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Reluctant Wife (Part One)

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Until a couple of years ago I had never masturbated in front of my wife. She is very conservative in the bedroom, and seldom even touches my penis. We have sex three or four times a month, but it is usually about the same routine. We kiss while I play with her breasts, then start kissing them. She has very sensitive nipples, and becomes ready in a hurry. She doesn't usually let me play with her pussy, because she doesn't want to come until I am inside of her. I last quite a long time because there is really no foreplay for me. She usually has a couple of orgasms before I come.

Since we were both in our upper forties and our children were grown, we decided it was time for me to have a vasectomy. I was all for the idea since I was tired of using condoms for birth control. I made my appointment and had shaved myself about a month prior to the actual surgery. I told her that was recommended so I wouldn't have rash of any kind when it was time for surgery. I liked the look of being hairless just because it was different. The surgery went well with the expected amount of pain to follow.

My doctor had told me to bring in a sample after eight to ten ejaculations. I have always wanted to masturbate for my wife, but didn't know how to approach the subject. This was my chance. I told my wife that I needed to have twentynejaculations in the next month; then bring in a sample. I also told her I needed to ejaculate a week after the surgery. This was probably going to be painful, so it would need to be done manually. The stage was set.

On Saturday morning a week after my surgery, I told her I was ready to try things out. My wife told me she was sure I could take care of that myself, since intercourse was not in the plan. I said I could sure use some visual aid and some encouragement to help me out. She removed her pajama top and said, 'This is all you're going to get.' I took off my boxers and slowly started stroking my cock. I stoked very slowly, staying away from the head to prolong the inevitable. I feigned some pain so I wouldn't be encouraged to go any faster. She let me play with her tits, and even leaned over to let me suck on them. I probably took close to a half an hour before I could not hold back any longer. It had been almost 2 weeks since my last orgasm, so when I started to come, the spurts shot a good foot into the air. I know that's no big deal for you young guys, but for someone approaching fifty I was impressed. I think it was the first time my wife had actually seen someone ejaculate. She watched intently and went to get a washcloth for me to clean myself.

'I guess you'll be doing that on a regular basis for the next month if you need 20 of those,' she said as she left the room. I took that as a sign of approval to masturbate whenever I felt the need for the next month. I often watched as she showered and shaved her legs while playing with myself. At least a couple of times a week, she would ask if I was close to coming as she dried herself. She would tell me to shower and she would get her hair dried before we would go to the bedroom for a quicky doggie style. She was always very wet for those occasions, so I know she enjoyed watching me. Even after I took my sample in, I would occasionally masturbate for her while she was showering. Some times that would lead to sex, while other times she told me to just finish it myself. A couple of months later she told me to quit playing with myself, so I had to come up with another scheme. That will be part two.



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