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Remembering My Youth

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Happened when I was 14.


Strangely, I remember this story like it was yesterday, it was such a prominent experience that it's stuck with me and as I like this site so much I felt the need to share it.

Like all normal 14 year olds I was fairly hormonal. I could be fine one minute and randy the next. And such a thing happened one weekend when I was home alone.

I was a quiet person, you wouldn't have believed what I got up to if you'd looked at me. The look of someone can be very deceptive, and from experiencing it personally, I can back that up.

I was quite short, had medium long brown hair and blue eyes. I was quite babyfaced, hence appearing innocent but I was as horny as the next person.

As I said I was home alone one weekend, I was sat on my laptop in the lounge on a random video chat room because I was bored, and a girl roughly my age was talking to me.

She was remotely attractive, and I figured because I'd never meet her or see her again I'd be somewhat saucy.

To my surprise, she played along. We ended up chatting about all sorts, but before long, she was teasing me. She ended up daring me to do something dirty on cam. Something I'd never done before, but by god by this point I was as horny as anything. My waistband could barely contain the erection.

I decided I would do something on cam, though I was dead nervous, my heart was beating at an olympic pace and I was slightly shaky, but I was too horny to care.

She sat there and watched patiently while I moved from the lounge to my bedroom with the laptop.

I dropped my trousers and underwear off camera. And then told her I was going to do it and proceeded to remove my t shirt.

At that point in my life as far as puberty was concened I hadn't had a huge amount. I had an average amount of pubic hair, but no leg or underarm hair, so as far as body hair was concerned I was smooth all over bar pubes and hair on my head. I wasn't very built either, had skinny arms and a very slightly built chest, but that was it.

I lowered the webcam to reveal my full body sprawled on the bed to her. She looked intrigued, must have not seen such before. And I couldn't contain myself any longer so I just went at it.

Furiously pounding at my rock hard cock, you'd never have guessed had you looked at me in the street, but I was an animal masturbator, my cock wasn't huge but not small either, and I was uncircumcised.

Before long orgasm was approaching me, I was groaning, sweating slightly and breathing heavily. My eyes were scrunched up in pure pleasure and then pure ecstacy, I blew my load like I never had before. Being an exhibitionist had really worked for me. I sprayed myself in sperm right the way up my torso, my cock felt purely amazing.

I opened my eyes to see the girl on camera laughing and smiling, she typed 'well that was a new experience for me, it was great'

That helped, I had nothing to be embarrassed about as such.

I did nothing of the sort afterwards, but my god it was amazing.

But let me tell you, next time you see an innocent looking teen in the street, they may not be how you expect them to be.

(Oh, and if any teens are reading this, make the most of being a teenager and seize the moment!)



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