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Recharging My Batteries

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I have visited the site on occasion for the past four years. I remembered it recently and have spend quite some time here the past week browsing around and reading the stories.

I am somewhat embarrassed about my search for woman-friendly smut. Most of the guys in porn are not very attractive. I really like watching a man stroke his cock. I especially like it when they don't ham it up for the camera. I like the feeling that they do not know I am watching. I especially love to get a view where I am not only watching him stroke, but also an angle where I can watch his facial expressions. To see the look of intensity on his face when a man blows his load all over himself is just the best. If he moans just a little, I am just gone.

I love to watch my husband every once in a while (we mutually masturbate sometimes), but he does tend to ham it up a bit for me because he knows I love watching.

Because of my stress at work lately, sex has been less exciting than it had been. It's not that I love my husband any less, but I have been so distracted by work and it has been carrying over into the bedroom. Even after a long time of foreplay, it can take me a long time just to get wet.

I thought maybe if I went into it more turned on, it might be better. I had lots of porn video clips and pictures that I recently removed from the hard drive of my computer because I was afraid someone might accidentally find them. (My dad lives with us). I am also a little embarrassed that my husband might find me looking at them. Then I remembered this site. Since it has mostly small text, I can read undetected from just a few feet away while he plays his online game. I read stories of first experiences (I don't remember mine...I've been doing it longer than I can remember), getting caught, watching neighbors. The whole thing gets me so frigging wet. By the time I get in the bedroom, it's all I can do not to jump on his cock. The first time I did this was last week, and the sex was so fucking hot! Even he noticed it, although he has no idea why.

Today I start reading really early. 6:00 pm. I think maybe we can get in some afternoon action if I am ready. Next thing I know it's 7:30. I am really turned on. My underwear is slippery. I realize, however, I should really make dinner. I go mop up and after a quick dinner and some conversation I head upstairs again. I read for another two hours and I am soaked now. I feel like maybe I should just plunge my hand into my pants and release some of the tension, but my husband is in here and the shades are open as well.

I feebly try and coax him off his game, but he just joined up with some group and it will be a while. I sulk off to my room, feeling a tad dejected, but still incredibly turned on. I had been reading mutual masturbation stories (my favorites) and I was sopping wet. I lie on my bed in the darkness and think to myself that since he is so immersed in the game, he won't even notice... and I can be ready again later if I read more. I lie with my feet up on the wall, left hand shaking my huge tits and flicking my large nipples while the left hand is buried in warm wetness. I start feeling it build after about thirty seconds. I get more turned on thinking that afterwards I should go in and distract him from his game. I think I would do this by just wiping and not washing my hands after I was done, and then go caress his face so he can smell what I had been up to. Thinking about this pushes me over the edge and my feet slide down the wall as my knees get weak and the orgasm washes over me. I roll over on my side with my hand still between my legs applying steady pressure as the waves keep coming.

As much of a turn on as the thought was in the moment, I do not go tease him. I go and wash up. I jump in the shower. Someone must have thrown in some laundry, because the water pressure sucks. I get annoyed because it is going to take me forever to get the shampoo out of my hair, but I soon forget all about that when I take the shower head down and start to rinse off my pussy. The decreased shower pressure was gently beating against my still tender cunt. I moved the head back and front slowly, allowing the gentle spray to stimulate first my opening, and then finally my clit, which was hard again in no time. This slower version of the intense setting I usually have it on felt fucking amazing. I kept slowly going back and forth, not allowing myself to come only because I was afraid I would lose my balance and fall. I would stop for a while and then do it again a little when I regained my composure.

I then felt the need to come in the computer room again and for the first time since discovering this site four years ago, share my experience.

My husband is definitely in for some hot sex tonight. Maybe I will make him come for me while I watch. Thank you for such a great site.



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