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Remembering Connie

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A bit older now but still shooting homeruns each and every time.


Connie was beautiful with long black hair, an incredible figure and long tanned legs. Under her short stylish skirt she always wore tight pink nylon panties and though I never saw it, she had a thick growth of pubic hair between her slender legs. On weekend nights when I could get the family car, we parked in front of any house on a backstreet and like teenagers necked for hours until the car windows were all steamed up. Along with the necking came the slow and shy feeling up. More than anything I loved sliding my hand up Connie's long legs, sliding her skirt up, to cup my hand over her warm wet panty crotch while she leaned back against the passenger door on her side, her seat back, her legs parted.

She loved to get me so hot I was almost begging to masturbate her. She only let me rub her crotch through her panties for a long while. But once she got very hot, she would hold me really tight and hump against my hand. Then I'd slide a finger under the edge of her soaked panties and finger fuck her slowly in and out, as far as I could reach as she trembled and panted and clung to me. She could never get enough. I could feel her squirt with each tiny cum until her juices dripped off my wrist and she groaned with pleasure. Then I played with her clitoris, rubbing just the side until she squirmed, then I made a funnel of my fingertips to milk her stiff clit. I could tell how close she was to a really big cum by how tight she grasped my arm and how hard this beautiful young girl kissed back as she clung to me.

I liked to lightly rub her clit until it felt like a stiff little peter in my fingers, milking it right up to the point when she was holding her breath for that big cum. Then I would stop and not touch it. Her hips jerked feverishly wanting that final thrill, but I held back,

Then I'd do it again up to that point where she was rigid, and stop. All she could do was gasp and strain. She loved that kind of sexual teasing and always begged for more of it. Finally I did it a way that felt so good to her she HAD to cum. I lightly rubbed the underside of her stiff clit and it made her explode. She stiffled a scream of pleasure.

Her cum was so intense I shoved my fingers all the way up inside to feel her cunt opening and closing as she throbbed over and over for the longest time.

Then she would settle down and start getting hot again. I would bring her off with about four of these intense climaxes, then she would frantically push me back in the seat and go for my cock.

It was so hard it hurt. Connie would make me lay back while she leaned down to watch it. Wrapping her long fingers around my penis, she would lightly rub my erect staff until my cockhead almost squirted precum. It was slimy with my juices, then she did to me what I'd done to her. She used an index finger to rub just under the head, bringing me to a burning, teasing, throbbing climb to an incredibly good feeling climax, then stop and wait.

I jerked my hips frantically for more of her touch, but she only held the shaft and French kissed me very fast and hot. This always made me so excited my trembling legs would stiffen out with my toes curled, then at the most critical moment she let her warm hand jack me in the rhythm she knew I liked. The agony of pleasure was so intense I just bucked and shot off everywhere, usually six or seven strong throbbing jets of cum that squirted all over ourselves with her giggling gleefully while she whispered in my ear, 'Please touch me...I'm starting to almost cum again your jerking cock in my hand felt so good.'

Oh Connie, how many quarts of cum I have shot off recalling what you and I did in the front seat of that old car! You girls out there remember and I hope right now you are pressing that stiff little clitoris between your wonderful legs and enjoying what I would love to be doing for you there right now.



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