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Reluctant Target

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My wife considers me a bit of a deviate for the simple reason that I happen to enjoy porn and she does not. When it comes to sex together, she's pretty conservative while I tend to try to push the envelope bit. My wife's sex drive is pretty minimal and since she only needs to be 'taken care of' quite infrequently, sex between us invariably consists of me getting jerked off by my indulging wife when the urge to get off comes over me. As good a technique as she employs in getting me off, our jack-off sessions tend to be pretty uniform in that I'm typically always lying flat on the bed, or lying flat on the couch, while my wife dutifully jerks me off using the usual lube and until I cum, at which point I'll typically shoot a couple of good bursts of cum onto my stomach, chest and balls. She's not one to want to get too messy herself so I'm the one who ends up getting splattered.
Last week, she was out for the day and I was left home with usually little to do and found myself watching a particularly nasty porno video which featured nothing but women giving men handjobs until they would shoot these huge loads on the women's faces. I could not believe the amount of cum that this particular group of guys were producing and I found myself totally turned on by this video which featured ready and willing babes literally getting hosed down by the guys they were jerking off.
After about two hours of watching and getting really turned on, while rubbing myself crazily - aching to get off myself, my wife suddenly came home prompting me to turn everything off and try to settle down a bit. There was no getting around the bulge in my pants that refused to go away which prompted my wife to say something like, 'I can see someone is excited, should I go get the Astroglide?' Needless to say, I said yes. For some reason, I sensed that she was in a good mood and might be receptive to some creative input from me as we got ready for this latest masturbation session. I asked her if she would indulge me in a little fantasy I had about standing up while being jerked off so that she could kneel in front of me while jerking me off. She looked a little puzzled and wanted to know why I wanted to do it this way. I said it was just something I had always wanted to try, just to mix things up a bit, and pleaded with her to just this once let me live out this little dream of mine. She agreed to humour me this one time and asked if there was anything else she could do to help me realize my fantasy. I said absolutely and asked that she take her top off and pay special attention to my balls and ass while jerking me off and try to keep her face as close and level to my cock as possible throughout. She complained a bit, sensing that things were going to get a little messy, while subjecting herself to what she considered to be a slightly degrading, male dominated fantasy - but ultimately agreed as she knew it'd make me really happy. As she got started, I couldn't help but sensing that she was kind of getting into it, probably because this was so different from the norm and represented something kind of 'dirty' and experimental, at least as far as we were concerned.
After about a good ten minutes or so of her playing with my cock and jerking me off (which really had me going and forced me to really focus hard on holding back and not giving in to cumming too quickly), she said her arm was beginning to hurt a bit and could she rest for a minute. I told her I'd take over on the jerking-off part if she would continue to play with my balls and stay put where she was on her knees on front of me. She was really getting into watching me play with my now raging hard cock and used one hand to rub my bouncing balls while sliding the other hand through my legs to squeeze my ass cheeks and finger my asshole a bit (much to my pleasant surprise!) I told her she was doing great and asked if she could massage by prostate a bit more as I was sensing that I wasn't going to be able to last much longer. She must have sensed that I was getting ready to cum because she herself starting breathing a little heavier and was doing a really nice job probing my anus with her wet finger and knuckles just before I told her that I couldn't help myself anymore and was about to cum. With that, she took her hands off of me and cupped her breasts gently and raised them up to my cock ever so slightly and looked intently and the head of my cock while biting her lip slightly, clearly expecting and awaiting what would happen next. What followed was definitely the most powerful orgasm I have experienced in recent memory. I could really feel the cum pulse forward from deep inside my balls and right up to the head of my cock as I began to shoot my load over my expectant, and very surprised, wife. The first three volleys of cum came out in these thick jets which hit my wife on the chin, neck, and breasts respectively. About three or four more decent bursts followed which deposited a good extra amount of cum in these criss-cross formations all over her chest and hard nipples. It was truly breathtaking - for me and for her! When it was over I could barely keep standing up while my cum dripped deliciously off of my wife's face and protruding breasts onto the floor and carpet. She was truly 'blown away' by what had happened and we both burst out into laughter by the sheer unexpectedness of what had happened. She was truly a sight to see and I had truly acted out one of my most desirable fantasies. Once we caught our breath, my wife plopped down on the couch and proceeded to masturbate herself to a powerful orgasm of her own as I watched and egged her on. It was such a turn on the see her in this wound up state, my huge load plastered all over herself, as she wantonly fingered herself to a powerful climax with me sitting by her side, exquisitely spent and hoping that this was not the beginning of the end.



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