. It was almost ten years ago, but I remember that quote verbatim. I reached down and started touching myself between my pulled-up legs. 'I've always wanted to see a guy do that, it's like a fantasy of mine.' 'Sure, I guess so...but could you give me a little incentive?' I asked. 'What do you mean?' Cathy asked. I said, 'Would you take off your suit so I can see you naked?' 'Sure, I guess so.' Cathy answered. Then we got all serious and set some ground rules. She was in her bikini, I was nude with an erection. We both stood up. Cathy said, let's go up there on the trail (she pointed back the way we'd come in). We needed to get into the woods a little and be able to see if anyone came along. Then she added, 'Ok, no contact, right?' 'Absolutely' I answered, 'just looking, no touching either way.'

Cathy and I left our stuff and walked up to the path. I took a seat on a fallen tree and made myself comfortable. I asked Cathy to show me her boobs, which she did. They were nice, small, but perky. I asked her to turn around and show me her ass. She did this too. It was a little large, but round and cute. I started stroking slowly as I looked at her naked. Without words, Cathy sat down on a mossy patch, pulled down her bikini bottoms, but left them hitched around her left ankle. Again without words, she started rubbing her pubic hair and her pussy. We sat there silent, watching each other masturbate. I was in heaven as this was my first mutual masturbation session ever!

The only thing I remember saying was, 'I feel like I'm posing for an art class' as I was sprawled out on the log, naked and stroking my cock. 'That's a picture I'd paint' she said. Cathy had worked up a rhythm of three to four strokes on her clit, and one plunge into her pussy. After a while she announced, 'I'm going to cum now'. She laid her head back, closed her eyes and within about a minute had exploded quietly in orgasm. I was still 'edging' myself, I had wanted to save my orgasm for her to watch. When she was finished, she got up, pulled up her bikini bottoms and hitched her top. I stood too, and asked her, 'Are you ready to watch me cum?' 'Sure, go for it'. I stood up straight, knees locked, muscles tensed and announcd, 'Here it comes.' I pumped away in my favorite technique, with my right hand forefinger and thumb stroking near the tip of the shaft. In this method, it took only a couple of pumps and I came like a river all over the dirt and leaves on the ground. Spurt after spurt came out. I never really grunt or groan, just breathe heavily. I finished up and Cathy said, 'Good job' as I caught my breath.

We dressed and parted ways. I never did see Cathy again, nor have had an experience like this one. I've jerked off many times since, however, thinking of this great mutual masturbation session.



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