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Recent Experience

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I sent a description of an early experience, so I thought I would send a more recent one too. I see alot of posts here about young guys who jack off together. I did have a good friend that I used to exchange dirty books and magazines with, we never did jack off together. A couple of years ago I was traveling, and in a city far from home where I didn't know anybody I saw an adult film place, and decided to check it out. When I went in I realized it was different from ones I had been in before, rather than one big theater there were half a dozen little ones playing different types of movies. The first one I went into had quite a few guys watching normal sex flicks, fucking and sucking on the screen. I sat and watched awhile and was getting pretty horny. Then I decided to check out the other rooms, the next one I went into was almost empty and the movie was some bondage thing which didn't interest me so I left quickly. Then I noticed a set of stairs up to another room and went up there. There were a few guys in seats, and some standing around the back. The movie was again fucking and sucking. I sat down near the end of a row way in the back. As I looked at the movie I realized that there were some mirrors up above the screen and you could sort of see people in the audience from above. One guys several rows down from me seemed to be masturbating. Then I looked toward the back I could see a guy with his hand moving down in his crotch area, I couldn't see his cock clearly but was pretty sure he was jacking off too. Then another guy came up to him and they moved close together both looking down, and someones hand still moving - I decided they must be 'docking' which I had read about but never done or seen done. They kept doing it for a few minutes, then one left. Behind me on the other side of the room I saw another guy with his hand moving down in front of him and a couple other guys standing by him. Pretty soon this guy had his pants down and was bent over, and it looked like another guy was fingering his ass as he jacked off. I was real curious and so got up and slowly walked over by them, and that was what was going on. I went down a few rows on the other side of the theater, and sat a row behind another guy sitting down near the middle. He seemed to be watching the movie but would look down occasionally, I thought maybe he was jacking off too, and leaned over so I could look down the row to see if he was. I was surprised to see another guy bent over with his head moving up and down sucking off the guy I had first seen. I just watched them for awhile, then heard sounds behind me as the guy getting his butt fingers shot off his load. I was hard and dripping precum all over from all the sex, what I was seeing in the audience was exciting me more than what was on the screen. I watch the sucking a bit more, then decided to try one more of the rooms, and went downstairs to the back. It turned out that room had gay movies playing, and I sat to watch for a minute, there were only a few guys in the room. After a couple minutes one guy sitting on the other side of the room looked over at me, then stood up and unzipped and took out his cock and stood rubbing it looking at me as he did it. I am straight but was pretty curious, and after a couple of minutes nodded my head at him and he came over by me, standing in front of me. I reached up and took his cock in my hand and started to stroke him. After just a couple minutes another couple guys came into the room and this guy got scared and pulled back and tucked his cock back in his pants quickly. I guess the new guys who were had come in were not interested in the gay movies and soon left. I got up and moved to the back of the room away from the door, and this guy I had been rubbing followed me. When I stopped he took his cock out again, stood facing me and I started stroking him again feeling his cock get fully hard. After a few minutes he asked if I wanted to go down on him, I just shook my head no (might have tried it but no condom and worry about disease made it no) and kept rubbing him. After a few minutes he moved over close to me, and grabbed my crotch and I felt him start to cum. I kept rubbing his cock all slippery with his jizz until he started to go soft. I took out a kleenez and clean up my hand and he wiped off his cock and put it back in his pants, then he left. I went back up to the upstairs room, the guys sucking cock had left there were others around the edge of the room doing various things. I sat down again, it was summer and warm so I had shorts on with boxers under and so could slide my hard cock down the leg and stroke it without taking it out. As I alternated watching the movies and the guys around me I slowly slide my hand up and down my cock - before long I could not hold back and I squirted an enormous load onto the floor in front of me. After I calmed down again I got up to leave and notice a guy standing at the side of the room just behind the row I had been in, he had his cock in his hand and as I glanced at him he gave me a 'thumbs up' and I realized he had just watched me jack off. The whole thing was very erotic, I have not repeated the experience, but am glad that I got to jack off another cock once at least.



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