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I have been reading your stories for some time, and I managed to get the courage to add mine to the never ending list.


You see, I was 14, a budding teenager and I had been masturbating to Solo Touch for some time. I found myself reading more and more about the brother and sister articles, having a brother of my own who was three years older than me. And I just happened to get curious.

I had wanted to see what a real cock looked like, I wanted to see for myself how big they could get and what they looked like, and I felt myself looking at my brother in odd ways. I felt wrong for picturing him with no clothes, as I grew up in a Catholic household, so I was very confused about what to do. I knew incest was a sin, and I knew that I should never do anything with him.

But in the middle of nights, when my brother has his girlfriend over, you could hear her moaning and the sqeaking of the springs in the bed, and it would make me incredibly horny at night. At that point in time, I was masturbating more than once a day, every day. It was plain curiousity that drove me. I became an addict. I would end up feeling my nipples harden I would soon start squirming thinking about my brother and his cock. I would gently massage my boobs and caress my nipples, each touch like a shock to my lower area, and when I could handle it no more, I would reach down and start rubbing my clit in circles, speeding up and slowing down. I would even try penetrating, adding more and more pressure to my g-spot.

But it wasn't until my room was being remade that anything happened. Our house was getting renovations and I couldn't sleep in my room anymore. It was at that point in time that my brother said that I could sleep in the other bed in his room. I gladly agreed, claiming I always slept best in the basement. I would be sleeping down there for a week, and I was hoping that something would happen.

The first night, I wore a nightgown, with no underwear on, my ideal costume to wear if I knew that I was going to finger myself. I became so aroused that night just thinking that my brother had slept in this bed before and I even imagined him and his girlfriend having sex with it. I rolled over uncomfortably to see if my brother was sleeping so that I could finger myself appropriately. There in the bed across the room was my brother staring at me. He didn't know I was awake, but his eyes were trailing on my exposed thighs because my nightgown had ridden up. But it wasn't that that sent me over the edge. It was seeing the tent like formation of his erection under the blankets.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw it, and I slowly got out of my bed and walked towards him. I saw how he purposefully rolled over, tried to hide his growing appendage, and pretend to be asleep but I knew the better of it. I climbed onto his bed beside him, my night gown ridden up, it didn't cover anything, and I saw his eyes flicker to the patch of hair.

'Jenn, this ain't right,' he said. I smiled timidly at him and then I did something that I thought I never would be able to do. I pulled off my whole entire nightgown, exposing my naked self to my brother. He stared at me and turned and smiled weakly too.

'Can I see it?' I had actually asked him that. I had actually asked my brother if I could see his cock, and he just sat up, pulled the sheets away and there it was. My first time ever seeing one. My memory claims it was large, but at that point in time I didn't have much experience in knowing what was large or not. I remember seeing it slowly swell and his big hairy balls joining in.

I couldn't stop myself. I ended up reaching out for it and then started giving him a hand job. He seemed surprised at first, and then he kind of laughed at my inexperience, but I saw that he enjoyed it. As I briskly moved my hands along it, I climbed onto his lap and I heard him start to moan lightly. When his breathing started to quicken, it reminded me just how horny I was myself. My pussy was dripping wet, and I was quivering slightly. I started jacking him faster and faster, meanwhile the desire for myself was growing and growing.

It was then that his hands came forward and he started fingering me expertly. It was amazing, I had never felt anything like it before. It was something that amazed me certainly. He rubbed my clit too rubbing in time with my own motions for his. It was then that he closed his eyes and froze for a moment and a large load of cum from him shot through the air, landing on my breasts. And it was then that I also cummed onto his fingers when I reached my orgasm. We both fell apart from each other exhausted.

I have never told anyone about this little adventure. The other nights weren't as exciting with little adventures hear and there. Maybe you will hear about them some other time.



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