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Religious Kid Releasing Tension

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This is a story of my reaction to the first time I masterbated, and of an obsession


As a boy, I was hyper religious christian (a friend of mine from when I was in the military once called me a 'bible thumping pentacost'), to the point where I felt masterbation was a form of self fornication, and thus a sin. Oh, sure, I got hard-ons as a kid, but I never did anything about it.

So, when I masterbated for the first time at the age of 19 after seeing lesbian porn on my friend's computer, I was so ashamed that I went to see the chaplain(the military equivalent of a preacher) the very next day. I told the chaplain about what I had done, and how I felt. Well, the chaplain grinned, telling me that I didn't have to feel guilty about what I had done. I wasn't out fucking a bunch of whores; I was masterbating in the privacy of my dorm. He also helped me realize that God knows that his children are flawed, but so long as we are saved, we are forgiven. Now, I realized that didn't mean that I could go out and live a life of sin, but little things I did in private were not going to hurt me or my chances to get into heaven, because I already have my place there. I felt relieved to know that I wasn't going to get sent to hell for relieving some sexual tension that I started doing it with more and more frequency, with less and less guilt each time, until finally, I could masterbate without feeling guilty. Now, I'm still a christian, but I look at the world a little more realistically, seeing that everyone is flawed, and knowing that it was what was in our hearts that mattered, not what we did on the outside.

Anyway, a few years later, I found out I have a 'women masterbating' fetish when I was searching information about masterbation. I found a porn site, and one of the free videos clips they showed was of a woman masterbating. As I watched it, I started getting hard. By the time the clip was finished, my dick was straining against my jeans. I needed release, so I whipped it out, started the video clip over, and starting stroking. I kept rewinding the clip, trying to time it so I came at the same time that the woman did. I didn't time it perfectly(I got off a half a second before she did), but when I was finished, I realized, 'Wow, I've never felt like that before.'

So yes, I love watching women masterbate. It's one of my secret(well, not so much anymore) pleasures that I wanted to share with this community.



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