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Rehearsal for the Overseas Assignment

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I am about to begin an overseas assignment for my job. I will be on single status and gone for three months at a time between visits home. My wife and I discussed ways for me not to feel so deprived in between visits. We plan to use video conferencing where we can see and talk to each other; which means that we can show off our bodies and talk dirty!

My wife and I have been using the time until I leave to rehearse some things we are going to do. Since she is left handed, my left hand will be taught to act as her left hand. My right hand will not need to act; it will do what my right hand usually does. When we are online, she will direct me what to do with the left hand (hers) and I will tell her what I am doing with the right hand. For our rehearsals, we will use our own hands as practice for what will be directions later.

My wife lays down on her right side and cuddles up against me with her head on my shoulder. With her left hand she begins to lazily move her hand over my chest. Occasionally she slows to play around with my chest hairs. She moves her hand over and across, up and down, all around, and slowly increases the area which she is rubbing. While this is happening, my cock is getting stiffer and stiffer in anticipation of what is to come.

Her hand begins to move along my chest below my waist and down the tops of each leg and back up again over my ribs. Occasionally her arm brushes against my cock but she acts like she doesn't notice. My breathing has already become heavy and I am starting to moan quietly. She continues to act like she doesn't notice.

Suddenly, she reaches out and grabs my cock and squeezes hard. My whole body stiffens! Now that got my attention!

She releases my cock and begins to lightly rub it. With very light touches, she rolls her fingers all over my cock. Sometimes it is just one finger that she strokes up and down and around; that is one of my favorites. Other times it is all her finger tips, I especially like it when she cups her hand over the top of my cock and brushes all her fingers along the middle of my shaft.

After a while of her tantalizing me with her finger tips I move my right hand over hers. I put each of my fingers on top of the tips of her fingers. She continues with the tantalizing just as before, only now I can feel with my fingers her motions. The sensation of moving my fingers and feeling the motion on my cock yet not feeling my fingers against my cock is exquisite.

I like to make this tantalizing part last as long as I can. To lay on my back and just absorb the sensations is wonderful. But after a while, my wife takes my hand and interleaves her fingers like we are folding our hands and directs our folded hands to envelop my cock. This is her signal for me to start taking a more active role in my own pleasure.

Together, our hands stroke up and down my cock. Wow, it feels so good!

Then she separates our hands and allows me to stroke my cock alone. Sometimes she will fondle my balls or rub my chest but, for the most part, I am on my own now.

After all this rubbing, my cock is feeling a little raw, so I ask my wife if it is OK to apply a little lubrication. My favorite is when she agrees to apply some petroleum jelly. I take off the lid and hand her the jar. She puts the jar over my cock and slowly, very slowly, pushes down. With my cock all the way in she will spin the jar, and stroke it up and down, and in short, make it seem like a well lubricated pussy is dancing over my cock.

When she thinks I have had enough of the jelly jar, she takes it away and tells me it's your turn.

By now, I can't wait to get my hand on my cock and do some serious stroking, which I begin to do. But my wife is not finished with our games. We now start playing the counting game. For example, my wife will say squeeze hard and stroke it 12 times. I stroke my cock 12 times (but who is counting). Then I have to take my hands off my cock. Then she will say 9 times, or 15 times, or whatever comes to mind. Each time I do the specified strokes, but each time my counting is gets not so good. Each time I dutifully stop. As my wife sees that I am beginning to lose control she will say, 'don't you cum'. Of course, that makes it even harder to stop at the specified number.

Eventually I can't stop at the number and I keep stroking, sometimes with both hands, sometimes just one. Now my wife becomes my cheerleader. 'Cum for me now' 'Roll over here' 'cum on my tits' 'cum on my face' 'I love it when you cum on my tits.' I don't want to disappoint my wife so with her on her back, I straddle her on my knees and begin to stroke furiously. She squeezes my balls to help me along. At last, my cum shoots all over her: her tits, her face, and in her hair. She is pleased.

I roll off her totally spent. She gets up and gets a warm washcloth to clean me. What a nice bit a punctuation to a wonderful experience.

Then I do the guy thing and drift off to sleep dreaming about doing it all again.



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