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Rebecca, My Love

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When I was 14, I lived across the home of a girl named Rebecca, who was the same age as me. She was one of those people who was impossible to hate, always being friendly and innocent to everyone. She always acted like a young kid, but was fairly intelligent, being in the same advanced classes I was in. I was madly in love with her, but I was always too shy to tell her that, instead treating her as a good friend instead of a crush.

One day in January, I was shoveling snow away from the driveway from my house, and a couple of minutes after I started, Rebecca left her house and began playing in the snow. I admired her childishness for a bit and continued to shovel the snow.

When I was nearly done, I felt a snowball hit my back. I dropped my shovel and turned around, and there was Rebecca, trying to hide from me in a small fort she built. Naturally, I threw a snowball back and this triggered a short war between us. After a few minutes, Rebecca motioned over to me and I crossed the street and into her yard.

After throwing a small handful of snow in my face, she asked 'I'm cold. Want some hot chocolate?' I pretended to be nonchalant and said yes. She got up and entered her house. I waited outside for a bit before she invited me inside. Because my parents were out shopping, and Rebecca's sister and parents were at a relatives' house, I had nothing stopping me from going in. We took off out jackets while I wandered around the living room for a bit before Rebecca came out of the kitchen with two glasses of hot chocolate, giving one to me. We sat down on a couch and watched some television, talking about trivial subjects while I did my best to hide my excitement of being in a girl I love's home with no guardians around.

When a commercial of some couple having a romantic moment together came on, I was prepared to have a fairly awkward moment of silence. But, Rebecca being who she was, asked me if I ever had a girlfriend. I told her of a girl I 'like-liked' in fourth grade. I asked her if she had any boyfriends, and she told me she never did. A short silence later, she asked 'Have you ever seen a girl naked?'

Resisting the urge to spit out the chocolate I was drinking in a comedic fashion, I asked her 'What?' Here was the girl I loved, asking me about nudity in all seriousness. Rebecca repeated herself slowly, as if I didn't understand English at all. Trying to hide the erection I was getting, I nervously told her that I saw my young cousin changing once, but that was all. Rebecca slowly asked 'How did she look?' I responded with another 'What?' She asked 'Did she look good naked? Did you like it?'

Being the boldest I've ever been in conversation with someone, I told her 'I don't know. I have nobody to compare her to.'

Rebecca began to smile and started to stare at the bulge in my pants I was doing my best to hide. She grabbed my arm and led me into the bathroom with her. To my surprise (understatement), she began to pull off the shirt she was wearing, revealing a black bra underneath everything. She pulled off her jeans and I saw a matching black pair of panties. She told me 'You show yours, I'll show mine.' I began to strip down until I was in nothing but my boxers, which did not hide my raging erection at all. I obviously was not the most muscular boy ever, but she seemed happy nevertheless. I pulled off my boxers and out sprung my throbbing cock, and Rebecca giggled and poked it once playfully, almost having me burst right then.

She pulled off her bra and panties, and I stared in amazement at her beautiful body. She had small, still developing breasts, and not a single hair near her wet pussy. She asked to touch my cock and, being crazy to refuse, I allowed her. She lightly rubbed it, and she began to give me a slightly awkward hand job. 'I've never done this before,' She said, 'my sister told me how to do this.' 'You're still... doing fine' I managed to say.

Soon afterward, I came more than I ever had before, all over Rebecca's chest. She tasted it for a moment and then laid down on the floor. She began to spread her legs and showed me her cunt. She guided my hand down to show her where to finger her, and I did so. After while, she gasped and shivered a bit as she orgasmed. We began to kiss a bit as we cleaned up and got dressed. We sat back down on the couch and continued watching TV while we constantly kissed throughout the shows, until her parents called and said they'd be home in a few minutes. I left and said 'We need to do this again soon.'

'Do this again soon' we did, and we had many experiences throughout the years. And, needless to say, we became a couple.



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