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Reply To Stephanie

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I had to reply with what happened after reading this great story because it was kind of hot and still makes me wet and my fingers busy..


I was so inspired by Stephanie's 'Coming by Car' published on Aug 12th that I had to write down and send in what happened when I read it. I'm on a diving vacation with Steve in the Caribbean and that day I read it I was at an internet café having a cafe latte while checking e-mail and reading Solo Touch. It is a very nice place with semi-secluded work stations and it was a quiet afternoon.

I read Stephanie's story and my pussy started to pump juice right away. I looked down at my top to see my already erect nipples. I looked around to see who was around. There was only a cute young guy pre-occupied with busily typing on the other side of the barrier, so I decided I could chance a bit of excitement. I unsnapped the top of my shorts and slipped my left hand down into my wet pussy. As I shot two fingers into my vagina, I felt a jolt of preliminary orgasmic joy. Thank you Stephanie, you tell such a hot story, even to another horny girl!! I had needed this cum all morning after we had risen so early! I couldn't wait to ease my damp shorts down a bit more to spread my legs further apart and start to frig with abandon!!

Suddenly my rental mobile phone rang!! Steve and I had rented two of them to stay in touch when we were doing different things. He had been off on a hiking tour and had split away from the group to give me a call. Sweet but very irritating!! I told him where I was, that I had been on the Solo Touch website. I read Stephanie's letter to him. Then I told him that I had been a keen, horny little masturbator and was planning on getting off in the cyber café. I told him that I had undone my shorts, had nothing on underneath and was rubbing my wet pussy with idle abandon, as we spoke.

He said that this had made him hard and to keep talking because he had taken out his cock and was jerking off as we talked. I cradled the phone in my ear and went back to reading parts of the story and then said how it made me feel and what my fingers were doing about it. Like Stephanie, I had only pulled down my shorts a little bit but had my legs apart and my fingers rubbing both my labia, circling my clit and darting in and out of my sopping vagina as much as I could. That I could hear Steve groaning and gasping, only made me want to be more vocal!

I elevated the bottom of my shirt to rub my nipples as I did. It was a real struggle to keep quiet but after a while I could keep up a steady pace of frigging my clit with two fingers on either side of it. I reported this to Steve along with how wet I was. I told him how I had imagined it was his cock inside me. I told him how tight my vaginal muscles were clenching my fingers as if it was him pumping inside me, ready to explode. Soon I told him I was about to cum for real and that I couldn't hold myself any longer. I could hear him groan and gasp louder 'I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming!' as he orgasmed, telling me how great it was how his cock jerked with every spurt and how good it felt. I put the phone down for a second, re-reading about Stephanie's orgasm in the car and I had a fabulous leg shaking, groaning one myself. Again thank you, thank you Stephanie..I told Steve how I'd really gotten off..

After a minute of idyll pleasure with my fingers still lingering between my soaked labia, I pulled myself together, told Steve where I'd meet him later and logged off the computer.

I was just packing up when I heard a slapping and grunting sound from the other side of the barrier. It was my cyber mate jerking off! Can't say I could blame him. He sounded pretty close to coming so I stood up and smiled at the slick and engorged cock that he had out of his pants that he was pumping furiously. I walked beside him and flashed and fingered a wet pussy for him. He groaned and grimaced and then just spurted a rope of white cum out of his cock!! Cool .. I love to see guys cum, particularly if I'm the cause!! More girls should ask for the privilege ...

Thanks again Stephanie xx. I think I can say we (all) really enjoyed your letter!! In fact, I think I'll finish this frig right now with both hands, a new vibe and a really loud cum...See what you set off, girl? Maybe we can hear how someone else reacted to your story or even this one? - c'mon girls, you too!



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