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After reading the sister/brother contributions I thought I would share a fantasy I made up years ago and still masturbate to wishing I had a brother when I was growing up.



Even though I'm happily married to the world's best lover, sometimes when I am in a super horny mood and hubby isn't available I flash back to the fantasy of when I was about 18 and wished I had a 16 year old brother to catch masturbating.

The fantasy............

Late one night I was walking down the hall on the way to the shower with nothing on but a towel and as I passed my very shy brother's room I witnessed an unexpected and arousing show. I thought to myself, maybe he had it planned but I later found he hadn't. His door was not fully closed and I noticed he was nude looking at himself in the mirror and stroking away.

I had seen him partially nude several times as we were growing up but never after he had developed and certainly not with a hardon. I knew he probably masturbated, as all boys his age did, but had not caught him at it nor had we ever discussed it.

In only a few seconds of watching him stroke his cut quite large dick my pussy began to get that feeling. Fortunately he didn't see me as I quietly opened the door. By now he had his eyes closed and was very quietly moaning and enjoying himself. I tip toed quietly up beside him, gently touched his thigh with my hand and brushed his arm with a nipple and sexily asked, 'Need some help with that Bro? I know how good that feels. Slow down and I'll join you?'

Talk about being caught in the act! He jumped back and tried to cover up but he knew I had already seen what he had been doing. When he turned loose of it his dick bounced up and down and throbbed like he was ready to let loose. I told him masturbating was perfectly normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. I said, 'I do it all the time and probably more than you do. Just watching you beat off has me turned on too so why don't I masturbate with you?'

He had never seen me totally naked and as I dropped my towel his eyed were wide as saucers. He didn't say a word. He just stared at my 36C tits and hard nipples and then looked down at my trimmed pussy. I sat on the bed, spread my legs and asked him to come closer. I put my hands on either side of my pussy and gently spread my lips and said, 'You've never seen it but I'll bet you were thinking about this weren't you?'

I could have knocked him over with a feather he was shaking so. I reached out and he shuddered as I gently caressed and squeezed his throbbing dick. I knew he was probably close to getting off so I was careful not to stroke it.

I said, 'It's OK to masturbate but since I doubt you have never done it with a female it's about time you learned girls masturbate too'. The shock of being caught was gradually beginning to wear off.

I told him girls have the same urge to masturbate as boys do and we have the same intense feeling when we climax, we just don't shoot off when we cum like you do. Just think of this as our little sex education session.

He finally caught his breath said, 'I can't believe you are sitting there naked and offering to masturbate with me'. I said, 'Why not? I have always thought about watching someone beat off while I masturbated and envisioned climaxing while I was seeing cum shoot off'.

I said, 'You seemed to be getting close when I walked in so watch me for a few seconds. Bend down and suck one of my nipples while I can catch up with you'.

I continued to hold his dick so he couldn't stroke so we could try to cum together.

By now my clit was protruding out of it's hood and ready to be touched. I asked him if he knew how girls masturbated. He said he had wondered about it but wasn't sure. I pointed to my clit and told him it was what gave us a climax as rubbing his dick did it for him. I slowly began to massage my clit as he watched. He was shaking with excitement and I knew this wouldn't last long for him. I finally told him I was getting close and said, 'Go ahead and finish what you were doing when I walked in'.

He began beating off again and I followed by me letting him watch me finger fuck my pussy with one hand while continuing to rub my clit with the other. In no time he looked at me and said; 'I'm going to cum!' I said, 'Shoot it on me Bro, just not near my pussy'. I came as I watched his warm cum cover my tits and stomach. Wow, Could he cum!

After we finished I told him I could teach him much more, like what oral sex was all about but I finished with, 'This will probably be our first and only time to do this together. I'll let you tell me about how you learned the rest later and then we just may think about taking up where we left off'.

I fantasized about teaching him a lot more, but what we would have done wouldn't fit the Solo Touch rules so you'll have to use your vivid imagination, sorry!

--End of fantasy--

To this day I continue to enjoy watching cum shoot off, especially when giving my hubby a hand job or when we are side by side watching each other masturbate. Did I mention oral sex? Hmmmmm!!!

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