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Releasing the Tension

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This is the story of my raising, by my father as a single parent. Even though it happened many years ago, the incidences are still very clear in my mind. Reading the stories about the ladies and their Fathers has made me realize that I am not the only one. I hope many more girls come forward, so that we won't feel as outcasts.


This story begins many years ago, and the memories will live forever in my mind.

My mother left my father when I was about four years old, I really only have vague memories of her. My Father told me when I was 16 what happened, when I had my first break up with my first boyfriend. My Dad was a great Dad; he devoted his life to me from the time my Mom left us. Our home was a small two bedroom, one bath house, with 'Jack and Jill' doors. We were as close as any Father and Daughter could be, and quite comfortable around each other. I would run around the house 'nekkid', but my Dad would wear boxers, or a towel around me. We were not rich, so life was paycheck to paycheck. I had seen my Dad naked on many occasions, due to the bathroom doors.

Over the years, I would crawl into bed with him on Saturday mornings to wake him up, and normally he would be sporting 'Morning Wood'. Dad just explained this as having to go to the bathroom, and when he returned to bed, it would be gone. I did sneak into bed a couple of times without waking him, just to look at his erection, and got a few good looks. Dad had dated a few times, but being a single Dad, just not a 'Prime Catch'. So, my Dad and I had lived together for many years, and my childhood was wonderful.

When I started into puberty, my Dad began to treat me differently, more as an adult. Yet still being a little girl, I wasn't ready for this role. I reacted, just the opposite, and became more childish, in a way. I rarely wore clothing, and would in a way prance in front of my Dad, to show him I was still his little girl. Despite my behavior, my budding breasts, pubic hair, and period finally won, and I had to realize that I was becoming a young woman.

One Saturday morning, I crawled into bed with my Dad, I of course was nude, and my Dad always slept in the same state of undress. I pulled back the covers, and threw my one leg over him. I was straddling my Dad's pelvis, not realizing it, but my Dad's erection was directly under my vagina, my lips spread on either side of his shaft, and his bulging head was pressing on my clitoris. To wake my Dad, I started to rock back and forth, telling him 'It's time to get up sleepyhead'. My first arousal response hit me so hard, it took me off guard. My pussy lips were soaked in two thrusts back and forth, and my Dad's penis was completely slippery with my own juices. I was sliding up and down his penis as if I had applied KY jelly to it.

I was instantly warm down there, and a tingling welled up from my clit and spread throughout my entire body, I didn't want to stop, and really couldn't. My Dad must have been having some erotic dream, or was about to have a wet dream (he doesn't remember). My father orgasmed, right there with me on top of him. His eyes had begun to flutter open as he awoke, and then reclosed them as he released his load. I felt his cum on the outside of my pussy, but still kept pumping him, the head of his penis bumping my clitoris each time I rocked. The waves of my first orgasm began to take hold of me, and my shuddering and convulsing pussy lips brought my Dad back to reality.

Dad gently rolled me off of him, onto my side as my orgasm had overcome me. After a few moments, I had regained my senses, and began to catch my breath. My Father had gone and gotten a warm wash cloth to clean us up. The sensation of the warm soft terrycloth was heavenly on my swollen but sensitive clit and lips. He then wiped himself off. I had watched him do this, and when I raised my eyes to his, he kissed me on the lips. Physically, this kiss was just like any other, but emotionally, it spoke volumes. I rolled over on my back slowly as our lips parted, and our eyes again rested on one another's. 'Dani', my father started, 'That was wonderful, for both of us, but we can never do that again...or anything close to what just happened'.

My Dad and I spent the next several hours, lying on his bed, both of us completely naked. My Dad explained about how babies are made, we discussed female and male sexuality. My Dad went to the bathroom and got my makeup mirror, so that I could see my genitals. He then went on to explain female anatomy, what all of the parts of my pussy were, and how they worked. He showed me how to masturbate myself to orgasm, this was a very good feeling, not as good as the first time, but really nice. I noticed that my Dad had become erect again, and I asked him if he masturbates.

At first he blushed, and hesitated, but realizing that I had just masturbated right in front of him, he told me 'Yes, he did'. My Dad then went on to explain male anatomy, and how it all worked. Then he began to masturbate himself, and I watched intently, my face was but a foot from his penis. I had turned to watch, and my pubic hair was just a foot from his face, almost 69 position. I felt the warm sensation again and before I knew it, I was masturbating right in front of his eyes, and he watched me too. The excitement of watching and being watched was so sensual, that we both came again, together at the same time. I watched as his semen burst from the head of his penis, and shot up onto his tummy.

Exhausted, we both lay on our backs, catching our breath. I rolled up onto an elbow, and scooped up a couple globs of his cum and tasted it. Dad asked me what I was doing, and I told him, I was just curious about how it tasted. It wasn't unpleasant, a little salty, but very masculine in a musky sort of way. I then reached down and tasted my own juices, not salty, or fishy as sometimes it is described, but musky in a feminine way, really hard to describe. I agreed that I should probably wear more clothing around the house, so we agreed that I would at least wear panties and a t-shirt outside of my bedroom. I got up and rinsed off in the shower, and my Dad did the same, as I started breakfast.

This is probably the most intense personal experience of my life to date. The second most sensual experience is what happened after this, but that is another story.



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