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Red Gloves, the Mustang And.......Busted

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One morning Sarah had left early to run a few errands and do some shopping with a couple of her friends so I decided to sleep in. It was about an hour later after she left that I woke up again and after having breakfast I jumped on the net for some light browsing.

It was then I found myself on Solo Touch which tends to happen most of the time. Generally I just browse for a while then move on but I got reading some stories about masturbating in the car while on the road or finding somewhere to masturbate when driving. This sparked something in my head, I wanted to do something like it.

I checked the garage and both cars weren't in there, this meant that Sarah had taken my car and parked hers on the front lawn, as the garage was single car wide but was two deep and mine usually is in first of a weekend as we drive in the mustang more then.

I wanted to masturbate in her car but I knew I wasn't allowed to drive it and if I did I would be shot, brought back to life and shot again. I've sat in the driver's seat once and even then Sarah had the keys and standing outside of the car. Of course I could sneak a short drive in but she keeps an eagle eye on the odometer too. Sitting in the car was the best option, granted that I would really just unlock the car but there was massive temptation to kick it over and rev it as well.

So I was going to do it after mulling over it for about half an hour or so, I was pumped. I didn't care at this point if I got caught or not. One of the other things that Sarah and I do is masturbate with red leather driving gloves, like our first moment together that's what she was wearing. Though that being said, we had always done it together when we used them, granted there was very few times when we masturbated alone anyway. So I grab a pair of red gloves, get the keys and head to the car.

I'm just wearing my bed shirt and boxers so I dash from the front door to the car and quickly unlock it. Not that there was any one outside I didn't want to take chances. I chuck the keys on the passenger seat, slide down my boxers and slip on the red gloves.

I start at my nipples under my shirt, rubbing with the palms the leather of the gloves was quite enjoyable and almost soothing to a degree. I continued playing with a nipple while the other hand slowly made its way down my chest and stomach, almost caressing myself with the gloves.

I was so into it. The excitement of possibly being caught or even seen by someone else had the adrenalin pumping. The floor of the car and the pedals on my bare feet was a new experience, just feeling the different textures between the materials was also interesting, I felt like becoming a part of the car almost even though I was stationary. The warmth of the sun was beaming through the wind shield, just giving me a general sense of pleasure while stroking. I soon had both hands on my balls and cock, one hand was massaging the balls while I stroked with the other, so good!

I'd edge myself closer to climax and stop enough that I would lose that edge of just tipping over and cumming. I did this about 6 or 7 times, it was better than actually cumming. I was starting to sweat so I rolled down the window to let a cool breeze through. It was then I realized I was caught.

There she was, standing outside the driver side door. She looked pissed off. Not the kind of pissed off where you offended someone but the kind of pissed off where you said/did something that offended the very existence of their family or that's how it looked to me. Though this car has been in her family since bought from dealer years ago.

There was no way I was even able to get out of this, not in the slightest. I go to get out of the car to apologize, as I felt really bad even though before hand I was fearless because I was more on hormones than head but she held the door shut.

'Finish it'

She just stood there with that death stare. I didn't want to finish myself off, I couldn't. I lost all drive. I go to slide over to the passenger side but she walks over to that side too.

'I said Finish it'

I tried to apologize but she wouldn't have a bar of it. I was nervous and I wasn't sure if I was able to but I had to. In the end I managed to cum but only just, enough dribbled out as I wasn't that turned on.

'Taste it'

Oh man, there was no way I was going to taste my own cum. I wouldn't even go down on a woman let alone taste myself.

'I said, Taste it'

I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. At this point I did not want to do it or even anything remotely related to it.

So I touch it with a finger, just enough to have a small bead on it, at least it would be over with.

'No, cover the finger and lick it clean'

Oh man, I really wanted out of this but the only way was this. So I rub a finger in my cum that had pooled at the base of my cock as I just dribbled it out and I held it up, just looking at it.

'Go on, I'm waiting'

I closed my eyes and held my nose in the hope that I could reduce what I was to have.

It didn't work.

It was the most vile thing I have ever had in my life I wanted to puke. How anyone manages to even remotely taste it, I give them credit. I had only licked a portion of it off but that was enough for me. Of course that wasn't enough as I had to clean that finger. I didn't want to do it a second time but I had to. The finger was clean.


Just one word. It almost made it worse than what it was but I had that taste in my mouth the only way was down now. It didn't get any better. I wanted to vomit but I managed to keep it down, only just though.

'Get out'

That's all I needed to hear. I bolted for the front door and to the kitchen to clean my mouth of what I just had. I sculled a beer, a can of cola and a handful of nuts just to cleanse my mouth of that taste and only then I was just able to not taste myself.

A couple of minutes later Sarah came in, she still looked as pissed as ever. I bolted to the bedroom before she said anything but I knew I was in for it.

Just not what I thought it would be.



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