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Relief With a Neighbor

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The story entitled 'College Days' (posted May 10, 2004) reminds me of my own experiences in residence. I had a few dates but most of my sex was by myself. A steady girlfriend would take up too much time and I wasn't a genius. So given the alternatives, jerking off was the quickest and least complicated way to keep the hormones happy and the juices flowing. Then in my senior year, an alternative opportunity came along.


During my senior year, I moved into a small private college residence. There were only about 20 guys living in the place. Every two rooms shared a small washroom between them. Each bedroom had a separate room entrance from the hallway as well.

Matt, my neighbor in the next room over was in the army reserve. Because our rooms were connected by a washroom, we often 'met' there. From the first day we agreed that there was no need to lock the washroom door from either side. That way I could take a shower while he shaved or sat on the can or whatever. All the residents shared a big lounge downstairs, and our meals were served in a cafeteria in the basement.

Matt was often away on military manoeuvers on weekends. Both he and I were the same age (22 at the time). Matt had lots of physical training so he was quite buff compared to me. At the beginning of the year we didn't hang out all that much with all his added military duties but to the extend that we did, we got along well. Our residence was small so everyone knew everyone else.

One night in October I walked into the washroom for a pee while Matt was taking a shower. Through the steamy glass door I could see that he was stroking his cock. I figured he must have seen me. Like why didn't he do this in the privacy of his own room? Still I was somehow interested. A few days later I stripped down to take my shower, waiting while Matt finished his. When I went into the washroom it was a repeat performance. Matt was playing with his cock again behind the steamy glass.

This time I made lots of noise so he'd know I was there. The shower over, Matt stepped out and I handed him his towel, eying his still-hard cock. He was circumcised; I'm not. I don't remember the exact conversation but it was about getting 'relief' when you needed it, and how I must do it differently with a skin hood over my cock head. I pulled my foreskin back and forth a few times to show him it worked, and we kidded around. I got good and hard. I don't know why but I asked him if he wanted to try sliding it. He didn't hesitate. In a moment we were standing there, facing one another, Matt pulling my foreskin back and forth over my blazing hot cock. I guess it just seemed natural to do something for him so I reached down and started to stroke his cock too. But it was hard to stroke him with no foreskin. So the whole exchange was a bit awkward. Soon enough I shot my load, mainly on Matt's thigh. Matt reached for a jar of Vaseline and greased his cock head. I finished him with my fist in few seconds. He cleaned up and returned to his room and I took my shower.

I really felt guilty that night, like I had just done the lowest thing in my life. Yet I had enjoyed Matt's fabulous stroking. I had never made my cock feel that good with my own hand. My method was to use my thumb on top and forefinger underneath, sliding the foreskin over my sensitive cock head, but his full-fisted hand job really felt good, almost like a vagina.

My upbringing made no allowance for sex before marriage and certainly not with another guy. Still, every time I jerked off for the next week, I thought of Matt doing it for me. It had felt so good.

Matt was away on manoeuvers the next weekend. Sunday night I had just turned off the light and was settling into bed. I heard him arrive and then take a pee in the washroom, my door to the washroom was ajar. He poked his head into my darkened room and said in a loud whisper 'Pat, you asleep yet?' When I answered 'no', he asked if I wanted some fun. He said he was hot for some relief. Before I knew it, Matt had lifted the blanket and slid into bed beside me. He was naked. I didn't object but just moved over to give him room.

He brought his jar of Vaseline with him. Man did he do a nice job jerking me off, and with my greased fist, I stroked Matt with as much skill as I could muster. We both shot off our loads in a few minutes and Matt returned to his room. Over the next few weeks we repeated this routine a few times. Sometimes he initiated it, sometimes I did. Gradually the guilty feelings subsided. I was aware that this was not 'usual' behaviour between two house mates but I couldn't resist those delicious feelings. Thus began a relationship that lasted for the rest of the school year, sometimes in my bed and sometimes in his. Usually we got together a couple of times a week. Our shared bathroom that connected our two rooms, allowed us to carry on without anyone else knowing, and the longer I continued doing it, the less guilty I felt.

We were very careful not to arouse suspicion among the other house mates. I looked at our mutual jerking off as a way to let off steam and nothing more. We never kissed, or sucked, and never tried anal fucking. But we did 'graduate' from plain jerking. Matt's favorite way of getting off was to 'pretend fuck'. He was circumcised really tight. The frenulum under his cock head had been completely cut so most of his sensation was on the top of his cock head. He would grease himself and my crotch (the perineum area) with Vaseline. I would lie on my back with a towel under my ass and close my legs tight together. He would sort of lie over me, missionary style and straddle me with his legs on either side of mine, supporting himself on this knees and elbows. Then he would stick his cock between my tight greased crotch and pump away. Matt's cock was thick, especially his cock head so it worked well for him. His greased cock would slide along my perineum and right to my ass-quite a turn on. When he was ready to shoot he always squeezed his thigh muscles hard against my legs. A few moans and I'd feel the gush of cum against my ass. That was Matt's favorite way of getting off.

I have to admit that I liked the feel of his body on me. As he pumped, I would hold my hands on his ass cheeks and help him push. His belly would press down on mine, sandwiching my cock between the two of us. After he shot off, Matt would roll over and it would be my turn. I would already be close to blowing my load because of all the stimulation. Matt would lie back and cup his two greased fists over his belly. I'd then pump my cock into his fists much like he had done between my legs. He had a special knack for knowing when to bear down harder. I'd shoot all over his belly within a minute or two. Then we'd clean up and that would be end of it.

We tried other ways of relieving one another but always came back to the 'tried and true'. We never slept together all night. I don't know if Matt had to deal with the guilt as I did but he never mentioned it. What we were really concerned about was the prospect of getting caught. We were very cautious not to arouse the suspicion of other guys in the house. Matt said his army buddies would blackball him if they knew what we did together.

We did have one close call though. One night Matt and I were going at it in my bed. Suddenly we heard someone calling his name in his room. He had forgotten to lock his hallway door. His light was still on so Jason, one of the other residents, went into his room looking for him. My room was in darkness but the connecting doors through the washroom were still open. Jason called over through the washroom, asking if Matt was around. I didn't answer, pretending to be asleep and hoping against hope that Jason would not step into my room. He didn't. He went back to his own room. Had he poked his head in, he would have seem both of us, butt naked on my bed, me on my back with Matt on top of me. Man that was too close for comfort. It was a good lesson though, we always double checked both bedroom doors before doing our thing.

In June of that year we parted ways. I went on to graduate school and Matt joined the regular forces. He was posted in Germany for a couple of years and was eventually promoted to lieutenant. He married a local buxom blond. I met him and his German wife at a reunion last summer. She's a knock-out, and he's still in great shape. They have two kids. We didn't have a chance to talk 'privately' because his wife and my girlfriend were always with us. But the glances between us said it all. I think Matt might still like to get together for some old time 'relief'. I know I'd like to. It's been ten years and I don't feel guilty any more.



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