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Rediscovering Masturbation

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I loved masturbation at an early age, and the internet has revived my love and let me share it with others....

PS I've put a couple of links. The stories that really turn me on are from women who discover that masturbation is way better than any sex they had before. (That's a hint, ladies)


I'm also an older masturbator, but not retired. I have my own professional office, and so I have the opportunity to masturbate before and after work, and on breaks, or when the couple of girls who work with me aren't in. When the internet first became easy, one of the first searches that I entered was masturbation, and Solo Touch was one of the first sites that I found. I'd masturbated all my life, sometimes more than at other times, but it wasn't until discovering Solo Touch, Whispering Lily and other sites that I realized how MUCH I love masturbation. I mean, masturbation alone, not as a substitute for sex, but as sexual fulfillment, sometimes deep sexual fulfillment, by itself.

I first played with my penis before puberty and actually had orgasms then, and then, at fourteen, I spent a summer with my dad, and I really got into masturbating alone in his apartment all day when he was at work. I tried most everything I could think of, drinking my cum, oil, water, silky things, nudity, legs propped up on the wall, showers, masturbating at the window...everything!...and had my first experiences with prolonged masturbation, what I now know as edging.

The next serious period of masturbation came when I graduated from college and was alone in my own place. I would masturbate for hours every day after work, and naturally fell into edging, staying hard for the whole evening before cumming at the very end. As a young teen I'd enjoyed slipping things in and out of my ass...and now it became part of my intense masturbation sessions, and, without knowing it, I discovered prostate stimulation and the pleasures of squeezing and riding a dildo I had fashioned myself.

With marriage and other responsibilities, including sex, masturbation waned except for brief spouts now and then, until the internet again sparked my passion for masturbating. Connecting with other masturbators, others who love masturbation as much as I do, was a euphoric experience, and brought me out of the masturbation closet, as much as my social life allows. I remember how much trepidation I felt entering a chat room devoted to masturbation, and the first moments when I typed MASTURBATION and told others that I was masturbating right then and there.

It was still several years before I let anyone hear me when I was masturbating, hear me moan or even just breathe, but I finally did, and mouthed the words I love masturbation, to another for the first time, closing my eyes and almost swooning. I love masturbating with others, at least other people who are spontaneous, considerate and sexy. Masturbation is, by definition, self-indulgent, but amazing things happen when we help each other!

Of course I'm masturbating now. Typing the word is still a thrill for me. Talking about how much I love to do it is a real turn-on. Those of us who love masturbation, we can't talk about it to just anyone, most people don't really understand, and we would be shunned or shamed. Sharing it with other masturbators, admitting to each others what great sex we have with ourselves, it's very special. I have met some older women on line, women who often discovered masturbation later in life, but found pleasure they never dreamed of, and are devoted to masturbation now. Being able to share our most intimate sexual pleasures, fantasies, and emotions has been mind-blowing and, I have to say, has surpassed vanilla sex in sometimes profound ways. I love it when those ladies share here at Solo Touch, they turn me on beyond words, sometimes.

So thank you, Solo Touch, and others, for bringing us together as masturbators, deepening our erotic experience with each other. I am dripping precum just thinking about how wonderful it is!!



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