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Reliving Old Memories

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Never thought it would happen


I am 84 but quite sexually active. My wife is not well and we don't have sex, which leads me to masturbating a lot. The following is a true story, and even though it invloves a big snow it is not a 'snow job'.

Jon and I have been friends a long time as he is my barber. We belong to the same health club that has a large swimming pool. We had undressed in front of each other numerous times, and of course being boys admired each other's penis. I have the ability to have a quick erection, and a few times when there were no young boys in the dressing room, I flashed him a hardon. I knew he was somewhat gay and we talked about sex sometimes.

This time I arrived for my usual haircut about 4:30 pm just as it began snowing heavily, and the conversation was about how hard it was snowing. In the meantime the phone rang twice and there were cancelations for the next two appointments. By the time he had washed and cut my hair, the snow was quite deep and we got to talking about sex, telling each other about recent encounters, and a few episodes from our youth which left no doubt that we both had started masturbating when we were very young. One story lead to another until Jon said he had admired my penis in the dressing room, and I admitted I had taken a good look at his. By this timne I had a raging hardon and asked Jon if he wanted to see it. Of course he did, so I dropped my pants and he was admiring my almost 8 inches with a quite large glans. Next he dropped his pants and I saw a beautiful cut penis not much less than the size of mine but not quite as big around that brought back memories of a boyhood friend that was one of the J.O. gang in high school that I was particulary fond of.

We stood there a few minutes admiring each other until I asked Jon if he wanted to feel of it, reaching out my hand to feel of his. It had been a long time since another male had touched my penis, but it was electrifing to feel his gentle touch and fondling of my extreme hardon and balls, while I was feeling of his and his tight ballsack and touching the soft smooth skin of the glans. We pulled and rubbed each other for a litle while exploring the reaction it made and then agreed to take it easy and not make them ejaculate quickly but prolong the woderful sensations of mutual contact and gentle masturbation. I was amazed and thriled that this man half my age was interested in my penis and wanted to play with it and enjoyed me playing with his.

After we had enjoyed that for a while, I couldn't stand it much longer, as I had not had sex in a long time and had not masturbated recently. Jon was rubbing my penis gently and I could feel the tension building slowly as my penis began swelling even bigger and harder and Jon remarked that it was getting very hard and slowed his rubbing. But my penis was throbbing, so I was begging for relief when Jon bent down and spit on the glans adding to the precum that was oozing out, getting it wet with the saliva for lube, rubbed just the glans quite briskly. After a few strokes I shot about 3 ropes of cum for the most enjoyable ejaculation I could remember in a long time. After a couple more little squirts he just held it tightly in his hand while it was still throbbing, rubbing the glans with his fingers taking the cum all around, adding it to the other lube, and just sort of teasing it while it came down from it's intense high. But I did not loose my erecton and encouraged him to continue to gently rub it. He asked how I could stand it, and I replied it has a lot more experience than yours. Then I asked him to continue playing with it gently as I wanted to be fully aroused as I played with his.

Then as he held my still stiff penis, I took his extremely stiff penis in my hands and began to gently masturbate it, feeling the extreme stiffness and smooth skin and the tightness of his sack. I ran my fingers all over the smooth skin of the glans and around the rim and just behind the rim, that made his penis jump for joy. I took his tight ssack and stroked it, finally getting it to relax, so I could finger his testes one at a time. I took them between my thumb and forefinger and massaged each one making his penis jump. Then I began rubbing his glans while squeezing a testes. Soon I had the glans almost as big as mine, and Jon said he had never seen it so big, nor felt so good, so I slowed up and lightened the pressure and watched it get even bigger. With the shaft in my other fist I could feel his heart beat faster and harder, as he breathed heavier. I could tell it was about to ejaculate, so I leaned down and spit on the glans adding to his precum with a lot of saliva, and grabbed the glans in my palm so that when he shot, I caught most of the ejaculate and smeared it all over the glans, twisting my hand tightly around the glans, feeling it squirt again and again until it oozed betwen my fingers, as more drops shot out into my palm. It was still hard and stiff, and sort of bouncing up and down with his heartbeat. I rubbed it gently until he gasped and said 'THAT'S ENOUGH'. Then he took his penis in his hand and rubbed it several times up and down producing a little more ejaculate. Like mine it didn't relax much and he managed to keep it pretty stiff by rubbing it himself.

It was still snowing heavily so we decided to rest a while and have a cup of coffee, and sat in chairs facing each other so we could see and feel of each other. After a while Jon's penis relaxed some, but was still big and red from all the exercise. Jon remarked that my penis was still hard and stiff and sticking up, and he asked about it. I told him I usually went two or three times, and he asked if I wanted to try it again, and I said 'Yeah!, lets go for it'. He sat on the floor between my legs and started playing with me again, concentreting on my relaxed testes pulling on and squeezing on one, then the other, while I took my penis shaft in my fist and began rubbing it, making it even harder as I would let my fist come up over the galans.

Then Jon took over and was rubbing it with both hands, pushing one down against my belly and the other on the glans. He was squeezing so tightly that I asked him if he was trying to make it ejaculate. He said he was, and I said it would, but if it does, you have to let me make you ejaculate again too! Jon said it was a bet and went to work masturbating it with one hand while he held the shaft tightly, close to my belly, which made the glans bigger and redder as he concentrated on it. I encouraged him to rub just the glans. Gripping it tightly and rubbing very fast, in a couple of minutes I shot out three more ribbons of cum that landed on his penis and balls and my hand. I was rubbing his now really stiff penis, and I took some of my cum and rubbed it on the glans of his penis and went to work. It didn't take very long until he was begging me to stop rubbing, as he shot out a few drops that I caught in some tisue.

After that we relaxed in our chairs and regained our composure, still breathing heavily and talking about some of our experiences when we were younger, and the number of times we could ejaculate in one session. Of course we were where we could watch each other's peniis, and Jon remarked that mine was still big while his had lost some of its hardness. I started fondling mine and right away it grew back to it's largest, and we started playing with each other again.

About this time we heard the snow plow make a pass, and I said it was about time to dress, and I would go. But Jon said that was just the second pass, and it would be a while before the road was clered. So I asked Jon if he wanted to go for it again, and we started fondling and rubbing each other. Jon said his was a little sore, but I told him mine wasn't and to go for it. He grabbed the shaft close to my belly making the glans very hard and big. I told him to concentrate on it, but not to spit on it or get it wet, as I seldom used lube of any kind. He timidly rubbed the glans as if he was afraid to touch it. But I told him it didn't hurt, and to rub it as hard as he wanted to. He rubbed it harder, and I encouraged him to rub the glans very hard. I could feel the cum rising up in the shaft, and as he rubbed very fast gripping it tightly, soon a drop of ejaculate appeared. Jon took his hand off, but I begged him to continue rubbing it. Finally taking it in my own hand, I got a couple of drops again. After rubbing it quite hard for several minutes, I lost some of the stiffness but the penis was still engorged, and was just about as big even though it draped some over my drawn up testes.

About that time we heard the snowplow again, and I dressed, started for the door to wade the several inches of snow. As I stood at the door, I pulled my almost stiff, sort of big penis out and offered to let Jon feel of it. He asked if it wouldn't be sore, and I assured him it wasn't and it could go again, that he was such an inspiration.

So he made an appointment for my next haircut which we are both looking forward to. Maybe it won't snow, but I am the last appointmen of the day. That appointment will be another story and I am looking forweard to it.



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