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Releasing Tension

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Just finishing masturbating about 5 seconds ago, and thought I'd tell you about it.


I'd been feeling a little tense lately, and I knew that taking half an hour to read some tantalizing stories while giving myself an orgasm would be a good thing. I scroll around and focus on a couple. I love the stories where guys describe in detail how their nuts feel right before they come. For this session, I enjoyed the story, A Night to Be Remembered.
I love the part where the author explains to his friend that he just has to cum. He needs to get off so bad it's uncomfortable. That's exactly how I feel! I apply just a little spit to my finger tip and run it all over my clit. I find a good motion and repeat it until my vagina and stomach feel warm and tingly. An urgent sort of pleasurable itch starts to develop. It won't be long now. My feet are up on the chair with my butt so my knees are bent all the way, and I feel sweat dampening the insides of my legs. All of a sudden I feel my clit get smaller and super hard, a round little diamond under its hood. I keep pressure on it even though it's almost starting to hurt, and that's when the contractions start. AHHHH, they feel soooooo good. A long sigh rushes out of me. I close my eyes and I think I feel a small smile on my lips. The slight headache that I had before is now gone.
That's what masturbation means to me. A simple, natural, quick act of taking good care of myself, giving myself a little pleasure that I otherwise wouldn't have had. It amazes me that so many people out there stigmatize it and look down on it.
My boyfriend (well, soon to be EX actually, since I've recently realized that he's been emotionally and verbally abusing me throughout our whole 'relationship') shaved me the other day, and I really like it. I used to hate shaving because I had only tried it with a regular razor, and my skin was just too sensitive. But 'D' did it with one of those electric ones with a plastic guard that keeps the razors from getting too close to the skin. I suggest you try it. It allows for great precision and is completely safe.
Being shaven is nice because your clitoral hood area really sticks out. It's very accessible, and I feel it makes masturbation easier, and also helps me appreciate and admire my clit a lot more!
I read Betty Dodson's book Sex for One a while back, and it really turned me on. You guys should all read it! There are some really hot illustrations of men and women jerking and jilling off. Anyways, Betty always coaches women to use deep breathing, pelvic thrusting, kegels, penetration and noise when they masturbate. I've been meaning to try all that, but usually I don't have the patience and would prefer to just get a quick O. However I do intend to try it soon, probably tonight or tomorrow night in bed. It seems like a big production, but what the heck, now that I'm going to be single soon (thank God), I might as well learn how to give myself all that I can!
For a long time I couldn't orgasm. I was so hung up mentally that I just couldn't let it happen. Some people tend to have a capacity to worry obsessively. Their minds just lock onto something and it amplifies the problem to the point where in that frame of mind it will never be solved. I know a lot of girls are so caught up seeking the big O that they can't relax and just let it happen. Trust me, girls, cumming is totally natural. It's an automatic response that WILL happen. I knew I was just THINKING about it too much....then I figured I was so screwed up mentally that it would just never happen for me. Well it did, and I want other girls who are maybe having the same problem to know that!
Basically, I just kept reading stories on here, and gradually I came to realize that the orgasm I was seeking wasn't really that big of a deal. It was just a natural, automatic response, something every single person is capable of, just...an orgasm. If I could swallow or sneeze or breathe, I could cum. Strangely, it helped me a lot to imagine I was a younger guy just learning about jerking off, since it comes so easily to them. The stories about men jerking really turn me on. I would read them, and kind of put myself in their place, imagine how they felt. I started having very small orgasms, so weak I wondered if I had finally cum yet. Once I got comfortable with that, the fear of not cumming gradually melted away, the orgasms got stronger and stronger as my mind stopped interfering with my body, and here I am today!



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