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Repulsed, yet so Turned On

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The Upside? Sometimes I get away from work early. The Downside? That means I get the local 'school special' train, known around here as the Hogwarts Express. It is always packed and noisy as all hell, but interestingly, is usually segregated into groups of boys, groups of girls, and in the first class carriages, the private school kids. As I have a first class ticket that is where I was.

Now, I have no problem with teenagers being sexual. I remember how horny I was from about 13. However, sitting opposite me were two girls. They were, er, making out. And going a lot further. I am quite convinced they were doing it for shock value and equally convinced that the older looking girl made the younger one cum at least once, and I suspect twice. To be honest, I was really repulsed by such an overt display. It wasnt erotic or raunchy, it just looked tacky and seedy and, since there were adults scattered around the carriage, well, you hear about girls getting followed home and raped, right?

So, there I was feeling really uncomfortable watching what these two were up to. Hands up shirts, between legs, up skirts, and into tights and knickers. Eventually, they reached the stop most of them use and the carriage emptied. I was left on my own. You know, I actually felt a little sick and decided to move near the window to take my mind off it by looking at the heartachingly beautiful countryside. As soon as I moved I felt it. That feeling of being wet, REALLY wet. I had no arousal feelings whatsoever watching them but there was no denying how wet my own knickers were. I moved to the seat near the window and flopped down in it and that made it worse. Not only was I sure I was soaked, but I could also smell myself.

I reached up my skirt and felt the slickness that had seeped through not only my knickers, but my tights too. I felt so mixed up. How could that awful display have done this, especially without my noticing at the time? But, as soon as my hand brushed between my legs, it was like throwing one of those big mains switches. (Remember the scene in Jurassic Park? well, like that!) Suddenly I was full of erotic images of those two girls. How old WERE they? When did they start doing this? Was it just teenage fumbling around or were they more experienced? Suddenly, into my mind popped the image of them getting home and one of them pulling the other girl's knickers to one side and pushing a finger deep up her. That was all I needed. After my hypocritical disgust, suddenly and most savagely, I was cumming hard in my own knickers. Flash after flash of erotic imagery tore through me, each bringing another wave of orgasm. The girls fingering each other, the girls going down on each other, and finally, (for some weird reason, since I have never thought about this before) the girls peeing on each other.

I actually felt myself squirt into my knickers. I so rarely have squirting orgasms, but when I do the flood knows no end. Thank God the ticket guy didn't come along at that point. My skirt was up around my waist, my hand hadn't even got into my own knickers, but I had cum three times and could feel my inner thighs as the wetness soaked down my tights all the way to my boots.

I straightened myself up and felt my skirt behind me. Naturally, there was a large wet stain there, but fortunately my coat would cover it.

I walked from the train to my car unsteadily. For a while I just sat there. I really do not know why I got so turned on. I really WAS repulsed by what they were doing. I have nothing against lesbian sex, hell, I have experiemented with it myself and from time to time I like another girl myself. I really was horrified, at the tackiness of what they did and the fact that they only did it to shock people. I really was not conscious of being turned on in any way. Yet, the physical proof cannot be denied.

Even writing this down has made me think of them again and made me want to masturbate.



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