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I still jack-off remembering Connie


When I was 16 I met this very attractive girl named Connie. She didn't tell me then, I learned later that she was a year older than me. She was 17 and her father let her drive a large Lincoln family car on dates. At the time I had no car and Connie and I dated with her driving her dad's big car.

She was Catholic and really not much happened between us for a long time. But it usually ended up with us making out on some deserted street where we would not be disturbed.

Connie always liked for us to get into the back seat and we kissed and felt each other for a long time. The car always got very steamed up. Connie would let me feel of her all over outside her clothes but that was it. I would have this huge boner all night long and after we dated several times, Connie decided we could do some other things if I would let her control what we did.

I agreed of course, so once we both got very hot she would let me put my hand up her skirt and rub her panties where she was very wet and warm. My hand was always very wet after that and my cock ached it was so hard. Connie had me lay on my back angled across the seat and she climbed on top of me with her skirt pulled up so that her crotch was on top of my penis that was in my pants. Then she rode me while we kissed and tongued. I could tell that with my cock against her hot pussy it made her crazy because she would really get to gasping and sucking my tongue while she humped on me.

She would bring me right up to where I was starting to arch up against her pushing my hardon more between her soaked panties and when I was almost about to shoot off, Connie would sense that and stop moving and back off with her pussy for a minute.

I knew she was doing it on purpose until I cooled down. Then she was there again hot and juicy fucking me with her pussy until she would suddenly stop, stiffen up and shudder, gasping ungh...unghhh, unghhhaahhh with me feeling her throbbing against my bone.

Then she would grin and say, 'Now you.' And she would grind her cunt into me while grinning and watching me and when I gasped and went into a big throbbing cum, twisting and bucking between her legs, it would give her another strong cum that made her mouth drop open and she would really pump her ass as she came on me.

Afterward she made me unzip so she could put her hand into my pants and feel where I had come all over myself. She liked that a lot. I noticed her other hand went into her panties and she rubbed herself as she felt my come. After that we cleaned up with my hanky and she French kissed me and said how much she loved doing that with me. I wondered if her father ever smelled all of our come that got all over us in his back seat.



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